Question to UK and other non-US fans

Question to UK and other non-US fans

STEEL’S EDGE will be released on November 27, 2012 in the States.  We’re planning to release the entire EDGE series in electronic format on Amazon UK and at other e-retailers. We know that you’ve been waiting a long time for these books.  We kept trying to find a publisher, but it looks like going independent is the best option for you and for us.

We commissioned covers for the entire series, but it looks like they are taking a little longer than we expected.

So  here is the question:

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It takes about ten days or more for the uploads to sort themselves out, so please vote soon.




  1. sharon says

    friends; please go to and vote for Gun Metal magic and your other favorite authors in the listed categories. Ilona is in the running with Gun Metal Magic in 2 categories. lets push her over the top as #1 book.

  2. Deirdre Carroll says

    Hi, though I live in Ireland I have been buying your books through Amazon in the US – just paying the extra for postage – I have only started purchasing e formats this year. When Gun Metal Magic was not available in E format for those of us not in the US I was disappointed but then I found the Book Dipository site which sells books but does not charge for postage – hope this may help some of your international followers. Regards Deirdre

  3. Robin Cassady-Cain says

    Totally jazzed that soon everything will be available here in e-book format :). Thanks for asking!

  4. Judithe says

    It has just become possible to buy e-books “locally” on “my” amazon (Japan), and the cover seems to be the same as the MM edition. I switched to the e-book so I could get it even faster, so my vote would have to be for the earlier releases! Less than two weeks now…

  5. BananaTricky says

    Hi, I love your books and want to read them ASAP I don’t mind if there is no cover at all on the e-book if I can get the book even 24 hours earlier

  6. says

    I agree
    I am in Australia and have a kindle and I want to be able to read all your books on it but so many are just not available to Kindle users outside the States.
    To often Amazon seems to think that the rest of the world doesn’t exist. I love real books too but I’m running out of room.
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    • Karen says

      I am in Australia too and find the publishing restrictions very frustration, not only for Kindle but also for Audible. so many great books are not available through Audible including most of the Kate Daniels series – we only get the first three. I have sent overseas to buy the MP3 CDs because Renee Raudman is the voice of Kate. Would love to be able to get the Edge books as well.

  7. Susan says

    I may be in the minority as I have an ipad and scan covers to find my books. If it’s part of a series I’m avidly following such as Kate Daniels, I’m already committed regardless of cover. But if it’s something I’m not sure about, the lack of a cover or a poor one could leave a poor impression.

  8. Jules says

    I’m in Australia & would LOVE (ie, KILL) to buy the ebooks of The Edge & the remaining Kates – I was thrilled you published Gunmetal Magic, & I love that cover! It probably makes more *sense* to hold off publishing The Edges until you have all the covers finalised, but I certainly wouldn’t mind a place-holder, if it meant I got to buy your ebooks even quicker! (salivates)
    PS. Even tho I really like my iPad & the awesomeness of storing 1,000s of books on this wee tablet thingy, I will continue to buy “hard copies” AS WELL as ebooks, of the series / authors I love, to pick a totally random example, this author called Ilona Andrews (heh).

  9. Emma L says

    Just been told by Amazon UK that they can’t fulfil my steel’s edge paperback order now and so have cancelled it! Only alternative has a 4 to 6 week delivery delay!
    Aaaaah! I hereby quadruple my vote for e-book asap, nevermind the covers!

    • Deirdre Carroll says

      Have you tried the Book Depository – think they are based in the Channel Islands – you only pay for the book – international postage is free. I am in Ireland and used them to buy Gunmetal Magic when e book was not available on Amazon. Got the book within 5 days.

    • Katherine says

      Does anyone know why Amazon UK is not able to fulfill the orders for Steel’s Edge? Amazon UK have said “Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available.” How can the book no longer be available when it has not even come out yet?

    • says

      Yeah, Amazon Uk cancelled my order too- they did it with the last Kate book too. I pre-order them months in advance and then they say they can’t get the stock- Grrrrr! Obviously idiots who can’t project manage stock controlss!

      I’ll order from the book depository next time and Amazon can go to to hell in a handbasket!
      PS We had a great Thanksgiving in Cambridge courtesy of my American friend Imogen- we had 16 again on trestle tables in her tiny one bedroom flat- she rocks!
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  10. Emma says

    Living in Australia we have long been used to getting books, movies and Tv sometimes years after the US. It’s getting better largely due to local cinemas, book stores and TV networks having to ‘compete’ with illegal downloads. It’s been shown that most people will legally view (and pay for) content if it’s at least as easy as illegally obtaining it. So more books, movies and shows are released on the same day and date as America.

    With books that take years to reach Australia I have decided to take a pragmatic approach. I Illegally downloaded the Edge books. But because I love all your books and really enjoyed the edge books. I will buy them as soon as possible. I promise, I will be the first in line for pre-ordering. I personally feel no guilt over doing this. The fact that the books will be at least 50% more expensive when I do eventually buy them (Australian paperbacks start at $25 US) more then assuages any guilt.

    All of this is a lead up to saying I wouldn’t mind if you wait to have the proper covers but I would buy them either way.

  11. Helen says

    I’m sorry I’m reading this book and its not a picture book. I just want the content!!!

    Put some nice scroll work font up there and let it go.

    But please please hurry. I’m in Australia and cant get it !!!