Gunmetal UK Cover

Okay, so GUNMETAL MAGIC is being released in UK in electronic format – we are self-publishing it.  Should be up within two weeks, hopefully sooner.  This is the cover  for it.  I made it.  I almost didn’t post it, because every time I post one, people come out of the woodwork and make irrational demands about eyes being the wrong color and ears being the wrong shape.

I am on the deadline, I have to work with the stock I can buy, here is the cover, deal with it.  😀  If you moan at me about the hair length or some other silliness, please moan politely.  Or I might snap.

Click for larger image.


  1. anatwork says

    I like this cover. Her hair looks less “blow dried to perfection” than the US cover (although I like them both) and she seems more relatable in a I’m Having A Bad Day so I Feel Like Killing You way.

  2. Corrina says

    This looks like an Andrea who has had her world torn apart but is dealing. I like it. After all, this is your realm, these are your people, I am just grateful you share them with me.

  3. Chelley says

    Nice version of Andrea. The artist did a good job with this. Lean and obviously strong. A face that could have been sweet and girl-next-door at one time, but now hardened by some serious crap that has happened to her. She looks tough and lethal, but not crazy. That’s a hard balance to pull off.

    I’m curious, why all the different covers? I can kind of see the different ones for various countries, but why the differences between the dead tree US versions and the audiobooks? I’ve been wondering about that.

  4. says

    I like it. Not sure if it was intentional but the cloud in the back looks like an outline of a man.. very cool!

    Nicely done covers aren’t as easy as people think they are!!

  5. Jessie says

    I think she looks like a pimp. I like her. Maybe even more than the US cover actually…though I tend to thin the UK covers are better than US covers for books…

    • says

      I thought a female in that line of work was a ‘madam’.

      I like the cover fine, but honestly once a series’ characters have me in their grip it’s not the covers that bring me back.

      On the other hand, if you want a pic of a chick with a Sig, I can supply ….
      C.D. recently posted..On Security and Snowglobes

  6. samIam says

    I prefer the US cover. The UK version, I don’t think Andrea lives up to your description. US: HOT UK: NOT

  7. Nicole says

    I like this one much better, this looks like a very imperfect woman trying to put herself back together, the other one was a little too cutesy.

  8. Michelle says

    Hello – if you’re self-publishing it in ebook, where is it available? Amazon and Barnes only offer the paperback version.
    Ta –