Huge congratulations to Beatrice Kaser, otherwise known as Bea a or Moderator of Doom on the forums, on the birth of her son!  Both mother and the baby boy are happy and healthy.

Thank you so much to Ying for the news.


  1. 3girlmom says

    Congratulations, Bea and R on your new baby boy!
    Sending you all my love,

  2. wont says

    Congratulations Bea!!! I knew this was anytime now. So happy to hear the great news! Hugs to the whole family! 😀

  3. Readsalot81 says

    What wonderful news! Congrats on the birth of the little one Bea! Lots of well wishes and hugs sent your way! 😀

  4. Jillian Bradley says

    congrats! best wishes of luck, love, and patiences for the years to come! =p

  5. Crystal says

    Congratulations to Bea!!! Having a Bouncing Baby Boy is Soooo Much Fun! Again Congrats!

  6. ying says

    Congrats Bea and R. I talked to Bea earlier, she is doing well. I sent her our love from the forum. I know they will be a fantastic parents.

  7. Serena says

    Yay, Bea! Hope everything turned out fantastic. Bet your son is so cute – are you going to name him Curran? :)


  8. Chris says

    Congrats! My two girls are teenagers, but I vaguely remember giving birth. I’ll bet your little man is the smartest, most athletic, kindest, handsomest ever. Congrats and thanks for being moderator!

  9. CheeseBK says

    THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! We’re a happy little family!

    and no, his name is not curran *lol*