Stuff to do

Stuff to do

We’ve received a huge response to the beta request and we expanded it to ten spots, so some of you should have gotten an email this morning.  We’re very sorry we can’t accomodate everyone.  :(  But there is always the next time and we do a lot of beta requests.  :)

Okay, Gordon wanted me to post the official announcement at Publishers Weekly:

Three new titles in the NYT bestselling author Ilona Andrews’ KATE DANIELS series set in a technology- and magic- beset Atlanta, to Anne Sowards at Ace, in a very significant deal, by Nancy Yost at Nancy Yost Literary Agency (world English).

Watch the website for more news this week. 😉

I have a to do list this morning.

  • Update the draft based on preliminary beta feedback
  • Write more Innkeeper
  • Update website
  • Go to grocery store.

I better get going.



  1. Mc Gibson says

    I’m disappointed that I didn’t get a beta spot, but there’s always next time.

    As a side note, when will you chose the winners of the bookstore shout-out thingy?

  2. Viktoriya says

    Awww… didn’t get a beta spot. Ah well, maybe next time.

    Looking forward to the new Innkeeper in the meantime :)

  3. Janet says

    I always laugh that in my head I put authors on this pedestal and then find out they have to do the mundane chores the rest of us do like grocery shopping. My selfish vote is to work on Innkeeper first.

    • cool_gal says

      Lol…mine too 😛

      I did a mental happy dance when I read that. My inner fangirl got a head-rush though.

  4. Jennifer S. says

    Oh well. Maybe next time I will be a beta reader. Appreciate the contests. They are always fun and interesting

  5. CourtneyLee says

    Grocery store, huh? I always describe my auto-buy authors by saying that I’d read a grocery list if they wrote it. So…what’s on the list? 😉

    • Ilona says

      Grocery List

      Frozen Items

      Frozen broccoli
      Frozen cauliflower
      Frozen shrimp

      Cans and sauces

      Cans of chickpeas
      Chicken Broth
      Cans of tomatoes. dice, whole, and paste


      Plum tomatoes
      Green onions
      Berries for kids
      Fruit on sale


      Arizona Tea
      Decaf Coffee
      Watermelon Juice


      Sour cream
      Havarti cheese
      Mexican cheese blend
      Cooking cream the little tub

      Pasta and Bread

      Everything but angel hair
      Fancy bread


      Regular bacon
      Turkey bacon


      Bathroom cleaner
      Paper towels
      Toilet paper

          • Ilona says

            When Gordon was in the Navy, before we met, he got used to drinking coffee. If I didn’t protest, he would drink it through the day like water. Over the years, this habit became two largecups of leaded in the morning and two large cups of unleaded at night.

      • Alejandro says

        No, I actually find it quite organized and well dome. Mines are somethimg like: jam and chesse, salad, fruits, some meat, anithing else I’ll like

        • CourtneyLee says

          Mine are organized by the layout of my grocery store and the path I take through it: produce, deli/fish, bakery, dry goods, meat, dairy, frozens, snack/misc. Makes it easier to get everything while wrangling my two youngest kiddos. Well, just the middle kiddo; the little one still sits in the cart’s kid seat and smiles at me.

  6. says

    Looks like your going to have another busy day today. I would pick a time the grocery store wont be too busy…..and i agree with what someone said above. I would totally be snacking while doing the rest of the stuff. Semi healthy snacks of course =). Im working on weight loss which doesn’t go well with sitting on the computer a whole lot lol
    audrey recently posted..Stuff to do

  7. Katerina says

    More news?! What more newssssss??? *Dances around happily singing “There are moreeeeeeee neewwwwwwsss”*

    Can’t wait 😀

  8. LisaV says

    ” .. in a very significant deal,.. ” That almost sounds nicer than “NYT bestselling author”.
    Make sure you take a moment to bask in those two phrases before you head off to buy toilet paper and cat food.

    And while I didn’t apply to be a beta reader, I just wanted to say thanks for all that you guys do for your readers – opportunities like that, free stuff to read, and a very active blog take a lot of time and energy in addition to your actual paid writing and, oh yeah, your real life full of dishwashers and kids and cats and grocery stores.

    • B-Ster says

      Ditto! Thanks and thanks and Gratz and THANKS! Gratz on the significant deal, the more news to come, and gratz to the BETAs! Thanks for blogging, Inn Keeper, snippet goodies, and not cutting all of us crazy fans off like an embarrassing extended family member.

