Quick note about Audio

The beautiful Renee Raudman

Hi guys.  We know you are upset about the audio.  We are not ignoring you.

I just received a really lovely email from Renee this morning and she would love to continue working with us, so we are now lighting the fire at both ends: she is looking at reaching out to Recorded Books and I just sent another email to our editor reiterating requests for both series.  Our editor was very receptive and our publisher will continue requesting Renee.  We want to make sure that you are happy.  We also know that you want to hear about the release date and as soon as we know something, you will know it as well.

On a side note, Recorded Books is in for a surprise clash with the most loyal fandom ever.


  1. vinity says

    HA! I was just thinking yesterday maybe we should start a call in to Recorded books for Renee to do the series. She’s just awesome. Ya’ll are a great match.

    • vinity says

      I have sent an email. They responded thank you and they’d forward the email to the NY office where they record.

  2. GayLeeB says

    First, I personally love Renee Raudman’s interpretation of the Kate books. Fabulous performer, does a wonderful job with both male and female voices, consistent voices for characters. I’m a fan! Of course, it helps that she has such amazing work to read.

    Second, I salute you, Ilona and Gordon, for your sensitivity to your readers preferences, and for going to bat for us and for Renee. You rock like the ages.

  3. Robin says

    Renee Raudman does such a nice job. I’m so glad this might have a chance. Thanks again for not forgetting those of us hooked on the audio versions of books.

  4. says

    Glad to see you’re trying to work this out. An excellent narrator makes all the difference and Renee is awesome.

    “The Most Loyal Fandom Ever”. Lord, that’s for sure. Girding our loins for battle….

  5. Judy Whittaker says

    Yea! Fingers crossed! I love Renee Raudman’s reading of both series. I usually get both a paperback or e-book and the audio version. I find that if the narrator is as good as Renee, it really enhances the story.

  6. Jo says

    … Not to be a whinge bag… Ok definetly having a whinge…. When when when does the UK get the eBook of steels edge …. I have been soooooo patient … 3 whole days have elapsed and I am rady to explode with frustrations…need… Want… Now. :-(

    • Ilona says

      I am sorry. :( At this point I can’t do anything about it. It’s been uploaded, but Amazon has an automated program and it takes as long as it takes. I am frustrated too. But all four books are in there in the cyberqueu somewhere.

  7. Anna says

    Renee Raudman is brilliant at bringing to life your books. I’m so glad that there’s a chance she can continue – it wouldn’t be the same without her (but I would still love your books). :)

  8. Sarra Bess says

    That’s wonderful news. Obviously I will get the audio books no matter who reads them (I am almost as addicted to audio books as I am to regular books), but I love Renee’s work so far, so it would be wonderful if she continues.

  9. Richard Cartwright says

    I have not been able to find an e-mail link but:
    Remember you can always call us toll-free in the United States & Canada at 1-800-638-1304 from Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (EST). Or you can fax us 24 hours a day at 1-410-535-5499. Address: Recorded Books, LLC 270 Skipjack Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678.
    So..be like Chicago voters and call early and often

    • Leiah says

      Thanks for the number. I will save it, and wait patiently, and when and if I am needed, I am dialing away! :-)

    • vinity says

      I went to recorded books and where they have send suggestions I emailed there. I got a reply that they will forward the email to their NY offices that take care of that.

  10. Courtney says

    Audio is the only way I get my book fix with a toddler around. I listen while I do dishes, fold laundry, clean up mysterious spills, etc. Sometimes I listen while staring off dreamily into space but that is only because Curran is speaking. :) I love Renee and hope everything works out and soon!!!

  11. Alex says

    Just wanted to chime in an say: keep up the pressure to get Renee!

    I remember a similar situation with another series I like (Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files), where they switched the narrator mid series, and the overall fan reaction to the audiobook was rather ‘meh’. While the ‘new guy’ did a good enough job, he just wasn’t and could never be, what people had gotten accustomed to and loved.

    So I _really_ appreciate the extra mile you’re going here trying to take care of your readers (or rather listeners).
    I’d much rather wait another X weeks to get the audiobook done *right* (in this case with the narrator we all know), than get it done fast ;)

    • Sue says

      I was going to mention the same thing (Dresden Files being read by James Marsters). 12 books were recorded with James then they switched to a new guy (which didn’t work for me at all – since James IS Harry’s voice). I have noticed that the newest Dresden book is back with James.

