Naming of Kate 6

Thank you so much for all of the title suggestions.  We received over a thousand comments, and we weren’t quite sure how to organize them all, until Neeta, a professional data coder, contacted us and volunteered to make sense of it.

Check these interesting facts out:

# of suggestions: 5,111

# of unique suggestions: 1,747

Top 5 suggestions: Roars (68 people chose), Conquers (67), Rends (53), Storms (50), Rises (47)

Longest Phrase (not including Gordon’s awesome ones): Magic Looks Like a Really Mad Man Standing Over Dead Creatures

# of times a book already in the Kate series was suggested (Magic Bleeds, Magic Bites, etc.): 10

We also got an awesome spreadsheet with all the titles without duplicates.  We’ve sent the spreadsheet up to Ace, where the marketing and editorial will go through it and pick a title they feel is best in line with the rest of the series.  They will kick it back to us and if we agree, we will announce the winner.

Meanwhile, Neeta is currently unemployed.  I’m not sure if she is looking for a job, but if you’re in need of a data coder, I can tell you that she is punctual, thorough, software literate, and able to clearly communicate through email (don’t laugh, it’s a skill).  She takes initiative and looks for innovative solutions to unusual problems.

In other news, An Apple For The Creature is out today.  :)  Update: Since I got several emails:  yes, this short story will be eventually available by itself for online purchase in about a year.  It’s not a novella; it’s a short story.  It’s totally not worth it to pay the full hardback price for this story alone, but the contributor list is really great, so if you wanted to check out some of other authors or wanted to get an awesome Sookie story by Charlaine Harris, this is a good buy.

In even more exciting news, RIVETED by Meljean Brook is out today.

“In between the fantastic elements and fabulous action, Brook also weaves in themes of the dangers of prejudice and judgment. And when it comes to heroes, there’s no one more thoughtful or noble than David! A rip-roaring and wonderful addition to Brook’s amazing Iron Seas series.”
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Read an excerpt…


  1. One crazy lady says

    Wow, that’s a lot of suggestions. I’m looking forward to seeing the winning title but more importantly reading Kate 6.

  2. says

    That’s a lot of suggestions! Seems like you have enough title ideas for another thousand books or so. 😉

    Happy book release day!

  3. wasnt_serious says

    Wow…I am in awe of the amount of suggestions and bravo to Neeta for organizing everything!

  4. Kaylen/Kayeri says

    Wow, one of my two suggestions made the top five most popular, but I have no idea if I was the first or not… probably not! =) The sheer amount of suggestions was staggering, but I enjoyed the funny ones a lot! But what fun and thanks for allowing us to participate!

  5. says

    I won a copy of Riveted and read it last week. OMG! It was super super good! I can’t say it enough, BUY THIS BOOK! It is a wondeful Steampunk adventure with a good romance..or maybe a wonderful Steampunk romance with a good adventure. I cried! Love love loved it. 😀
    Colleen recently posted..My Loot

  6. says

    Awesome way to compile results! (Although now I feel as though my effort to make sure I only posted something unique was somewhat wasted…)

    Roars and Rises were two of my favorite suggestions, so it’s nice to know that they were so popular. :)

    • Ilona says

      No worries – the excel spreadsheets lists all of the titles. The fun facts were just for fun. The idea is to choose the best title, not the most occurring one. 😀

  7. says

    got up this morning, bought An Apple For Creature, read Julie’s story. TOO SHORT =( … why so tiny? Want more story!!! Teensy tiny story was very good however =) Much love for Julie! Now must go find some apples to eat.

    • Ilona says

      We had a word limit – there were a lot of contributors and the book only had so much space. 😀 But I’m glad you liked it.

  8. Sarah says

    Please tell me there was at least one “Magic Get Gas”? Yes?

    Anyway, why why why must you and Meljean release on the SAME BLASTED DAY???? I cannot afford you BOTH. So I will hate you both and love you both and go cry over my checkbook. *snurffles*

  9. Barb says

    I love stats…well sometimes I do. I want to read Julie’s short story…to buy or not to buy??!!

  10. kui says

    its awful(wonderful)! 4 of my favorite authors releasing books on the same day!(andrews/singh/brook/laurenston). im stuck! who to read first? @_@

    • Angela says

      I’m right there with you! What is worse, I could have read them all over the long weekend! Why, oh why, must they all release the day after a holiday? I can already tell, I’m going to be sleep deprived this week. 😀

      • says

        Me, too. And I can add “Dragon Ship” by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, which came out today as well. Maybe they figure it’s best to release at the beginning of September, but I agree that Aug 30 or 31 would have been better.

  11. Dingo Baby says

    Happy Release Day! Looking forward to reading Julie’s story.

    Loved the stats. I was a Finance Major in college and numbers speak to me. It was fun to see the results Neeta put together for you.

    Can’t wait to hear the title!

