Cover: Steel’s Edge

We weren’t supposed to show it, but Wicked Scribes got a hold of it somehow, so it’s leaked anyway.


  1. Meljean says

    The Berkley/Ace catalog must have come out… and, yep. Ooo, and they’ve even switched to full color for the mass-market catalog.

    I still really love this cover. So pretty.

  2. msaggie says

    It’s lovely, and I am looking forward to it. It’s my favourite cover of the Edge books. Only 4 more months to go…

  3. missfishie says

    I like the cover. I like all the covers for this series, actually. They’re all different but clearly related.
    You may have answered this but I couldn’t find it. Why does book #2 not have “edge” in the title? Is it because you weren’t thinking of them as a series yet at that point?

  4. trixie says

    ………………………………….and covers usually arent what draws me to buy books….LOVE IT!

  5. Sarah says

    It’s gorgeous but I’m giggling over the floating fading guy. I can’t help it. FLOATING GUY! IN THE SKY! FADING FADING WATCH HIM FLY!

    I know. I need help.

  6. Bec McMaster says

    Very pretty and I like the ship in the background and the sea. Is that a hint of things to come? (:

  7. Chris says

    Way cool! So I’m guessing that there may be sea voyages in the Wierd. Can’t wait to find out if there is any reference to Rose’s grandpa. Now I’m having thoughts that maybe he is famous/legendary – perhaps the Wierd’s version of the Dread Pirate Roberts? So much fun to speculate, and it will be even more fun to find out when it is (finally!) available. 😉

  8. lia says

    oooo, pretty! I really like it, even though that’s not how I imagined Charlotte – but that’s how it always is. Book cover is separate from the actual story, and this one is shiny!

  9. Prospero says

    Naughty, naughty Wicked Scribes, I shall release the hounds…er sabretoothed squirrels after them. They shall feel my wrath :)

  10. Readsalot81 says

    That’s an absolutely gorgeous cover. But to my eye, all your covers have been superb.

  11. Ashean says

    Ohhhh…..very pretty…. If I wasn’t so addicted to Kate’s books I might buy that one.

  12. Nina says

    Love it! This one is going to be so good! Well, all your books are so good…can’t wait! At least Gunmetal Magic is coming out soon.

  13. AggieReader says

    Oooo I really like the dark purple background! That will catch the eye very well.

  14. claire says

    Great cover… I’ve already pre-ordered the book.
    Is Steel’s Edge really going to be the last of the Edge Series?

  15. Beth says

    The cover is very beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful yet of the Edge series. By the way, LOVE, LOVE the website and the view of Post-resonance Atlanta. (Maybe because its exactly how I pictured it…) You guys are great. I am on a count-down for Gunmetal Magic.

  16. Donna Binns says

    I love the cover and can’t wait to read this book. I know you aren’t loving writing this series of books, but I love them as much as I do Kate. Thanks for giving my life some wonderful adventure!