      • Leiah says

        Yes, that would be another great example of the wrong reader messing things up. I am a huge Dresden Files listener. Changing around the ‘voice’ of the characters just messes with my mind (and my need to purchase that particular book). For every book I don’t buy on audio for a series, or even stand-alone books for individual publications,due to bad reading or changing readers, that is less money in the pocket of the publisher and the writer. Hint Hint.

    • Leiah says

      I absolutely agree. Even in today’s ‘gotta have it now’ atmosphere, I still believe in quality over speed. Take your time, I will wait. It is worth it.

  12. Mary Allen says

    omggm (ohmygoodnessgraciousme), At first glance, I thought this was a pic of kid2. It was enough to add to my grey hairs… Glad the audio will be done by Renee,She does a good job.

  13. Rachel-G says

    Would calling Recorded Books really help? I would be more than happy to express to them how many audio books of theirs I already own, how many of yours I own (*cough* ALL *cough*) and how THRILLED I would be if they used the Renee.
    On the other hand I don’t want to call a company and annoy the crap out of the people who work there to the point where they start ignoring requests/phone calls ect.

    • Leiah says

      I absolutely agree! Just let us know when we can start our campaign – we can call and very VERY nicely ask Recorded Books for Renee. She is awesome, and she couldn’t ask for better books to read than yours!

      Yes, we are rabid fans – that is because you two are so AWESOME!!!!! Add in Renee, and the awesomeness goes off the scale…….. I too have many, many Recorded Books offerings (I would even be willing to go and count if I need to!) and hope that they will understand the importance of the right reader. There are many accounts, via reviews of books on different sites, which prove that the wrong reader can destroy the sales of audio books. My best example of this is my difficult relationship with the books of James Lee Burke. Will Patton _IS_ Dave Robicheaux. However, for some unknown reason Mark Hammer read a few . . . and TOTALLY destroyed the books for me. While I am sure Mark is a fine gentleman, and fits well in certain books (nonfiction history of the American Republic comes to mind) his voice is much too old and fragile for someone like Dave, he can’t even approach a Louisiana accent, he apparently hasn’t got a whit of romance in his soul and it destroys the gorgeous lilt of the prose that is so much a part of Mr. Burkes’ work. James Lee Burke writes in an extremely lyrical style, pulling the reader deep within the soul of Louisiana, it’s landscapes, people, and culture. His work deserves the right reader. Just as YOU deserve the right reader for your amazing characters, your fascinating world, and the rich culture you have developed.

      So, just let me know when and who to start calling! I am at your beck and call!

  14. Lisab says

    My apologies, but I seems I am behind on reading the blog.. Was/ is there a chance that Renee will not be reading the next KD book? If so NO, NO, NO!!! As an avid audio junkie I can tell you that the performer can make or brake an audio book and Renee is as good as they get. As a huge fan of the magic series it would be like a train wreak to have some else come in so far into the series. Whatever it takes, we have to make sure it’s her……who do we petition, Count me in. Please don’t let someone else take over audio! btw, I’m straight but have to say Renee is a hottie!

    • Leiah says

      We are certainly hoping she does – especially me, an audio junkie just like you….. and I have to agree, Renee is just as gorgeous as her voice, isn’t she?

  15. says

    It’s Renée whom we want. I have Kate 1-3 waiting to be listened to at the gym (we all need our motivators to haul ass) and Edge 1 on my Audible wish list. (I like listening to books I’ve already read. And Renée was recommended as the perfect voice for Kate.)(Always listen to the sample before buying!)

    I’d have Kate 4-5.5 and Edge 2-3 on the wish list also, but they are, sadly, geo restricted. :´(

  16. Brenda says

    So glad that there’s a chance that Renee Raudman will be able to do the audiobooks! If you think that a call-in to Recorded Books would be helpful – I’m definitely on board for that!

  17. Artstuff2 says

    You guys ROCK!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANKYOU!!!!!!
    You need me to call, write, email or stand on my head shouting at anyone for audio, say the word. 

  18. Jane C. From New Orleans says

    I second all of Renee’s fans! I have listened to audiobooks for years and believe me when I say that Renee is one of the best!

  19. says

    I can’t imagine anyone else reading your books!
    I only usually buy your books on audio = I am disabled with migraines and
    I normally lay in the dark – so Renee IS your fiction world for me.
    I beg them to allow your books to continue. Is it some clash between Recorded books and Audbile?

    • says

      Thea, I have wondered that about Recorded Books and Audible also. I am not sure I have ever seen Recorded Books stuff on Audible, which is a sad thought. In fact, some older books first read by Recorded Books have been reissued on Audible with different narrators. Which might mean Audible subscribers won’t get to buy the new audiobooks, at least not from there,

  20. says

    I love the KD books so much that I have listened to them all dozens of times on my iPod while working or driving. I have them all set up as a playlist so they play in order without interruption haha.

