1. says

    Clearly my computer is being funky. It’s eaten this message twice already. Grrrr.

    Great article. I’ll be sure to link to it.

    I’m thinking a good portion of this piracy is flipping off “The Man.” My small press books are available as free e-book downloads on a number of reputable sites. They include advertising gently nudging the reader toward supporting the publisher and author by purchasing a dead tree copy. Some idiot stripped the advertising and loaded the books onto a share site. They were free. What was the point? To get up our noses.

    Publishers must find a way to deliver the content quickly and easily and at a fair price to all. They must address the DRM issue and crackdown on those who steal intellectual property. There will always be some piracy, but when it becomes too much of a hassle, most folks will do the honest thing.

  2. JenMo says

    I read and totally agreed. Epiracy is theft. If I knew anyone in my life who did it, I would punch them right in the face. Seriously it pisses me off. I want MY authors to keep publishing books that I love. I may not have met many of those auhors yet, but I can’t have publishers afraid to publish new authors that may one day become mine. (I’m not a creepy stalker, I’m a bibliophile)

  3. Xid Trebor says

    Thanks for the link – do you and Jeaniene share the same web-master? Your “toppers” look very similar.

  4. LuigiGirlNZ says

    That was a great article. Very informative. I HATE piracy of any kind and it really gets my goat that people think it’s okay to steal!

    Thanks for the link to this article Ilona 😀