Steel’s Edge is out

Today is the release day for STEEL’S EDGE.  We hope you’ll like it.

For UK and Australian fans: we’re at the upload stage and the book should show up for purchase in the next few days.

For audio fans: Steel’s Edge will be delayed.   We try to be fair, and when the publisher is unwilling or unable to discount a book, we try to include extra content or provide free fiction to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.  For example, right now we are actively blocking the move to hard covers for Kate series.  You have waited a long time for Magic Rises and we don’t feel it would be fair to charge you hardcover prices for it.  We will see if we lose this fight or not, but our publisher is willing to work with us and my hope is that they won’t move us to hardcover without our consent.

UK cover

Our audio books are managed by our publisher, who then sells the rights to audio companies.  We have to sign off on the contract.  Tantor’s offer for STEEL’S EDGE and MAGIC RISES was not in line with our sales, so much so, that our publisher advised us that accepting it is not in our best interests.  We considered it very carefully, as we didn’t want to cause a delay, but in the end, we couldn’t accept the offer. Just as we try to make sure that our work is available to you at fair prices, we also try to make sure that we are paid a fair amount.

This is in no way a criticism of Tantor.  They are looking after their bottom line and trying to make the maximum profit but so do we. This happens often in business and there are no hard feelings.  We regret that we couldn’t come to the agreement as we believe that Tantor produces a quality product.

The audio book will be brought to you by Recorded Books.  Right now there is no ETA but we did request Renee Raudman as the reader.  I’m not sure if Recorded Books will be able to get her or not, but we did ask.

We apologize for the delay.  I will do my best to find out the release date.



  1. Anna says

    Thanks for the update. I love Renee and hope you get her. There is somethig great about consistency in a series, but I will get the audio book no matter what. I hope you got an agreement that is fair to you.

  2. Jonathan says

    I loved this book. In my opinion, it may be the best of the series. I hope that you eventually come back to this series. You have a dedicated fan here.

  3. Marsha says

    Yippee! I’ve been waiting patiently to download the final Edge book. I do like hard cover books, but I find it very anoying that they charge the same hard cover price for a download.

    • Maryam says

      I would recommend asking for it! I’ve had to ask for multiple books on release day that they “didn’t have.” I would get to a manager and be polite and perky until they went to check. And then they would find and give me the book. Then I would buy it, then shout about it on the phone to friends who were outraged on my behalf. I hope they have it in a back room somewhere! I must say , I love ebooks so much for this reason. Plus, you know, fewer strangers to talk to. :)

  4. Carol says

    Oh–you would rather not have Magic Rises released in hardcover? I find myself curious as to your brief mention that it is a point of dispute.

    I plan to buy (re-buy, actually) the entire Kate series in hardcover, if it is ever released–my paperbacks are so worn! As an older person, I’ve noticed that the papers and binding of my hardcovers stand the test of time far better than paperbacks. As I still love the look and availability of my tree books, I’ve committed to getting favorites in hardcover when I can, even if it means searching them out on the used-book market.

  5. Richard says

    Thank you for continuing to produce the paperback copies. The hardcover editions are a great option for gifts and collectors, but paperbacks are like old friends that you don’t mind taking on day trips and vacations. Also, having four paperbacks in a series and then having hardcovers is like having three Star Wars episodes on VHS and three episodes on DVD – annoying.

  6. RebeccaB says

    Both covers are great but the UK is amazingly striking! It is really cool!
    Congrats on the release!

  7. Ataia says

    Happy Release Day! I work at a library and I just sent a bunch of copies of Steel’s Edge out to our branches today.
    When I started reading your update in my email, I almost flipped out! No more Kate audiobooks? NOOOOOO! Then I calmed down and read the WHOLE update, lol! Whew! I am a new fan, just “met” Kate after Curran won the Alpha Showdown at the Vampire Book Club site. And I LOVE her!
    Renee Raudman is amazing, I would be crushed if she can’t do the next book, but I’d rather have a new narrator than no audio at all. Thanks for sticking up for us and yourselves. :-)

  8. CarolG says

    Just finished it! Very enjoyable. What a lovely ending to the series. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  9. Jordan says

    Bought it today, and hopefully I’ll get to read it this weekend! I’m so, so excited to return to this world!

