New and Exciting Announcement

New and Exciting Announcement

So announcement.  Umm, the insurance might pay for our kitchen.  Tentatively, all hail Allstate.  Tentatively.  Wait… that’s not it.

Our debit card was compromised!  Well, that’s distressing but also not it.

We got a new cat. We’re keeping Batty, but she seems not to be all there mentally, so we stopped trying to get her to bond with Kid 2 and instead got Kid 2 an alternative who loves her with kitteny passion of a thousand suns.

No, that’s not it either.

balloonsHmm… Ah!  Here we go.

We are delighted to announce three additional books in Kate Daniels Magic series.

We’ve been sitting on this for weeks!  There!  It’s out!

When we were running a beta read for Magic Rises, several of our beta readers made comments like this:

I’m a bit confused as to how you can possibly finish Kate & Curran’s saga with only the 7th book?

Unfortunately, we were also a bit confused. The power imbalance between Roland and Kate is too great and after what happens with [name redacted] in Magic Rises, it would be very difficult to resolve his and Curran issues. We are editing Magic Rises, and I have to tell you that it’s 200K plot crammed into 100K book.  It keeps growing as we edit.  Today we were sitting there trying to figure where to fit Mahon’s back story and how much of it to put in. We started out at 95K and now it’s 105K now and getting bigger. And then our editor asked things like, “What about [name redacted]?  Are you going to resolve this?” And we said, “Ummm.”

We’ve received a very large volume of emails that told us that you were not satisfied with the ending of the Edge.  A lot of you loved the Edge books but felt that the ending left too much to the future: kids growing up, Spider not being dead, Richard’s face slowly reverting back to normal, and so on.  We don’t want to leave you in the same position with Kate series.  You have made this series a terrific success. We want to make sure that it ends well.

So the next question we asked was, “If we wrote past the ‘end’ of the series, would there be support from the publishing house?”  The state of publishing today is interesting to say the least.  Penguin, Ace’s parent house, is facing a merger with Random House, which makes some people in the industry kind of nervous. And in this time of uncertainty Ace stepped forward and said, “We love the books.  We believe in your work.” We’re getting a really nice schedule and a comfortable wage. If the support wasn’t there, I don’t think we would do it, because going this far into the series is making the books more and more complex and a little more difficult to write.  Knowing we have plenty of time and a talented, committed group of people who are willing to work with us on it is very reassuring. We very much appreciate it.  We’re very grateful to the editorial department at Ace for being in our corner.

01_aIn conclusion, we would like to extend special thanks to Anne Sowards, our editor, who puts up with our insanity and works so hard to make the books better, to Nancy Yost, our agent, who champions our work and work above and beyond on our behalf, and to all of you. Thank you for making it possible.

So now, practical, and tentative, things:

Jim and Dali’s book has been phased out.  It required an insane amount of research into Indonesian customs and everyone had difficulty figuring out where it fit into the schedule.  They are fan favorites and we want to do it right or not at all. We’re toying around with the idea of novella series, but we haven’t decided yet.  It may have to go into stuff we do on the side column, somewhere after Innkeeper and Roman.  We want to make sure that you get at least one Kate book per year.

Magic Rises, Kate 6, will be released this summer, Kate 7, next summer, and so on, bringing the total to 10 Kate books.

Kate 7 will be written as intended. We always said it will be a confrontation between Kate and her father and that’s exactly what it will be.  It will be a natural stopping point, the end of Round One, to that part of the series arc, so if you wish, you can stop after Kate 7, and not follow further adventures of Kate, Curran, Hugh, Roland, and various enemies and near immortal relatives and not feel completely left adrift.

Press release is over.  Now the real reaction.  OMG.  I am so relieved.  This makes things so much easier.  I’m terribly excited!!!  ::hops up and down::  We get to write about Kate’s family.  It’s not quite real yet or we’d be congratulating each other.



  1. Demi says

    Insanity is going on right here. I have goosebumps and an idiotic grin on my face.
    I am so happy for myself!!! I am sooo happy for you too :) more Kate, more books maybe Dalih+ Jim Novella, new story additionally to inn keeper… YES!!!!!
    There is only one thing left to say: Thank you, thank you so much for beeing awesome and addictive and for working with amazing people.

    I am truly happy. Need to tell my daughter now. And her friend…and.. wow.
    Greatest information of the week.


