Wednesday Content Salad

Wednesday Content Salad

Friend’s Release

First, Rae Carson is coming to the blog.  Rae is a friend from way back before I was the female half of Ilona Andrews and an aspiring author and a member of Online Writing Workshop of Sf, Fantasy, and Horror.  Back then OWW was like high school, in many respects.  You had a choice of visiting chat rooms and being social or you could just mind your own business.  I had visited chatrooms, and while some people were nice to me, some were not.

Rae was always nice.

So, when I realized her debut book was out, I emailed her asking if she would come to the blog.  She said yes and she is game for pretty much anything.

Here is the description of her book:


Once every century, one person is chosen for greatness. But the prophecy is vague, and Elisa, always overshadowed by her accomplished older sister, has no idea why she was chosen or how she will fulfill the expectations. Her future is unknown and her potential is tremendous—even if she doesn’t realize it. A king asks her to save his troubled country. A savage enemy hunts her for its own—dead or alive. A revolutionary asks for her heart. And in the midst of ferocious battles and harsh quests, Elisa will find herself. She will find the strength she’s always possessed. She’ll find deep and abiding love. She’ll awaken the power that only she can control. And she’ll face those who want to rip all of it away.

Lush, adventurous, and wrenching, THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS is the first in a trilogy for fans of Kristin Cashore’s Graceling and Tamora Pierce’s Tortall books.

If you have any questions for Rae, please comment on this post and I will get them to her. Also, if you get a chance, check out her website.  I had design envy.  It’s terribly pretty.

Silver Shark Updates


The proofreading is completed.  Updated files should go out today.  Will bug Natanya to upload ePub and PDF files to ARe so international people can purchase them.

Sorry for the delay.


  1. =A says

    This book got a nice plug at DragonCon in the ‘new for young readers’ panel. I’m definitely going to get it!

    • Ilona says

      Hey Dina,

      Unfortunately despite our best efforts the proofreading process had broken down a little and we have to reissue the file with grammatical corrections. I think Kindle should automatically update the file for you next time you sync it.

  2. Christa says

    I loved Tamora Pierce’s Tortall series when I was younger, anything that is compared to them definitely makes me interested. I’ll have to check it out. Thank you!

    • Daniel Bogatz says

      I did too. Although I did always wish she had done a male perspective one, since I read them when I too was young. I just identified with Thom instead lol.

  3. MelanieS says

    Thank you for sharing. Sounds interesting. I’m always looking for new books to share with my daughter.

  4. berrycabal says

    do you think you could upload to the sony site for purchase? (it’s .lrf I think). but anyway, I have a sony ereader. (pre-nook). And I would love to read Silver Shark.


  5. says

    I love Kristin Cashore. Terry Pratchett, Christopher Paolini, she and you guys make up my list of favourite authors in the contemporary fantasy writng world.
    If Rae Carson’s writing is comparable to Cashore’s I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks for the recommendation. =]

  6. Ashean says

    I’ve read it, and I liked it. Though I am still not sure how my library got a copy when it wasn’t on sale yet…

  7. Ashley Mc says

    Here’s a question – what’s the setting? Is it a high fantasy novel, with kings and swords and sorceror types, or an urban fantasy set on a global scale or (fill in the blank)? And what’s the target audience? Someone said young adult. Are we talking Harry Potter or Twilight? It says its the first in a trilogy – what are the projected dates for the other two? And what would you say makes this story unique from the other novels on the market right now? I like the wow factor – the piece of the story or setting that turns the conventional on its head. (ie – vampires are mentally dead people navigated by a necromantic group in the Kate Daniels books, which makes for vampires, necromancers, zombies, and cults all in one neat package). What would you consider the wow factor in your book?

    • Ashley Mc says

      Ok, so that was more than “a” question. Just trying to be helpful. And sorry if the “mentally dead” label offends. I couldn’t think of a better one off the top of my head. And looking at “mentally dead,” I’m starting to think of people I know for whom I could use that label. Scary…

  8. smileygirl says

    I’ve always loved Tamora Pierce and am especially fond of her more recent books, which have a writing style more suited to the older reader. I was also pleasantly surprised by Kristin Cashore so this sounds like a real winner! Thanks so much for sharing, I need something to keep me going whilst I wait for you to publish more books…