  10. Kristine says

    Thank you so much! I just finished the book and it was wonderful!! Both of you did a great job…..

  11. Dale says

    Well, I live in Aus and my pre-ordered copy of Steel Edge just arrived on the doorstep. Yay – great reading ahead.

  12. Vic says

    Thanks so much for the updates. I feel you guys work so hard to keep your fans informed and to make sure we have the most enjoyable experience possible when “consuming” your stories whether that be through e-book, audiobook or paperback. It is impossible to miss that you both care very deeply that people get the opportunity to access your creative genius whether it be through different media or across the globe. Though I am no writer with anything to offer, as a (obsessive) consumer of your works, I can only admire everything you do to make sure than the product that you put out is the best to your ability and that it gets to the most folks possible in any format possible. I hope you both continue to enjoy great success in your writing and I will continue to support your in various formats. (and thanks for requesting Rene in the new audiobooks!!)

    • Vic says

      dang.. sometimes I wish I would re-read more carefully than I do when I see the grammatical errors. *sigh* Would edit if possible…

  13. Javier says

    Well… I just finish reading the book and I’ve got mixed feelings about it.
    The book is great , is everything i was expecting but I’m really gonna miss those guys

    Saludos desde Uruguay

  14. merrybookwyrm says

    Aiii! Read, cover eyes, read, cover eyes! Can you tell I’m a chicken!? Richard and Charlotte are very real, and I’m a little over three-fourths of the way through the first reading. Thank you very much.

  15. MelissaB says

    I so hope they can get Renee. . . .She talks and I see Kate in action. So cool.

    Buying Steel’s Edge now, and thankful I don’t have to be at work early tomorrow! lol

  16. Brenda says

    So disappointed about the audio release information – but completely understand your decision.
    I wish that Tantor could have come up to scratch. Renee Raudman really makes Kate and Curran come alive (as well as the Edge gang). Keeping my fingers crossed for her as reader – she’d be worth the wait!

  17. Katie says

    The book was awesome. I am sad to say goodbye to the series though. Is there no possibility of more? Even novellas?

  18. pklagrange says

    I just finished it and I’m so happy and sad! Wonderful book. I’m so sorry that the series is over. Like the Kate series, the Edge books just kept getting better and better. Thank you for this wonderful conclusion – hope that the characters come up again in another book or story. You guys are the best!!!

  19. Jael says

    I kept refreshing my order with amazon today hoping that they’d ship your book today. But nooooo Amazon doesn’t want to share with me. I checked all the local bookstores and they don’t have it in stock either :sad face:

  20. Artangel says

    Just finished it! I love it :) It’s definitely very dark and I had to stop several times when it became too intense. I will really miss these characters.

  21. Matt says

    I want to pipe in as a fan and say I really respect you guys. Outside of your books, which I devour like the tasty candy that they are, I appreciate that you seem to spend so much time thinking about your fans. Things like the free stories; working to keep the prices sane for fans even at your expense (hardbacks are a big deal!); and being willing to end things where they end, rather than dragging a series out.

    It is just classy. And all the more classy because none of these are things you have to do.

    So thanks not just for writing books that are fun to read, but also for being awesome people on top of it.

  22. Sarah says

    Just finished it and cried like a baby. Hopefully one day we will get to read Jack and George’s story(ies). Great read!

  23. Annette says

    If I hadn’t converted to ebooks, your news on no hardback release would really have pleased me. However I would be sorely tempted to buy the whole series in hardback if you ever du that!
    Looking very much forward to reading the new installment1

  24. trixie says

    Have read the book twice now–once to devour just ’cause I had to and once to savor like fine chocolate. A GREAT end to the series but I am oh so SAD now that it is over. I can only hope that you revisit the Broken, the Edge and the Weird in the future with stories about Sophie (Lark) and George (oh yeah there was a spark there) and then Jack too as grown ups.

