Remember that collector edition of Magic Bites?

My precious.

Update:comments are now locked. I love this cover and I am tired of having it criticized. I don’t mind if you complain about it, but my “I am so happy!” post is probably not the best place to do it.


  1. KitKat says

    Awesome cover! But I have to confess that I prefer the Kate of Magic Gifts’ cover… *sheepish face*

  2. Kessi says

    Wow! The cover is beautiful. The colours, Kate (love her hairdo !!!), Slayer-just everything is really stunning!

  3. Liz Semkiu says

    Great cover! Just preordered it from Amazon. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! What a great Christmas gift!

  4. julia says

    The cover looks really cool! Like it very much, although I have to second KitKat, I also prefer the Kate of the Magic Gifts cover, she looks more like the warrior Kate is! this Kate here looks a little too young!

  5. Akinna says

    Oh wow! Very nice. Stunning even. Can’t wait to buy it! I need a new copy of Magic Bites since mine is falling apart after to many re-reads :)

    • Melanie says

      I can’t wait! I need a new copy also since mine is so dog-eared from re-reading it so many times. Now I can loan the first copy out and keep this one all for myself (and I might even share it with the hubby, but he might have to get his own! :) )Think we could sweet talk your publisher into releasing it in hardcover?

  6. Jenette says

    Wow! I want to buy it all over again just to have the new cover. It looks really, really great!

  7. Ete says

    While it looks very pretty, it also looks quite far from my imagination of Kate.

    I think she looks significantly too young, and way to much arm candy with sword rather than the experienced, confident and deadly mistress of the sword I think of. I know that’s the fashion for todays covers and it’s better than most but still, not really Kate, at least not the Kate from my imagination.

  8. trixie says

    Beautiful cover but not Kate. She looks more like how I imagine Julie would. Way to young and innocent looking to be a kick-a$$ killer. Agree with the others that Magic Gifts Kate was a much better portrayal of Kate.