  12. says

    I really want to know the new title!
    It’s going to be hard to chose only one!!

    And sorry to ask, but what about that short story that would have Kate and Curran alternating the POV – did it have had something to do with a vacation in the mountains??
    I’d really love to read it!! Curan and Kate more or less alone thogether!! ‘* o *’
    Pretty please Gordon!!

    • says

      And on the side, I really liked the suggestion that kid2 be Julie’s voice. They are both clever (in a funny way too) ^o^

      And last, but not last, congratulation on release day! :)

  13. KatieC says

    Would you hate me if I sat and read the short story in Hastings, then bought it in a year? I checked the local library and someone already checked it out this morning. :(

  14. Xid Trebor says

    I LOVED Magic Tests – surprise appearance of Dragon Guy from Magic Dreams & I lurved Julie’s attitude. Do I smell a YA series in the future? . . . since no more Edge books :(

    (or you could just say the hell to convention & have Magic Edge books where George, Jack, and Lark play with Julie and Ascanio)

  15. Brittany M. says

    Question… If An Apple for the Creature came out today (Sept. 4th), then how did I receive it by mail on the 29th? I preordered it from, and I was pretty sure that the book wasn’t supposed to come out until this week, so I was surprised when I got it early. Do early shipments like that usually happen?

    • Jennifer R. says


      Shhhhhh…….That is a good thing. You are not supposed to tell on someone if the result is positive. Even, if that someone–or retailer–messed up because it could happen again in the future. Who wouldn’t want a story they have waiting for to come a few days early? This is one of those cases where you thank you lucky stars and hope that it happens again. :-).

      So shhhhhh….

  16. Kim says

    I’m kinda bummed I missed the chance to participate. I had one I thought was kind of good. Magic Reaps

  17. Stewart R says

    Just purchased it through Google books.
    Now to ruin my work pattern and read it while “working” 😛

  18. Neeta says

    Wow! Thank you for the mention and for the job plug! It was a lot of fun putting together the data and interesting to see the results. If you ever need stats like this I’d be happy to help out again.

    P.S. I am currently looking for a job – my degree is actually in Chemistry, and if you know of anyone who needs a lab chemist, let me know! I worked as a data coder part-time for years, and I’m glad I could put those skills to good use :)

  19. says

    I cant remember what I suggested for the book title. I remember thinking it sounded awesome but then….im drawing a blank – I like to think I am original *snort* but I bet I ended up posting the same as 60 other people hahaha
    Jess recently posted..Day 9 – Arctic Essence

  20. Jeanne says

    I received An Apple for Creature today. I made my poor dog sit with her legs crossed while I read your story. I loved it. Julie is a wonderful character. Thank you.

    Suzy thanks you that it wasn’t too long.

  21. Anne V says

    Riveted is excellent. It is so good that I sat in the way back of the car, with the extraordinarily filthy and stinky dogs and their sharp toes and worse breath on a drive down through the NN and across the checkerboard. Y’all, I did NOT get out for pie in Bluff. (which meant the dogs and I got sort of spattered with pie on the way to Mexican Hat and it was totally worth it) I’m sort of embarrassed about my enthusiasm for it, but then I only picked up Iron Seas because of y’all anyway, so just – yeah.

    I don’t know how to talk about this without spoilering and I don’t want to do that to anyone. The world building is so deft that it’s invisible. The fluctuating balance of liking and attraction, the movement from guardedness to ease that the characters go through – it’s credible and fluid and enchanting. David and his augmented self and Annika and her rules are just great. Yay!

  22. Brie says


    I just finished reading Magic Tests and I loved it! Please God, let this be the start of a YA spinoff!

  23. says

    oh, i read the short story *magic tests* alright! and it’s really good what with standing up for other people and doing the right thing and i was immensely surprised at how deftly the characters have been written for not even being a novel. shocker, i know. so my plea to the wedded author couple: please continue julie’s storyline in a full-fledged novel!

    thanks! *hat tip* :)
    x lonequinn
    lonequinn recently posted..An Apple for the Creature

  24. Jessica Haluska says

    Please tell me that the Julie story means that you are jumping on the YA bandwagon. Your gift for snark and adolescence go hand-in-hand and lets be honest . . . YA Urban Fantasy is ridiculously in demand these days.

    Also, “Magic Tests” was so darn good that it would be a crime not to capitalize on the market. I’m just sayin’ (and wishing. and hoping . . . ).

  25. Em says

    I bought it for your short story anyway (plus a chance to test out authors I havent read before) and LOVED it. I agree with the Amazon reviewer who suggested a spinoff series for Julie someday – I would totally buy that book if it existed ,)

  26. Amanda says

    Just got an email off Apple for the Creature Audiobook has been delayed
    They are now expecting delivery from 28 Sep – 9 Oct 12
    I’m being good and waiting patiently :-$