K writes:

After getting a chuckle from your blog post about people requesting blurbs from you, I was wondering if you had a handy list of books that you did blurb.   I’ve read a number of books that you’ve mentioned on your blog and discovered authors that I previously hadn’t read – I found you the same way :)  I read Charlaine Harris’ blog and discovered Jeaniene Frost’s books and then of course you’re mentioned on her blog frequently.  No rush, but I thought I’d ask and pick up some reading material for my upcoming vacation. Love your work and I’m eagerly anticipating Fate’s Edge!

Stuff we blurbed….

Deadtown by Nancy Holzner.

What we said:

“DEADTOWN is full of dangerous magic and populated with characters so realistic, they almost jump off the page. I loved this book. Nancy Holzner is a master of characterization and I’ll be buying her next book the moment it hits the shelf.”

Ilona Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of MAGIC STRIKES

Why we said it:

I really liked the relationships in this book.  Vicky is so refreshing as a heroine and her werewolf boyfriend is hilarious.  So often in UF shapeshifter male leads unfold as follows:  I am Alpha Male!  Rawr! Muscles!  Womens! Smex! I have no depth as a character!

In this book, he is a lawyer.  He is sly, he is subversive, and he is very busy with political causes.  You know the dude has some sort of self-serving agenda.  He keeps trying to get Vicky to come to the forest for the full moon hunting-making thing, and you just know that there is some sort of hidden catch involved.

Nancy has a release coming up.

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Iron Duke by Meljean Brook

What we said:

“…a stunning blend of steampunk setting and poignant romance – smart, sexy, breathtaking, and downright addicting.”

Ilona Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of Magic Bleeds”

Why we said it:

It’s one part alternative history with Golden Horde having overrun the world instead of fragmenting and dissolving into the culture of China, one part gritty steampunk, and one part hot romance, wrapped in nanotech.

I really dug it.  And I bloody hate anything that is set in coal-burning London.  (I had the misfortune of actually studying history, and I know the details of what life was like in the Victorian London for common people. It forever killed any romantic notions for me.) Anyway, great book, try it.  Meljean’s romances do not run into super-girly territory, so I recommend this even to  most discerning male readers without any reservations.

Meljean also has a new release coming up.

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Dead Iron by Devon Monk

What we said:

Dead Iron is a relentless Western and a gritty steampunk, bound together by wicked magic.  Devon Monk rocks.

New York Time Bestselling Author Ilona Andrews

Why we said it:

I want you to know this quote took forever.  The book was difficult to describe.  It’s a Western, but not a Western of cowboys – it’s a western of smiths, railroad, and miners that gave me flashbacks to Bazhov’s Fairy Tales.  Seriously. I was sitting there thinking I’d see Mistress of the Copper Mountain any second.  I know this doesn’t makes sense to not-Russian audience, sorry.

It’s Faerie magic at its most vicious mixed with unbreakable will that drove the industrialization of the West.  Because let’s face it, it’s not cow-herding men with guns who built the cities of the West – it was the gold prospectors, the rail-road workers, the lawyers, the traders, all those people who had the American spirit but do not necessarily embody it in the popular culture. There is love in the book, and murder, and evil brought to justice.

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And that concludes the blurbing answer.  Must go finish SB sequel now.


  1. Sarah B says

    Yay! Three new books to try! I found Loretta Chase through you and now I’m working my way through her works. Silk is for Seduction is still my favorite. I love the Noirot sisters.

  2. Denisetwin says

    OOOOO new ones for me to try! I have read Nancy Holzer’s Deadtown and it is on my save this to read again shelf. Great book!

  3. wont says

    I struggle when trying new authors. Several recent recommendations from friends have not worked out. I look forward to trying a new author you enjoyed personally. I see this as a chance for a peek inside your mind. Gulp! 😀

  4. says

    Wonderful, thanks alot!
    Have you tried the Sagara “Cast in..” series? I love it!
    And I love Patricia Briggs too!!
    And recently I found out Jennifer Estep!!

  5. TDoll says

    Thanks, Ilona! Finding new authors is easy. Finding new authors I actually LIKE is hard. I found Nalini Singh through you (thank you!) and Thea Harrison through her. I’m looking forward to checking out the three you listed here!!!

  6. Xeyska says

    I tried reading Deadtown, I couldn’t get into it. I haven’t read Dead Iron yet, its still on my BTR list.

