UK Ebooks of the Edge

Boom!  They exist on Amazon UK.  Click here.

Bayou Moon has been uploaded at the same time as the rest, but it’s not popping up for some reason.  I expect it will be up before the end of the day.  Also ebook versions of the Edge have been sent to inScribe, which means they will shortly be available at iBookstore, Kobo, and Sony.  Natanya, who is handling the uploads for us through Nancy Yost Literary Agency, has spoken to the digital coordinator at inScribe and hopefully the delay will be minimal.

What about Kate, you dirty whore?

In case you’re wondering, that is a quote from one rather upset reader, who had issues last year with not being able to buy some Kate titles down under.  😛  The answer is: we are working on Magic Rises.  Once done, will do the covers for that series.   When the covers are done, will upload Magic Bleeds and Magic Slays.  You have to wait.  Maybe around holidays.

I will go see if we can discount ON THE EDGE for you.  Right now I am just happy they landed.


  1. wont says

    Trying not to be a simpleton, but I am flabbergasted. I can’t understand how someone could say that to you.

    • Emily says

      ehh depends on who you’re talking to. Could be viewed as a sign of affection (because no matter the fight you’ll always love each blah blah blah ) Like when best friends call each other names because they are so close

      • Winry says

        No sorry, no matter how i look it that comment doesnt look affectionate to me!

        I can’t believe someone would love Kate books and not appreciate at least (/fangirl mode on, i personally love both Ilona and Gordon,’/fangirl mode off) the people that make them happen.

        • wont says

          I didn’t get a warm friendly feeling with that comment. More like a blood boil (mine). Throwing slitty eyes in the direction of down under.

  2. sarafina says

    That’s unacceptable. I thought you were going to post the names of people who behaved that badly. You and Gordon are better human beings than I am.

  3. Denisetwin says

    Yikes, I am so sorry someone wrote to you that way! I love your covers, love them even more than the US covers, especially Steel’s Edge. Great Job Ilona!

  4. Mimi says

    Forget about them, with language like that they do not deserve attention! That is a wonderful cover–much more striking than the US version. Here’s a frivolous request. The gowns described in Steele’s Edge were so intriguing, have you considered a fashion show on the blog for all of us sartorially challenged readers? Not that I would wish to distract you from Magic Rises…

    • Laura says

      I like the idea of fashion show on the blog – some of the descriptions of the gowns just beg for the actual gown(s) to be seen

  5. says

    Wow. I can’t believe someone would say that. I love your books and would be sad I couldn’t get them, but I would wait patiently, like a reasonable human being. Geez.

    You know what you need for dealing with language like that? A new kitten! It’ll be soft and cute and you can snuggle it. And I can live vicariously. :)

  6. Robin says

    Yay! I was so happy to get home tonight and find it on my kindle to purchase! *does a little happy dance*.

    Now, I have to restrain myself from gobbling it up when I *should* be doing other things :(.

  7. Bre says


    I love your books and while I hate waiting you’re books are more than worth waiting for. I love the UK cover to Steel’s Edge. I can’t wait for Magic Rises, then again anything to do with Kate and Curran I can’t wait for. LOL.

  8. Ginny says

    Excuse me? Someone had the gall to call you that in an e-mail while asking you for a favor? That is completely unacceptable behavior especially to authors who have not only taken complicated measures to get their books into the hands of their fans but have blogged about the process along the way.

    What scum! I hope you didn’t even dignify that tripe with a response and blocked them from ever contacting you again. God help them if your dedicated fan base ever finds them, because they will need to hide. No one gets to hurt your feelings, full stop. You are generous, witty and interesting people who allow us access to your creative worlds.

    Not that it will make up for this waste of air and space jerk, but that you for being writers. I enjoy your books and stories a great deal. It is a pleasure to read what you write.

  9. barbie doll says

    I wish their computer would implode. I much prefer the UK cover. I too would like to see some of the gowns. I was much impressed with the color wheel in Steel’s Edge. Keep up the good fight

  10. says

    I’m still stunned by that pithy quote from someone who claims to want to read your books. I suppose that stupid/rude/disturbed people come along with a public presence, however, I do not know how you respond to a person who says something like that. I don’t know how you stay cool in the face of that sort of “creature”.

    By the by…… LOVED Steel’s Edge!!! Richard makes me weak in the knees!! I am now, however, starting back at Kate 1, because it made me want to read everything all over again!!

    You two are the best! Thanks for all that you do!

  11. MLR says

    If the whole email was serious and in that tone, I’m appalled. Nevertheless, I read that and assumed it was a one-liner meant to be funny. Just overly familiar. Hard to judge sense of humor sometimes.

    Nice job on getting the digital foreign editions out. You do really nice graphic work.

  12. OA says

    I’m from down under and am horrified someone has addressed you in such a manner! Not all of us are such rude pricks. Meanwhile, I have inhaled “Steel’s Edge” yesterday. It was awesome! Thank you so much!

  13. B-Ster says

    I’m rather surprised you posted it. Your RABID fan base could take out an audio company, a teenage boy, and an aussie all in a day, if you let us! :)

  14. says

    OMG I cannot believe someone said that – This Aussie ADORES your work and is quickly converting others as fast as I can !! All your books are fantastic and I’m sorry you get such rude people emailing you ….

  15. Sarah says

    I call people dirty whores but they are usually related to me or we are having margaritas and catching up on old times…

    I hope this person was well known to you and it was a joke.

  16. Atzimba says

    Tell me that quote is a joke, and you and that person are on BFF status wherein such a joke would be understandable. My jaw literally dropped when I read that.

    On the more pleasant side of things…You and Gordon do so much for us, and well, you guys rock! :)

  17. Beatrice McKeown says

    Steel’s Edge arrived yesterday and I have to say I loved it :) It doesn’t quite take the place of Kate and her world, but what I do like is that it is so completely different. I would love to see more books in that universe. Congratulations.

  18. Amy H. says

    Is there any way we could get a high res or wallpaper version of the UK Steel’s Edge cover? I really, really like it and would love to have it as my desktop background.

  19. says

    Well, I’m shocked too… I know that ‘fame and fortune’ (and I’m joking with that expression) brings out the most stupid people out of their caves, but this is going far, even for the morons…. Hope you’re not being besieged by them too much along the way… Maybe you can send this ‘nice’ person a lyc V virus for her computer? Mayhaps the computer will turn Loup en her? and mayhaps one day pigs will fly, I know.. But I can always hope and dream…..

    Anyway, back to the more important things, I’m happy for your releases. It’s great knews and I hope you’re celebrating it :)
    It’s great
    katel recently posted..Marcus and Rhodelia Sketchbook

  20. Annylem says

    I’m appalled right alongside everyone else but I have to say I LOVE the UK cover. It may very well be my favorite of all your covers.