  2. Melissa says

    Awesome!!! This makes me so excited!!! :) I love the Kate books!!! :) (Ok, end of exclamation marks here…but not in my head.) !

  3. Jenna says

    I’m so glad to hear that the series is continuing! I’m glad you do have an end in sight, because it does make the books better, but I really feel like the series has a lot of steam and I would love to see where that goes in the future.

  4. Lizzy says

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Such amazing news! You´ve earned it. I´m glad you are working so hard and being compensated for it (hughes)

  5. caroljay says

    What awesome, excellent, amazing news! Congratulations to you both, and much reading joy for me (and everyone one else, it seems…) 😉

  6. Nemo says

    Respectfully not surprised… I got your first 3 books for free from a friend. Then read book 4 and 5 and then found the web sight with a list of how many books were intended to be in the series and had a small shock at how it could be wrapped up so quickly. I love your writing and your style and look forward to reading ever more of kates adventures. Not everyone has the ability to write like you and while some people can do these grand epics it can take 1/4 of the book for them to really engage the reader. You on the other hand have the reader by page 2.

    Well Done.

    • Jennifer Weisinger says

      I agree with the engaged by page 2 comment. I nearly never re-read paperbacks due to the sheer size of my collection. However, I have re-read the Kate series twice. Its just so balanced and riveting at the same time. Must be the dynamics of this writing duo, I think. Congrats to all of us!

      • Jeremy/NEMO says

        I have been racking my brain since the post on the 6th… And I can’t think of a book that sucks the reader in. Sure, Earth’s Children series by Auel is quite a page turner but if you picked one of the seven books, up at random, it would not suck you in quite like the Kate series.

        For a single book, I might have to go with Atlantis Found by Clive Cussler and Night Probe also by Clive Cussler as the closest thing to how the Kate series sucks you in. Once Bitten and Twice Dead by Kalayna Price come close to how the Kate series sucks the reader in. But on a series, as a whole, level I can’t think of anything to compare it to. Maybe I will think of something.

  7. Linda says

    I am very happy for you and absolutely love your work. I have never read anything of yours where I didnt think : wow that was amazing

  8. Kathleen Brodie says

    I do not understand why Silver Shark has been completely ignored & overlooked even by its authors. If I pull up books and ebooks under this website…not there. It’s as if it never happened. Magic? Maybe bad mojo.

    I personally loved that novella. It may be brief, but it’s a great read. It’s good to keep around for a quick reread. I love Kate and Curran. But hey! Claire and Venturo can kick ass. Just not on this planet. Now give it some credit guys! You wrote it for gods sake!

  9. Barbara says

    Congratulations. I’m happy for you and for us readers. Your writing is of such high quality and I look forward to the books a lot.

  10. Susan says

    Excellent. (Hmm. That needs to be said in a creepy tone while rubbing the hands together, a la Mr. Burns.)

    I know that 7 is some kind of magic number for series, but many have gone way beyond that without losing any of the quality. I think you have the material to fill many more books. In addition to the main Roland arc, there are so many other secondary lines. I may be the only one, but I’ve long been wondering what Max Crest has been up to. Has he become an evil scientist? Or will he develop a cure for loupism? What’s the real story behind Voron’s death? Will Greg’s ex, Anna, make a reappearance? What about the folks from the Order, both friend and foe? How’s Jennifer doing, and does she have a new baby? Plus more backstory/new stuff on Samain, Derek, Mahon, Rowena, Ghastek, etc. Must know!!

    I know you will do it justice.

    (BTW, congrats on the insurance. And the new cat. Boo on the fraudulent charges.)

    • Lisa - L.I., NY says

      I enthusiastically second Susan’s wonderings and add some of my own: What happened with that jungle that Kate & Jim found in Unicorn Lane? Where did Grendel come from? Did any Atlanta authorities freak after seeing the Packs strength and influence after the Lighthouse Keepers were escorted Pack & Company-style out of the PAD HQ? Did Julie’s magic increase? Will Ascanio finally choke Julie? Will Ted Moyohan get his just desserts (perhaps an explosive Duncans Donut)? Twice you’ve talked about how gods are created (with Erra in Magic Bleeds and with Anapa in Gunmetal Magic), it keeps nagging at me.

      OMG I really can’t wait for the next book to come out…

      • says

        So many questions and I’m really looking forward to the answers.