  7. Maria D. says

    Have read both The Iron Duke and Dead Iron and enjoyed both …will have to try the Nancy Holzner book

  8. Jen says

    thanks for the blurrbies.
    ….no pressure or anything, when do you expect to publish sliver fish for kids’ cloth?

  9. Nichole says

    I just read the first couple paragraphs of Deadtown and I absolutely love it! Already hooked. THANKS!

  10. Kat Q. says

    I’d have to second the recommendation for Michelle Sagara’s Chronicles of Elantra (otherwise known as the “Cast In” series). 3rd favorite series of all time, with Kate Daniels as 1st and Scott Lynch’s Gentlemen Bastards as 2nd.

  11. Erin says

    Wont – I understand your pain. I thought I was doomed to only being able to read the esteemed authors of this blog, Patricia Briggs, and Karen Chance’s Dorina Basarab series. After LOTS of looking, and lots of wasted money, I did find that I love Kelly Gay’s Charlie Madigan series, Seanan McGuire’s Toby series, and Kelly Meding’s ‘Dead’ Series. I’m picky – I like great dialogue, well-paced action, lots of humor, and women protagonists I can admire. There’s just not as much of that out there as I’d like.

    • wont says

      Erin, Thank you so much! I have been in a rereading loop of Ilona, Jeaniene Frost and Patty Briggs. Loving it, but I know that’s a high standard to meet. I read so many high praises of various authors and they just didn’t touch me. I will check out your recs. Again, Thank you!

      • Erin says

        I re-read Kate books every night – start at one, work my way through. And do you know? I still find something that I didn’t see the other times, or make a connection I hadn’t before. THAT’S why I like these books. If I can’t re-read a book several times, I send it to the local thrift store. Not enough room and not enough time to mess around with the others. (PS – start with the McGuire – new one is coming out September 6th – it is AMAZING – as good as Kate books)

    • Kylie says

      I just checked out the descriptions on the books and even that short blurb looks like your on the money.
      thanks heaps

  12. Liz Semkiu says

    I have read all three of the above stated books and also highly recommend them. My favorite was the Iron Duke. I started the Kate series based on a blurb from one of my favorites authors, so when you make recommendations on a blurb, it becomes a book I must read too!

  13. says

    I haven’t gotten around to reading Meljean’s book, tho its on my shelf.

    I loved Deadtown.

    And as for Devon’s book, I thought it was maybe the most original story I’ve read this year. I absolutely LOVED it. I’d describe it as a “epic dark magic-filled steampunk western fantasy with evil fae/demonic creatures, werewolves and one bad-ass badguy”. Does that sum it up? lol
    Karen recently posted..Rob Thurman

  14. Integgy says

    Oooh, I’m sending Dead Iron and Deadtown samples to my Kindle. I could always use more autobuy authors in my life.

  15. Faith says

    Just found the Deadtown series, looking forward to checking it out. Have been meaning to check out Meljean for a while.

  16. Kalimera says

    Did you try the “Chicagoland Vampires” series, by Chloe Neill? It’s just awesome! 😉

  17. Ruby says

    Awesome! I’ve read ‘The Iron Duke’ (and loved it!) but not the other two. Guess what I’m reading next!

  18. says

    I’ve not read anything by these authors yet, but am excited to give them a go. I am addicted Ms. Andrews work as well as Patricia Briggs, Karen Chance, Kim Harrison, Adrian Phoenix and Laurell K. Hamilton. I read REALLY fast and am always looking for new authors to add to my “must read” list. Thank you for the suggestions!
    Joanne recently posted..It’s been awhile….lots to report!

    • Kylie says

      I also like all the authors mentioned but thought you might try (if you haven’t already) Kelley Armstrong and Rachel Caine. They both have an adult and YA series and both are great. Lili St Crow writes a YA series but it’s really good to.

  19. Adler says

    Bad person alert: after too many craptastic entries into the Urban fantasy/paranormal romance catagory, I now shop used first. Sorry authors. If I like what I read, I’ll pay for it for the rest of the series,(examples, Stacia Kane and Kalanya Price) but I’m not paying and regretting any more (examples Kerri Arthur:( and Nancy Collins.) This worked in Meljean Brooks’ favour as I swiped a used copy of Iron Duke and then liked it so much I bought the rest of her work (which I had not been tempted by prior) at full price.

    • Ilona says

      If you are shopping used, you are buying a book we already got paid for – how does that make you bad? :)