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Jeaniene Frost ‏
Vote for Bones, b/c once you go dead, no one’s better in bed!#AlphaShowdown  Your turn,@ilona_andrews ;).


Ilona Andrews 
@Jeaniene_Frost Vote for Curran, because once you go cat, you don’t go back! #AlphaShowdown


Ilona Andrews ‏
@Jeaniene_Frost Besides, umm, vampires? Cold toes in bed. Ew.


Jeaniene Frost 
Cold toes in bed? Beats spitting up a hairball and fleas! 😉


Ilona Andrews ‏
@Jeaniene_Frost #alphaShowdown Blood breath in the morning?


Jeaniene Frost ‏
Better than kitty litter in the afternoon 😉 @ilona_andrews#AlphaShowdown


Ilona Andrews 
@Jeaniene_Frost Oh please, a walking corpse who reads your thoughts? That’s not creepy, no, not at all #AlphaShowdown

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She did not reply, therefore I am the winner of the Smackdown and you should vote for Curran.



  1. oreoparris says

    Hahahaha…you guys are hilarious together! Blood breath in the morning! BTW voten for Curran, Go Beast Lord!!

  2. Christina T says

    Done. That was hilarious. I already voted for Curran and the website won’t allow more than one vote per computer. So far I have overtaken 5 coworkers computers in order to keep voting. I wonder if the ladies in the office are still at work? Hmmmmmm.

  3. gingko-girl says

    He hee heee heee! Wheezing with laughter over here — you guys are too funny!
    Going to vote now cause I am a dutiful fan!

  4. Readsalot81 says

    Hee! I saw that on Twitter earlier .. Voted! (Though.. I view the voting as even if you lose, you win.. and vice versa b/c you & Jeaniene rock) Awesome artwork as well.

  5. Jenette says

    Hahaha. I can’t stop grinning. I hope you guys get to do more Twitter speak soon.

  6. JenM says

    See, you didn’t even have to bribe us. I love Bones, but when it comes to Alphas, there’s nobody like the Beast Lord.

  7. jammastere says

    Yes, I really don’t have to grow up and talk like and adult to my friends!!! Oh, and of course I voted for Curran:)

  8. brandid says

    I prefer hardballs to cold feet in bed any day…lol…voted for current on at least 9 different computer today… You guys rock!!!

  9. says

    There really wasn’t any other way to vote except for Curran. Though, boo hoo, I can’t help myself, I love Bones, too.

    The smack down was too funny…and of course you won!!

  10. says

    I hear and obey O mistress :) Loved the Twitter smackdown, and hope that there’s light at the end of the tunnel in your personal life 😉

  11. jordan says

    done and done! I love Bones, but Curran is definitely Alpha-ier to me. Thanks for sharing the twitter funnies!

  12. Akinna says

    Voted from my laptop and from my phone, then I emailed my husband and told him to vote from his work computer and his phone (and he did). Perhaps a trip to the library today..they have computers after all.. Go Curran!

  13. smileygirl3090 says

    ^_^ I love your smack talk, I’d already voted Curran, (I’m so sorry Bones, you’re still the best vampire ever just not… the Beast Lord). Fingers crossed that his furriness wins!

  14. Tammi G. says

    I’ve voted for Curran on laptop–will do so from work, as well.

    I’ll have to bite the bullet and pick up the Cat and Bones series, I suppose. It doesn’t seem fair to compare Curran to a character I haven’t read about yet. I’ve been putting this off. Reviewers of the Night Huntress series recommend it highly, but also indicate the books have high sex content. I don’t want to slog through or skip past over-the-top sex scenes to enjoy a great plot, but my lop-sided voting wouldn’t be right if I don’t make the effort to know all the characters involved.

    Argghhhhh! Maybe I’ll stay home and brood instead.

    • Tammi G. says

      I started the Night Huntress series today. It had quite a bit of charm to it. Bones is interesting; I love his dialogue. The book talks about it, but I don’t get the menace vibe from him that defines Curran. I looked up bad*ss in Wikipedia, and Curran’s picture was posted as an example. Curran is the very definition of Alpha–like Xerox is for copy (original, then lesser being). Rwwwwoarrrrrrrrrr!

  15. KitKat says

    I love both of them, but Curran will always be the best for me! Go kitty! 😉

  16. JB says

    This was tough because I love Bones (blood breath and all), but I had to vote for Curran (3 times!)

  17. Dingo Baby says

    Oooo! That was some serious smack down going on! I’m surprised she didn’t bring up the fact Curran changed into a lion in his sleep.

    Thanks for sharing!

    *casting vote for Curran*

  18. vinity says

    I love you guys. Boy, I’d LOVE a crossover snippet with Bones and Curran meeting up. LOL *yes, I know the verses aren’t compatible}

    Curran is leading 59/41 as it should be.

  19. Rochelle Muller says

    Yay!! Curan is 58%.
    I could never get past the first half of Night Huntress #1, so I don’t know what all the fuss is about Bones???

  20. Kaelyn says

    Wow, this is a hard vote! I voted Curran because it would take a lot more to kill Curran than Bones, a few very calculated and well pulled off moves and Bones is gone (which I hate thinking about!). I think Curran would be harder to kill whereas if Curran accomplished the move right, he could tear Bone’s head off in one swipe.

    Who wants to see Kate AND Curran fight Bones AND Cat???!!

  21. Evelyn says

    I love Bones, but Curran is hands down the best alpha in my books. Been on a voting frenzy, using my laptop, my desktop, my phone, hubby’s phone to vote for Curran LOL. Hope he wins!

  22. Susan says

    The tweets are hilarious. No wonder both series are so good with just the right touch of humor.
    But, I’m for cat over bat in alpha contest. It’s not just about fighting and being powerful – both excel at these. But, Curran is also a good leader who takes care of unglamorous responsibilities
    Go Curran !

  23. says

    I LOVE IT!!! That was so entertaining. Yall should get together and write a book. If that doesnt work yall could always do a stand up comedy routine together. I would go see yall for sure! :)