Cover Reveal: Magic Rises

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  1. Jael says

    Ooooh! It’s so nice and shiny! The cover makes my inner pyromaniac happy! Cover Kate is really close to how I picture her in my mind. And I love how rawrish Curran is. Thanks for this!

  2. Chelley says

    That is a very intimidating and ready-to-kick-butt Kate. Nice work! If the bad guys are still standing there when seeing THAT coming their way, they’re too stupid to live.

  3. Jesse Lee says

    Awesome cover, but I’m not too enthused about this Kate. She’s very different from the one in the other books. Still a beautiful cover though, and I’m definitely dying to read it. It’d be awesome if it’d be out next month, cause I’ll be in Austin. I always miss the signings.
    –Jesse Lee

    • T. Gibson says

      I’m with you Jesse. As beautiful as the model is on the cover her image is more jarring with the Kate Daniels of my imagination. I’m very likely biased based on the current background for this website–it’s so similar to the book’s cover, yet it’s had a longer period to imprint itself on my brain.

  4. sarafina says

    Beautiful cover, really looking forward to the book.

    It would be nice if the series extended to 10 books, but I know you have A Plan.

    Curran does not look happy.

  5. Random Thoughts says

    Looks great. I just know the story inside will be just as great. Cant wait to starting reading and listening.

  6. says

    Great cover but I prefer the model on the new banner & cover of free magic gifts. She has more of the “striking” look and fits with Andrea’s description in gunmetal magic of india, Asian, Arabia – she could “twist it anyway she wanted.” This girl looks alittle too white to be able to pull that off.