Congratulations to Jeaniene Frost. ONCE BURNED is #17 on the USA Today Bestseller List.

On a small note, Magic Dreams is #122.  How about that?  Not too bad for an e-only reprint.


  1. Sarah says

    Rock on Jeaniene Frost!

    And it’s not surprising the husband just stole my ereader so he could FINALLY read Magic Dreams. He’s locked himself in the bedroom and won’t come swimming (on the last day of vacation) until he is DONE. :)

  2. trixie says

    Good on ya to both you and Gordon and also to Jeaniene. I read the Dali/Jim story in the anthology and then also bought Magic Dreams to be able to re-read on my kindle easily. Just waiting now for GunMetal Magic…cannot wait!

  3. Annaribbit says

    I bought my copy of both books on my nook. I already had Hexed but I wanted the story by itself. Already read them both.

  4. Angela says

    Awesome! I love both Jeaniene and your books, so you both definitely deserve it.

  5. Ashean says

    Yay!! I already own Hexed, love Dali and Jim, but yay anyways.

    Can’t wait for Gunmetal Magic, is going to be my very belated b-day book.

  6. says

    I kinda read it in 10 hours… sleep is overrated! and i loved it 😀 i cant believe im getting 2 books i wanted this month 😀 its the best month ever!