Jim Hines and Scalzi: Pain for a Good Cause

What would cause Jim Hines, an author and an all-around awesome guy, to do this?

The answer is simple if you follow Jim’s blog: charity.  He is raising money for Aicardi Syndrome Foundation and he has recruited John Scalzi to do it.

Jim says:

One of my high school classmates Jen posted on Facebook that she needed a ride to the hospital. Her eleven-year-old daughter Madison was in the hospital as a result of complications from a rare condition known as Aicardi Syndrome. It was the first time I had seen Jen in ages.

Madison died a few days later.

I had learned about Aicardi several years earlier, from my friends Michael and Lynne Thomas, both of whom are active in the SF/F community. Michael is an author as well as Managing Editor at Apex Magazine, and has been an Associate Editor for Mad Norwegian Press. Lynne is a curator, editor, podcaster, and two-time Hugo winner.

Their daughter Caitlin has Aicardi Syndrome. I felt fortunate to be able to introduce Jen to Michael when Madison was first diagnosed, trying to connect her to a source of information and support.

 Read more here: http://www.jimchines.com/2012/12/cover-posing-for-a-good-cause/

I donated this morning.  It wasn’t Jim or his awesome legs that got me, it was the picture of the little girl.  So this is a signal boost and if you choose to donate to charities this year, I hope you will consider Aicardi Syndrome Foundation as a possible recipient.  And if the money is tight or you prefer to donate to other charities, at the very least looking at Jim Hines and John Scalzi in heels will cheer you up. Or scar you for life.  Your pick.


  1. Katie S says

    Thanks for bringing this health concern to our attention. I’d never heard of this disease before.

    I must say, I love hairy men. However, when they are wearing a blonde wig, dress and high heels…ouch…not so much! :)

  2. Ginny says

    Thank you. I’ve posted it to my Facebook page. My friends will be startled to see something other than Farmville request there.

    My husband and I are donating for our son Sam. Sam was a micro preemie and could pass for Madison in the wheelchair. We are so lucky to still have him for the holidays and he will be 16 in February. Even when he soaks the bathroom, takes all the bows off the Christmas gifts and knocks over a glass of milk from twenty feet away with a dog toy, he is still our son. Some days a blessing, some times a curse, always a boy and deeply loved by his brother Corwyn and us. Someone asked us how we deal with it and the answer is that he is just our son no matter what the dealer specs turned out to be. Plus, he is funny as hell, just like his Dad.

  3. Vinity says

    Scalzi did good. Man, that guy will do anything. He had Neil Gaiman’s assistant, Quiche’s roller derby team cover him in buttercream icing at Gaiman’s house. I don’t actually recall why. I’m sure there was a reason? or maybe not.

  4. jules says

    AWESOME. I love the Jeaniene Frost cover pose – when I saw the real cover I thought “that is not anatomically possible”. Jim Hines with a green ceramic knife in his garter is simply unforgettable. Fantastic cause & BRILLIANT fund-raising concept. Gordon as Cerise, please, in the white corset / torsolette top :) :)

  5. denisetwin says

    I had been following this story, thanks so much for the singnal boost! Such fun for such a good cause! I too would love to see Gordon get in on it!

  6. rosebrier says

    I’ve enjoy this series of photos from Hines for a long time. I like that it highlights the ridiculousness of novel covers that treat women as if they have no spines and am glad he’s turning it toward charity.