Audiobook Fans: Agreement Reached

Dear Audiobook fans,

Renee emailed this morning.  She and Recorded Books have reached an agreement for the next three of our titles.  :)  We would like to extend our thanks to both parties for their patience and willingness to work with us and for taking the wishes of the fans into consideration.

Recording begin in late January/early February.



  1. Jenette says

    Yay! It just wouldn’t have been the same without her. Thank you for working so hard to make this happen.

  2. LAchezar says

    oh well it is not the first book i have on paper and on audible 😀 it sure as hell isn’t going to be the last 😀

  3. Serena says

    By the next three books, do you mean Magic Rises, Kate 7, and Kate 8 (!), or Magic Rises, Jim and Dali novel, and Kate 7?

  4. Dana says

    Thank you. I have all your books on paper and the audio version, now I just wait to get the Steel’s Edge audio version. Thank you for getting Renee Raudman to read the rest of the books. You are great, your books are the best. Love you.

  5. Chelley says


    On another note – Renee is so stinking CUTE!

    From her voice I always imagined her as a brunette – and she’s way prettier than have ever been – i think I shall hate her now.

    • Leiah says

      lol! some people have it all, don’t they chelley? gorgeous, voice of an angel and then she goes and is incredibly nice to top it off….. wow. i wanna be her when i grow up! (well, maybe next lifetime…:-))

  6. Susan says

    Hurray ! Thanks for saving Kate’s voice. Renee does such an awesome job, it’s hard to imagine anyone else.

  7. Valerie says

    Yippee! I have all your Kate books on bothe kindle and audio. Thanks for all your efforts!

    I’ve wondered how long it takes to record a book. It’s amazing the readers can maintain the same pace an voice throughout the whole story, but I’ve wondered just how the process works and how long it takes to record it. Is the author consulted on, say pronunciation of some of the names or strange words? Or are you pretty much out of the picture once the contract is signed?

    In any event, your audio books enhance my time in the car, so I’m eargerly looking forward to this one!

    • Leiah says

      It is fascinating, isn’t it? Would love to know also. And, I also have everything on both audio and no on Kindle —- I can make the type big enough to see – it rocks.

  8. Brooke says

    Made my day! Just finished steel’s edge and it was AMAZING. I love the characters and the world. hope y’all revisit it in the future in fashion. Then I check blog and get the best news I could get! LOVE Renee raudman and Andrews combo 😀 thanks you
    -audiobook junkie

  9. Tizz says

    Recorded books are a pretty good company in terms of quality. And after what happened to the sales figures for Jim Butcher’s “Ghost Story” (Dresden Files), where Penguin thought it was okay to replace James Marsters as reader with an unknown, you’d have thought audiobook companies would have learnt a thing or two. Just saying. Well done everyone!

  10. says

    Yipee!!!! I can’t wait; but I have to..
    Thanks for all the pushing,it wouldn’t have been Kate without Renee…

  11. Jann M. says

    Oh thank the goddess!! I was trying to be grown up and mature about the whole issue but Renee is SO AWESOME that my mind froze everytime I thought about someone else reading your words. YAY!!

  12. Sara says

    YAY!! Renee is soooo great at it. I still remember her tired voice saying “ring ring riiiiiiiing” when Saiman rang in book three and giggle like an idiot. She is awesome as the voice of Kate.

  13. Jane C. From New Orleans says

    Wow! This really made my day! Renee is THE voice of your characters. My grateful thanks to Recorded Books, Renee and you for caring about what we want! Kudos to all! Can’t wait! Is is too early to pre-order?

  14. Hannah P says

    I’ve never tried an audiobook before but after all the comments on how Renee makes it come alive am very tempted to try one. Out of interest if I buy an audiobook in the UK will it be Renee or is it region specific? Maybe I’m blind but can’t see on who the reader is on the audiobooks.

    • says

      I live in the UK but bought all the Kate Daniels books from in the US. I DO have a UK Audible account for some books that aren’t available in the US for international orders.

      Renee is listed on the sales page at the top just under the title on sales pages
      Mark E. Cooper recently posted..First snow fall of the year

  15. Katie S says

    Woo Hoo! This may be the most exciting Christmas present I receive this year. I’ll enjoy the rest of my presents, but this present is by far will be the most exciting since I can enjoy it over three more books. Thanks to Recorded Books and also to Renee for making life very sweet indeed!

  16. Leiah says

    *** Jumping up and down and shouting*** I am SOOOOO thrilled!!!! Is there someone I can write to at Recorded Books to thank them? Please, please, please tell Renee we are so thrilled to have her reading your books!!

    This is the best Christmas present I could get —- you are the very, very best!!!!!

  17. Dave says

    SWWWEEEEETTTTTT!! Now tell me that there’s still a chance of more edge stories and my year will be complete.

  18. says

    This is great news indeed. I was dreading what the next book would sound like without Renee. I have all the books in audio and paperback.

    I often double up on purchases like that with books I love. C J Cherryh is another author I waited years for. Her Chanur series had never been in audio until recently. I wore out two sets of paperbacks before audible finally produced the audio versions a few months ago.
    Mark E. Cooper recently posted..First snow fall of the year

  19. says

    I am thrilled about audio book agreement although I am not sure which books you mean But I have wanted to hear book 6 and it is not available in the same formats as the others thus not compatible with i touch ? Can you please reach an agreement for both formats? There are very few audiobook voices I can tolerate, but yours are amazing. It’s like being a kid again and having your mom read to you. Please consider both formats for all the fans of your writing.