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On The Edge

  • Bookscan mass market fantasy bestseller list: #9
  • B&N mass market Overall bestseller list: #36
  • B&N mass market sf/f  bestseller list: #8
  • BGI mass market sf/f bestseller list: #12

“Andrews takes dysfunctional family stories to a new level in this engaging urban fantasy series opener. . . . Andrews has created a complex plot and convincing characters that will keep the pages turning.” –Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Cementing her position as a rising star of supernatural fiction, Andrews launches a vibrant new series filled with magic and menace. Since worldbuilding, as well as characterization, are two of the author’s strengths, readers are quickly drawn into her distinctive vision. The enormous social gulf between the story’s protagonists makes their romantic-relationship dance all the more captivating. Packed with action, yet focused on the impact of relationships, this is pure reading pleasure! – Romantic Times, 4 1/2 Stars, TOP PICK

On the Edge is going down on my 2009 reading list as a top ten favorite. When I’d like nothing better than to reread it immediately, I know I’ve read a winner. – Lurv A La Mode

I’m not sure what genre you can label it, but it [On The Edge] has a deep core of magic, world building and romance that made this book a delight. –

Bottom line is that On the Edge proves that Kate Daniels wasn’t some fluke. It’s fun, it’s gritty, it’s darkly humorous and leaves me wanting more. -  Poisoned Rationality

I will tell you this – I loved it.  I could go on and say that Andrews creates a fascinating world that survives in between two different, yet similar, realities; that the characters are amazing and the chemistry they exhibit keeps the reader completely entertained; and that the plot keeps you guessing while not leaving you completely clueless.  I could say all this, but if you’re a fan of Andrew’s Kate Daniels series, then you probably already know these qualities are going to be there.  Ilona Andrews has an amazing way with words and she totally delivers with On the Edge. – Literary Escapism

Totally loved it, go buy and read it. Caution: you might want to choose a day when getting up the next morning is optional, cuz there’s a good chance you’re going to want to read it straight through. - Alpha Heroes

Andrews creates a fascinating universe where three distinct, individual worlds literally exist side by side. Peopled with unique characters in a richly- layered text laden with imagery, this highly improbable place feels completely real. Written with generous doses of humor and heart underscoring the imaginative narrative, the authors ensure that readers will relish their visit with Rose, Declan, the boys, and the townspeople of LaPorte. This reviewer very much looks forward to the next trip to the Edge in book two. – Bitten by Books

Ilona Andrews has started this series off with a bang! – Howling Good Books

If you enjoy fantasy with romance or romance with fantasy, you’ll love ON THE EDGE. The world Ilona Andrews has created is believable and vivid. I feel as though I know how to get there. I don’t even need my GPS. - Mean Marie

Great storyline with a romance line mixed in – Book Bargains and Previews

Magic Strikes

  • #16 New York Times Bestseller List
  • #109 USA Today Bestseller List

Winner of 2009 Romantic Time Reviewer Choice Award in Best Urban Fantasy Category

“Kate Daniels’ terrifying heritage comes into focus in this blockbuster of a third book. Andrews’ crisp dialogue and layered characterization make the gut-wrenching action of this first-person thrill ride all the more intense. One fascinating element of this series has been watching the loner heroine forced into making emotional connections. Devotees of Kate and Curran will be savoring every word as this mesmerizing tale unfolds. Place your book orders now; it’s worth every penny!” –Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times, 4.5 Stars, Top Pick, GOLD standard

This is one series that is on my “absolutely must buy” list and it should be on yours too. – Literary Escapism

From the first page to the last, Magic Strikes was a riveting, heart pounding ride. Story lines advance, truths are admitted, intriguing characters are introduced and the romance between Kate and Curran develops a sweetness that is simply delightful. – Dear Author

I opened Magic Strikes and simply sighed in bliss because I knew I was about to be entertained by a top notch 1st POV heroine. - Lurv a la Mode

Fast-paced, tightly plotted, and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, Magic Strikes is a great read, simultaneously a satisfying story on its own and a nice addition to the longer arcs of the series. – Genre Reviews

Write faster. There have been many descriptions given to my sense of humor: wry, twisted, sarcastic, sardonic, demented, dry – but this book fits it perfectly. I absolutely love the relationship between Curran and Kate – I laugh out loud with the witty sarcasm and one-liners, and the sexual tension building between the couples drives me to my knees, knowing I’ll have to wait for another book – maybe two…*must not think years*…arrgghhh, the frustration of a reader… SFRevu Reviews

I was up until 2:30 this morning because there was absolutely no way I could put Magic Strikes down before finishing it. – Book Series Reviews

Kate is often vulnerable and has a great sense of humor about all the strange and dangerous things in this new world. – Romance Reviews Today

Magic Burns

  • #32 New York Times Bestseller List

“Fans of Carrie Vaughn and Patricia Briggs will appreciate this fast-paced, action-packed urban fantasy full of magic, vampires, werebeasties, and things that go bump in the night.” – Monsters and Critics

“With all her problems, secrets, and prowess both martial and magical, Kate is a great kick-ass heroine, a tough girl with a heart, and her adventures… are definitely worth checking out.” – Locus

“[Magic Burns] hooked me completely. With a fascinating, compelling plot, a witty, intelligent heroine, a demonic villain, and clever, wry humor throughout, this story has it all.” – Fresh Fiction

“A new take on the urban fantasy genre, the world Kate inhabits is a blend of gritty magic and dangerous mystery.” – News and Sentinel

“The sexual tension Kate emits has me gritting my teeth.” – SF Revu

“If you enjoy Laurell K. Hamilton’s early Anita Blake or the works of Patricia Briggs and Kim Harrison, you need to add Ilona Andrews to your reading list.” –

“Andrews… demonstrates her mastery at balancing dark humor, clever mystery, and supernatural jeopardy. Andrews is the total package!” – Romantic Times

Magic Bites

“Treat yourself to a splendid new urban fantasy… I am looking forward to the next book in the series or anything else Ilona Andrews writes.” – Patricia Briggs, New York Times bestselling author of Iron Kissed

“Andrews shows a great deal of promise. Readers fond of Laurell K. Hamilton and Patricia Briggs may find her work a new source of reading pleasure.” – SFRevu

“Andrews’s edgy series stands apart from similar fantasies… owing to its complex world-building and skilled characterizations.” – Library Journal

“An intriguing world.” – Locus

“Fans of urban fantasy will delight in Ilona Andrews’s alternate-universe Atlanta.” – Fresh Fiction

“An excellent start to a brand new series.” – Dragon Page

“Fans of CSI… The X-Files, and any other of a host of such subgenre offerings should be pleased.” – Fantasy Book Spot (

“A perfectly paced supernatural mystery with bits of dark humor and – if you’ll forgive the pun – a fair amount of bite.” – Rambles (

“The strong storyline coupled with a complex alternative history… will have readers hoping for more.” – Monsters and Critics

“Magic Bites is an enchanting paranormal whodunit that takes the supernatural into new, natural directions.” – The Best Reviews

“Her world-building and characterizations are exceptional… Magic Bites is not to be overlooked.” – Book Fetish

A unique world laced with a thick plot full of strife, betrayal, and mystery.” – Romance Junkies

“The plot moves along at a pleasant clip, and the world-building is interesting and well done.” – Romantic Times

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Totally loved it, go buy and read it. Caution: you might want to choose a day when getting up the next morning is optional, cuz there’s a good chance you’re going to want to read it straight through.