Announcements and Contests. Now closed, will announce the winners on Tues.

Announcements and Contests.  Now closed, will announce the winners on Tues.

So yesterday the UPS truck pulled up and I was super excited because I thought he had brought my movies from Amazon.  Sadly, well for me anyway, it was not Starship Troopers or Pirannah 3DD on blu ray.  It was too large a box, first of all and secondly it was from our publisher, who never sends me cool movies.

After my initial disappointment was overcome by curiosity, we managed to open the box and discover several ARC for Steel’s Edge.  So, while not cinematic masterpieces with giant bugs or tiny killer fish, it’s still pretty cool because they sent us a lot more than we usually get and we can run a contest for them.  We have kept a couple for ourselves but are giving away at least 10, 8 on the blog, 1 on Facebook, and one surprise one for later.

To win a signed copy of the Steel’s Edge ARC, you must help us spread the word about live chat event we are having with Nalini Singh & Katie MacAlister on Tues Sept 11.  The livecast will be at 3:00 pm EST.

Please comment on this post.  You can say whether or not you plan on attending, what you would ask, or even who you would like to see us do a live chat with, for instance Jeaniene Frost or Meljean Brook.

To enter the Facebook bonus contest, you must go to our page and like the event announcement.  So you have a shot at one of eight ARCs here, on the blog, and a shot at a bonus one on Facebook.

If you are reading this on Goodreads or in your email, please comment on the blog to enter.  Entries through Goodreads and email will NOT be counted.

The contest will end Sunday at midnight, we will pick winners on Monday and announce them on Tuesday during live chat.  They will also be posted on the blog later.



  1. Camille Douglass says

    I am sad to say I won’t be able to attend the live show due to school. I would rather listen about your literary endeavors than read Wyatt’s Sonnets but it cannot be. If I were there I would ask about your research. The most interesting about the Kate Daniels world is that it has such diverse folklore. I love Nalini and Katie but if i could add any other authors to the mix it would be: Patricia Briggs, Jeanine Frost, and Seanan McGuire.

  2. susanna says

    So excited for the live chat. I am interested in research and how you keep all the different folk lore, legends, deities, etc straight. It is amazing how many different belief systems you incorporate into your books.
    I love nalini and am very glad you are chatting with her! I also like some of katie’s books. I would be interested in a live chat with you guys and Jeaniene Frost. I think that would be a hilarious and awesome chat.

  3. Lisa says

    Unfortunately, work will interfere my participstion in that live chat. Need to earn money to buy more books! I’m always interested in quirky questions. Kate is your biggest world and series. Now that you have more writing experience and success, what do you not enjoy about Kate’s world? If you could magically snd effortlessly rewrite it, what would you change?

  4. Van says

    I will definitely tune in. You and Nalini are on my short-list of favorite authors, but I have to confess that you and Jeaniene top my urban fantasy big-wigs list, and I so adore you super hilarious dialogue (my fave being the snark you exchanged during the curran vs. bones competition), so a chat with both of you together would be Awesome!

  5. Black says

    I will not be attending the live chat. I will be deep in the salt mines.
    A talk with Patricia Briggs or Chloe Neill would be great. I would also like to read an interview with you and Curran about the creation of the pack, as we know it now – or an interview with you and Dolittle( to get more of his back story). I know these things are not the same as a live chat. I just think an interview with some of your characters would be fun to read.

  6. Karen says

    I like many will be looking forward to reading the final installment of The Edge Series. Sadly, I seem to have the worst timing with your events. My vacation & travel plans will most likley interfer with my attending your live chat. Which is a bummer as I happen to like Katie M. and have read her dragon series. So, I would have found this event triple the fun to have listened to. Oh well, maybe next time. Have yourselves a great chat!

  7. Samantha says

    Sadly can’t attend the live chat – whenever it actually occurs (can’t work out the time differences in my head!). I’ll be working….
    A live chat with Meljean Brook would be great – particularly if you can find a way to blackmail her into writing more Rhys and Mina stories…

  8. Shelley says

    I would love to listen, but I have to work! I don’t think my boss will take the excuse of, “I have to stay home because one of my favorite authors, well technically two, will be talking live. Since they never come to St.Louis [hint hint], this is an awesome event. Mind if I leave early?” Stupid work.