    Renee is an awesome reader. Her character voices are the best. I would be absolutely horrified if the next Kate book were read by someone else. I felt the same when another series by another author changed reader in the middle and then back again. It really sucks when that happens.

    So I say no no no to any change of reader.

    Mark E. Cooper
    Mark E. Cooper recently posted..Announcing the release of Rune Gate

  21. tooni says

    I saw that audible.co.uk don’t have all your audiobook, will it be release there? because I’m not sure (Europe) can buy from audible.com.

  22. Random Thoughts says

    Renee is not just awesome, she is Kate and The Edge’s world. Love both yours and Renee’s work. The Kate and Edge worlds would not be the same without her.

  23. Tracey says

    Thank you so much for your efforts! It makes me so happy to know I”ll be able to complete my collection on audio! Apparently other authors are having the same sort of issue with the publishers. I also follow Yasmine Galenorn”s Otherworld series & her latest release is going to be recorded by a different company. This is the first time one of her new releases hasn’t been available on audio on the same release date as the paperback.

    Thanks again, I look forward to listening to this & the next Kate books! Kate is hands down my favorite character-I love her humor!


  24. Chelley says

    I suspect they’ll be more than willing to get Renee. From what I’ve notice, fans really don’t respond well to a switch in readers on their audio books. Look at the lashing out that happened when James Marsters wasn’t available for Ghost Story. At the risk of being stoned in the town square, I didn’t think the replacement did that bad of a job – it was a tad jarring at first, but he matched the tone of Marsters’ reading, made an effort to keep character voices close to what we were used to and actually bothered to keep the pronunciations the same.

    Then there is the stand in for the Hollow’s book, The Outlaw Demon Wails – there was a not-so-brilliant temp move. Character voices all wrong, down to using a squeaky baby voice for one of the main characters, and no apparent effort at all to learn how to pronounce unfamiliar words which could gate on the nerves – such as saying the name Takata as Ta-ka-TA. Talk about your fan backlash.

    Audiobook fans can be vicious – if the company has any lengthy experience with audio books, they will know this and understand the value in keeping the same reader.

  25. says

    Please! I’m a huge fan of your books, and The Kate Daniel series is on my auto buy list, I can’t imagine having a different narrator for these books. I was also a huge fan of Morganville Vampires series, but I haven’t bought the latest releases since they change the narrator, don’t make the same mistake, I have nothing against the new narrator, but as long time listener, I hate! When they change in the middle of a series.
    If you are not sure of the consequences of changing a narrator in mid series, just read some of the comments from the fans on the Morganville series.
    Keep Renee Raudman!
    Lupdilup (Loupe Duffy) recently posted..Shadow’s Claim (Audiobook Review)

  26. Yodamom says

    I agree with Jennifer. I love Renee as Kate, she does a wonderful job. It is very hard to adjust to a new narrator.

  27. ariella says

    Thanks to Richard (above) for posting the contact info for Recorded Books. I’m an ebook rather than audio addict, but I’m on board for supporting my favorite authors and the fandom. Customer Service took my request, my name, etc, etc and said that they would pass it on and that they do their best to keep consistency in the readers whenever possible. Hopefully my little request is joining an avalanche of its fellows from other fans calls and emails!!

    One thought, given that they’re tracking names, our best bet is probably volume of callers rather than volume of calls from indiv callers. For those who are waiting for a call to action, I say we skip the wait and simply act. Waiting for a call puts Ilona and Gordon in the middle, and that’s not fair. They’re generously representing our best interests, and the best way to support them in doing so is to make those interests directly known, leaving them free to route the clarion call.

  28. Hannah says

    Another vote for keeping Renee Raudman if at all possible. She’s done a wonderful job with both Kate and the Edge series and it would be difficult hearing someone else read them. I just finished reading Steel’s Edge on the kindle (loved it!) but would really like to have it on audio as well. I tend to re-listen to both series periodically and can’t quite imagine anyone else bringing it to life as Ms. Raudman does.

  29. says

    Ilona, Gordon, and Renee, man- what a wonderful team. It would be very difficult to survive without Renee reading; it would be doable though, but I damned sure wouldn’t want to imagine any other voice reading Kate Daniels or The Edge Series.
    Yeye Renee Raudman
    Her photo makes me think of Andrea.
    Brian B. King recently posted..Women Samurai