        I did really enjoy the ending to the Edge, (being a sucker for a happy ending and all) but there’s always room for finding out more, like what happened to Erian and Spider- did they get their comeupances….I guess I was holding out for a future novella on that….
        Rachel recently posted..The cute! It is too much!

  11. says

    Woohooo! I am so happy to hear this news! I can’t wait to read more about the world of Kate and the gang. I really believe that you can create lots of stories about them and it would still be interesting and full of information. I hope you can do another novella about Curran’s thoughts :)

    P.S. Did you know that your books are not sold here in our country? What I do is go to a very big bookstore here in our city and asks them to order it for me. I will receive the books in 3-5 weeks which is a really long wait but it’s worth it! I get an ebook copy first , though, so I can read it asap and just re-read it once the book arrives. Love your work :)

  12. Sharon UK says

    Congratulations of the 3 more books.

    I read your post and thought – hooray, great, more Kate and Curran

    Then I thought oh bum – or something equivalent. I had really hoped the announcement was going to be a Clean Sweep series. It is the highlight of my week.

    Thanks for the series and I look forward to reading the books, and blog, and shopping list …

  13. Linda says

    I just wanted to add my congratulations. I love all your books but particularly the Magic books, so this is great news and it also gives you some financial security which you have earned with all your hard work and talent. Can’t wait for the next one! Also I am loving Clean Sweep.

  14. Katafer says

    How could you even say this with a straight face, “ if you wish, you can stop after Kate 7, and not follow further adventures…”?? I’m sure if we did a random show of hands, 100% would say they would continue with pleasure…

  15. says

    wooohoooo….. yipidee doo daaaa…… huzzah….. backflips in joy….. (collapses in a heap with a bad back)…….but has TEN omg yes TEN Kate and Curren’s to make me happy…..little skip …….no way am I stopping at seven- thats too cruel
    ….extra little skip for joy….
    THANK YOU :-)
    Rachel recently posted..The cute! It is too much!

  16. Neka says


    I always thought that the Roland-Kate conflict would be a lot to adress within the last two books, unless they were HUGE books. Especially since there’s been so much buildup to it and we have yet to even see Roland.

    I am incredibly excited now!

    Roland vs. Kate is going to blow my mind.

  17. Marie says

    This is wonderful! Ive been out of town and forgot electronic toys, came back to a mess and this has just made my day. Thank you!!!

    P.S. I was suspecting this type of news though. Sorry Gordon, I know you tried so hard to throw everyone off the scent :)

  18. Essbee says

    Great news – looking forward to reading each and every one.

    Just one comment though – Ebooks take a long, long time to become available in the UK, if you have the opportunity please ask the publisher to release them here at the same time as the paperback.

  19. Heather says

    Awesome! I’m so excited! Love Kate and Curran and everything about the series! You have done a fantastic job on the books. Can’t wait for summer!

  20. says

    More witty repartee from the 2 Masters. Kate&Curran. heeheehee.
    You guys rock.
    I am thrilled beyond measure at the news of more Kate Books.
    You could write these books ad infinitum and I would be right there with you.
    I want to know Kate&Currans children. Hear their curious questions and watch them put their parents through their paces.
    As long as I live I will chuckle at the memory of Kate saying “Here Kitty Kitty Kitty” when she was waiting to meet Curran. When I read Currans POV I laughed out loud at his reaction to hearing her say it.
    Thank you both for bringing these characters to life and for sharing them with moi.
    Cheers Mar
    Mar recently posted..Wow, Kimmi has given me inspiration to write…

  21. LisaK says

    On Goodreads I noticed a Curran POV 4 listed. I cant locate this anywhere. I’d like to read about Jim Telling Curran about Kate’s heritage. Where can I find this POV?
    Thank you.

  22. sharon says

    the release of 3 more books in the Kate series is great news. I have loved everything I have read that you have written. Thank you. I am so excited about clean sweep. I hope you can make it a novella if not a full book in an ebook format. I know we can read and reread older chapters, but it would be really nice to get it all at once.

    thank you for inviting me into your world. Love your website.

  23. Susan says

    Happy news! I love this series, and look forward to reading more.
    As for your other news. Whew (tentatively), Oh No, and Congrats.