  9. Kathleen Tucker says

    Like so many others I’ll end up missing the chat because of work. On the bright side that gives me more time to convince my coworkers that they need to read theses books ( after telling one about the wererats and vampires she now teases me about Dracula rats). I guess my question would be– Which character was a minor player when you started writing but quickly became a scene stealer?

  10. Prospero says

    Pirannha 3dd is bad film horror porn. No wonder Ilona thinks the kids are turning to the Dark side without cookies Lol :)

  11. Emera says

    I can’t attend because of stuff I have going on. I’d really like to see you talk about your planning process in crafting a novel in general, if I could attend.

  12. says

    I’m so looking forward to the chat – my favorite authors all together = win!!!! Now I’ve got to think of all the questions to ask (rubbing hands in delight)

  13. Meg says

    Oh my gosh! I would love one of these ARCs…I will be at work during the live chat, unfortunately :(, sounds awesome, though.

  14. Atzimba says

    I’d love to be there but I’ll be at work :(

    Maybe next chat you could make it during lunch time EST? :)

    Will the chat be made available to read after it’s over?

    I would love to know a few things about your series:
    – What happened to Naeemah from Magic Bleeds
    – It might be cool to have a Hugh D’Ambray POV…would it be possible?

    A chat with you guys and Patrick Rothfuss would be pretty epic ^.^ Also would love one with Devon Monk, Ann Aguirre, or Rachel Vincent.

  15. Circejane says

    These live chats are awesome, I was online for one with Seanan McGuire a while ago, and she was great. If at all possible, I’ll be at this one. I echo the poster who nominated Seanan and Patricia Briggs as a great live chat combo with you, I’d move heaven and earth to be able to attend that one!

  16. Jacque says

    Unfortunately I’ll be working like many others and won’t be able to attend the live chat. You, Nalini Singh and Patricia Briggs are my top three go to authors – I’m never disappointed when I pick up a book by any of you. So, I’d love to see another live chat with Patricia Briggs. If I could attend the chat, I’d love to know if you have a vision for an eventual showdown with Roland or if that’s too far off in the misty future :)

  17. Ruthie M says

    I’d love to attend, since I just finished Nalini Singh’s newest, Archangel’s Storm. I’d love the chance to tell her how much I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I have physics right at that time, so I don’t think I can actually make it. Good luck! Thanks for this opportunity!

  18. Lisa says

    Hmm . . . if I were there (will depend on work) I think I would ask about the process of writing the healing scenes, especially the science. You so clearly do hard work on research and realism with the rules of magic, weaponry, history, mythology, etc. I know you asked for some blog reader help on that front, and I’d love to hear how it went!

    Also, if you have an ARC you want read and mailed back with small line edits, perhaps even an already marked up one . . . I’m good at that and would love to do it! I have pathological tendencies with red pencils anyway when it comes to typos. I caught that minor continuity sitting/not sitting bit in the excerpt and would consider the opportunity to read Steel’s Edge early a wonderful reason to do a careful copyedit.

    I’ve been struggling with my own small writing projects, and find red wine very helpful. I’m guessing that is not Ilona-pancreas approved. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal, pancreas. Curse you.

  19. lexa says

    I will not be attending because i have a class at that time, but if i were there I would ask if you could change one thing about your first novel, what would you change. I wish you were doing this with Patricia Briggs because the two of you are my favorite authors at the moment.

  20. jupaws says

    Sadly, I can’t make the chat, but I would if I could. Love your work, and if my schedule permitted, I would come to a chat with you and my postman. There are not many people that could fill in the blank and make me not interested.

  21. Leelee says

    I will definitely be tuning in. I’d like to ask if Julie will ever have her own spin-off, I see a love triangle between her, Derek, and Ascanio. I would also ask if you’re going to continue Andrea’s series. I would love to see a live chat with you, Jennifer Estep, Rachel Caine, and Lilith St. Crow.