Aaaaaah! It’s Monday!

Aaaaaah!   It's Monday!

Sorry, we had appointments this morning.  I just now got my first cup of coffee.

Life is a bit of a mess right now, but we’re hanging in there.

All right then, first news, then some sort of snippet.

Bouda Babes

The Bouda Babes T-shirts are now available on Zazzle in a variety of sizes and styles.  If you would like one, now is your chance. Click here to go to Zazzle.

Please note that while Keely is distributing the T-shirts with our permission, Gordon and I take no commission from the sales. This way we can keep the cost down for you and Keely is rewarded for her excellent design.

On a side note the poses the T-shirt model is doing are hilarious.

Guess Who?

Fun fact: We share a model. :D

Joanna Bourne has agreed to be thrown to the wolves to come and hang out with us.  If you’ve never read her work, Joanna writes some of the most nuanced historical romances, set around the beginning of 19th century.

Joanna has a new release, THE BLACK HAWK, which is an RT Top Pick for November.  So, if you ever wanted to ask Joanna something about her work or life, now is your chance.  I can’t promise that all questions will be answered, but I will pass them on.

Her Grace Olivia

While we’re on the subject of nobles, Her Grace Olivia Camarine, Duchess of the Southern Provinces, is starting a travelogue.  She hopes it will be witty and charming; however, she is quite new at this and is likely to ramble about her life, her husband, and her children instead.  If you are interested in following  her musings, here is a link.

Book Lists

C writes:

Do you know if there is a massive schedule of book release lists that publishers contribute to?  I use Amazon’s wish list to keep track of upcoming books I know I’m interested in, but it would be nice if a categorized list existed.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of a unified list, but here are a couple of places you might find interesting.

Literary Escapism does a really good rundown of the new titles.

So does Dear Author.

Every publisher also releases a catalog.  This might be a good resources because it shows all titles by imprint, not just by genre.  Here is a link to Penguin catalogs and here is a link specifically to Berkley Mass Market for the Fall 2011.

New Friend Releases

Well, now I have to write and if I make my word count, you will get a Monday snippet.



  1. Dan B says

    Thank you for the list links – I’ve often been in the same quandary as “C” and those links are very helpful.

  2. Random Thoughts says

    Fantastic Fiction also has a list of upcoming books, whether hardcover, paperback, audio, or ebook.

    They are also a great way to find new authors. At the bottom of each author’s page is a ‘Ilona Andrews recommends’ list and a ‘Visitors to this page also looked at these authors’. Okay the author name will change on every page of course. It’s how I find a lot of new author’s. Actually, it’s how I found Ilona Andrews in the first place.

    • Lisa says

      I looove fantastic fiction! They also seem to have the most updated release schedule out there, even more so than the author’s own website! They rock!

  3. Artem says

    There are two “Home” buttons at the top of the travelogue page. And one of them appears to be a bug.

  4. Serena says

    I can’t wait to read more of the Duchess’s entries. Hope you make your word count. On a side note, from what book is the model you and Joanna share????

    • Sue says

      I use Fictfact and I use fictfact to keep track of my series of books and goodreads to find new books from friend recommendations.

  5. says

    Those are the places I use too for hearing about releases. Oh, and the Goodreads newsletter has news about realeases too.

    I’m sure the travelogue WILL be charming:)

  6. Jon says

    A friend of mine who shares about the same book interests as I do created a shared Google calender that we both add book release dates to. I have found it is a good way to keep track of books that are coming out without having to re-check amazon every time I forget. As a bonus, I get an email reminder when a book on the calender comes out.

  7. BillG says

    Thanks for the links… my go-to site has been, it’s always nice to find another.

  8. Celia says

    I hope everything gets better for you guys soon. I WANT that snippet. Especially since I don’t feel good today. But NO pressure…lol.
    The travelogue was a GREAT idea. I LOVE the Edge series. Well, everything you guys write is awesome!

  9. kaikes says

    Quick question: Who is Olivia? If she’s Declan’s mom, then who were Jane and Ortes that Declan mentioned in On the Edge when he was talking about Casshorn going nuts at the party? Thanks!

  10. Maria says

    I’m sad that the chest size for the shirt sticks me in the 2XL range and the hip sizing puts my flat chested skinny friend in the L range. We are normally a L/XL and a S/M kind of people… :(

  11. Cassie says

    Meljean Brook’s Iron Seas series is unque and classified as ‘steam punk.’ Saw the book cover and I just wanted to comment on it being a great read. :]