  24. Cate H. says

    Wahoooooooo! (me jumping up and down on a sofa like Tom Cruise! ;)Thank you!! We have something good to look forward to! i can’t wait!

  25. Fiamme says

    Yay for more Kate. Happy for a series to extend when I know there is a planned arc to complete.

  26. Delilah says

    Whoo hoo! Doing high leg kicks in the air. I feel sick with excitement. Congratulations to you both, we’ll deserved. Remember this moment with all the positive feedback when you think your next book is crap and question why anybody is going to buy and read it :)

  27. Eva says

    Yay, congrats!!
    It would have made me really sad if the Kate Daniels series would have ended next year.
    It´s one of my favourite series.
    Also: I really love he Kinsmen series. Would not mind reading more of those novellas. :o)

  28. Carole says

    Okay, that’s all fine and dandy….except that I don’t want the Kate books to end. Can’t you just keep finding things for Krazy Kate to save? I really love your Kate books and all Kate associated books, like the Jim/Dali book where she outsmarts the spider lady, or the Andrea-Raphael story or the Julie story. I love this world and would like to see it simply continue on and on and on….or I will start to wonder what is happening with them.

  29. Mandy says

    I am beside myself with excitement!!! Congratulations on the additional books! *jumps up and down causing dog to sigh heavily at his silly human before falling back to sleep* I am beyond elated that Kate’s story will play out more organically vs cramming all the answers the confrontation will bring into the last 30 pages of book 7. I love all of your work and am so glad my favorite series can now have the additional space necessary to keep it from ending with an “eh.”
    :-) 😀 :-) 😀

  30. addy says

    I am thrilled that there will be more Kate books. I really would have liked more Edge books. I was shocked when I realized that it was the final book because there are so many more characters whose stories I would love to read. You gave great leads to the kids’ futures, but I am greedy and would like to read their adventures. So… just because you said it was the final book doesn’t mean it has to be, right? There is no law against an artist changing their mind!

    I do enjoy your work. You give my imagination hours of joy. Thank you.

  31. Granny3 says

    I am happy to hear your news – you certainly deserve it. I have yet to read something poorly written by the two of you. The writing is excellent; the stories are exciting and interesting. Characters – wow! I am so happy I found your writing when I was looking for something to read after a Harry Dresden book was released. I have recommended you to others because I think you are outstanding.
    Keep up the good writing.

  32. Patrice says

    WahHoo! This announcement is the best birthday present I got this year! :) I love your series and Gunmetal Magic also. I can always count on you for hours of reading and relaxing pleasure. XO

  33. Kalea says

    Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!! Yay Yay Yay!!!! Sooo happy:-) Thank you so much…..looking forward to this summer much more now… too bad that writing more than one good book per year is humanly impossible… since I am able to finish it in less than 3 days (due to baby also needing some attention:-P)

  34. kateP says

    Belated congrats to you guys and a great big Whoo-goo!! For continuation of Kate’s series. On another front, I fear I’m in the Ooooooh, Nnooooo!! camp about the Edge series ending. I love it even better than Kate’s series. PLEASE do more Edge stories. Groveling done, I’m very much enjoying Clean Sweep.

    • heather says

      I am totally agreeing with this. I’m also hoping for more Kinsmen stories or even whole books. But, also more Innkeeper in the form of novels would be wonderful…in fact, anything you’d like to do would be appreciated as well.

  35. Angelique says

    Just going to your blog and read this one.
    Congratulations to you all who made this news happen!

    Theb part “It required an insane amount of research into Indonesian customs”…
    .. if you need anything on the matter I like to offer my help. Because you are great writers and my mixed background Indonesian with Dutch roots. For example my grantfather wrote an interesting book about the ‘adat’ the old ‘unwritten’ laws of the Indonesia in 1930’s and earlier.
    Just let me know.


  1. […] I do genuinely try to restrain my inner 12 year old fangirl, honestly. But sometimes, the book nerd fights her way to the top and strange things happen. Like when a couple of weeks ago, I took the blinders off and did some scary math. Magic Rises is Kate Daniels book number six. Six, as in one before seven, which was said to be the official end of the series (or at least Kate and Curran’s part of the saga). That was not the good math, since that meant there would only be two more wonderful, wonderful books. Well, I get to redo that math a bit (and breath a bit easier for a couple of more years) since Ilona Andrews‘ made a very welcome announcement over on their blog… […]