  25. macjax says

    GREAT BOOK! i LOVED it! Like everybody else, I am sorry this is the last one in the series arc.
    I’m glad we got to see Jack, George & Sophie again –

  26. Pam says

    I just ordered my paper copy. I always buy your books in paperback so that I can lend it.

    I hate that phrase ‘last Edge book’. Your publishers may be stupid, but I know that I personally would pay for your independently released Edge novellas released as ebooks. There are so many more stories to be told. I particularly want to know what is going to happen with Jack and George and the other younger ones. :(

  27. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I’m having surgery (nothing serious) on Friday. I’ll be laid up for a week and I just found a special treat on my Kindle: Steel’s Edge! Woohoo! I’d forgotten that I pre-ordered it. I’m so excited to stay home a enjoy it!

  28. Tracey says

    Thanks for the update it is much appreciated. I have several series I’ve followed for years and have purchased them on audio. It is upsetting to get audio books (which are very expensive) up to a certain point & then have to buy the last few as paperbacks or ebooks. That has happened to me with 3 other series. The publishers probably don’t care that I have followed some of these series for years and have faithfully purchased all the audio books and its upsetting not to be able to have a full set. One of my favorites I was only able to get 7 of a series of 9. I don’t know if they will ever produce the last two editions. Btw….love your Edge & KD series!

  29. Kimberly says

    I love this series! Just bought this book, but I can’t read it yet!!!! For some reason, BN says it’s not available on Nook for Web. Do you have any idea why it’s not??????

  30. Jane C. From New Orleans says

    Absolutely fabulous book! Thanks for the update about the audio. I buy all of your books in e-versions as well as audio. Renee Raudmann is a treasure! SHE is the VOICE of Kate, and Curran, and Doolittle and Dali and Jim….. Let us know what we can do to make sure she is contracted to read all of your books!

  31. Alison G. says

    Thanks for the update on the audiobook delay. It’s worth the wait to ensure everyone gets a fair shake in the deal – and the explanation helps us wait patiently. ++ on all the comments about hoping for Ms. Raudmann as the reader, as well.

  32. Laura says

    Steel’s Edge was a very enjoyable read. Thank you for a great escape with Charlotte and Richard. Will there be more books in this series?

  33. Jenn says

    I saw the post you made regarding fans dictating what you should write, and I’m not even sure if you’re checking these comments anymore, but it motivated me to leave you feedback on Steel’s Edge.

    When I first found you two, Kate three (or maybe it was four?) was just released. I flew through the series, and to this day, it remains at the very top of my go to list (which may not sound like a very big compliment, but I don’t typically re-read books, and I re-read your books over and over and over . . . . ).

    Then you started writing the Edge series. And like any good self-entitled fan, I thought to myself, “What are they doing. Why aren’t they writing more Kate. I want Kate!” But, because I’m a huge fan I bought the Edge books. And they were good. They didn’t take Kate’s place in my heart, but they were good. But still . . . that tiny little self-entitled fan in me grumbled that it took you longer to write Kate because you were writing the Edge, too. I kept my mouth shut, of course. Because its none of my business what you write. You’re the creative genius, and instead of grumbling, I should just keep my mouth shut and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    And, boy am I glad I did. Because even though you don’t allow disgruntled and self-entitled fans to dictate your creative genius, if enough people bitched and moaned about it, you might not have written Steel’s Edge.

    I loved EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK. It was amazing, stupendous, wonderful, and heartbreaking. It is by far, one of the best books you have ever written. The characterizations were wonderful. The plot was absorbing. I loved it. So, from a self-entitled and self-absorbed fan, THANK YOU. THANK YOU for ignoring us. THANK YOU for listening to the voices inside your head and writing what YOU want to write. Never, ever listen to us. We don’t know what the hell we’re talking about.