    • T. Gibson says

      I’m on board with this post. I too am so appreciative of all that the Andrews duo give to its readers. I didn’t win a beta spot, but I can live without that pressure anyway. It occurred to me after I posted that I wouldn’t want to disappoint you guys. I comforted myself with the thought that perhaps Magic Rises has some scene that’s so sad it might prompt me to have an emotional melt-down. Being such thoughtful authors you chose not to provoke said meltdown and, therefore, chose sturdier readers. Therefore, I shall accept such thoughtfulness as the award it’s intended to be. On behalf of all the reading cry-babies of the world I wish to thank the KD wanna-bees who are made of much sterner stuff. Thank you. Thank you. My fragile psyche thanks you.

  9. Kimberly says

    Congrats to those who got Beta spots!! And congrats on the great deal!! MORE KATE!!! Reading this blog always makes me smile :)

  10. Marsha says

    Congratulations on the “significant deal”. I feel you guys tend to shrug off your own talent. You are amoung the very best in my book, and apparently that of many others.

  11. Katie S says

    I didn’t check my emails this weekend so i didn’t get to volunteer to be a beta – so sad! However, I greatly enjoy learning about the life of authors from the stories you are willing to share with us. The two of you are very generous in the time and attention to you give to us. It is greatly appreciated.

  12. Elizabeth says

    Hurrah! Magic Rises getting closer! More Kate books! More Innkeeper! I started reading the Innkeeper Chronicles and it was a blast. What a great combination of fantasy and sci-fi – space ships and vampires, werewolves and interplanetary warfare, wormholes and magic brooms! I’m really looking forward to seeing each section go up on the website, and having already purchased all of your ebooks and hard copy books, can’t wait to purchase the final ebook version. Cheers and happy grocery shopping.

  13. Beatrice McKeown says

    I was sorry not to win the chance of doing a beta read, but it was so generous of you to even offer it to your fans.

  14. xandra says

    Congrats 2 beta readers. Maybe next time i’ll get picked. Does anyone know how 2 get involved in beta reading in general? I suppose I could start hounding all my fave authors. Been stuck with no power & no heat going on 4 days now. Sitting in the truck charging my kindle which went dead earlier. Hope new Innkeeper comes out soon. Dare I hope exciting news involves more Edge books? xx

  15. Chris says

    You are so cool! I know that you have a full list (I wouldn’t get it all done), but I have been stalking your website for a new Innkeeper installment. I keep refreshing the screen, but I do that every day, anyway … just in case. 😉

  16. xandra says

    Woohoo! Power is back! We live on this peninsula in Buzzards Bay on Cape Cod. We lose power all the time but usually not in the winter & not when it’s so freezing out. We all look hysterical with our hats and crazy layers of clothes! Of course if our generator hadn’t gone kaput on us (yes, we got it from that store we shall no longer name) Anyway… just wanted to agree with above comments about how great you guys are to your fans… the great blog… the snippets… and the Innkeeper. Thanks so much 4 all u do. My brother & I have just gotten my Dad into your books. He’s in his 60s & is realling liking them. Just yesterday he was cracking up about Kate talking 2 Curran about Andrea during the flare and how Curran says you never bring me problems you bring me catastrophes. And then he starts grilling me about Kate & Curran. But both my brother and I refuse to give in to his questions, teasing him in ways only adult children can pull off & just tell him we’ll get him more books. So again thanks for the creativity and your unique world. It’s so lovely to give my Dad the gift of new authors and return the favor he gave his 3 kids growing up.

    • MaraDarling says

      Best of luck recovering from Nemo! Great post about sharing Kate with your Dad. So happy there are more Kate books to come – for me And for your dad. Be warm and safe!

  17. Corin says

    Good luck getting all your tasks done and moving forward with your life in a shiny new kitchen. I decided not to request to be a bata reader at this time. I am afraid I would fall on the book with cries of joy, devour it in one sitting, go to bed at 4 in the morning, get up grumpy, and completely fail to provide constructive criticism. Reviewing your requirements, I am just not sure I am a critical enough reader. I tend to love all your work, even snippets you claim are “very rough”. Maybe someday in the future. i am a wiz at catching grammer mistakes (just not when I am hurrying to post comments). Good luck finishing Magic Rises!

  18. Miriam says

    Reading the official announcement at Publishers Weekly made me grin from ear to ear. I can almost imagine how you and Gordon must feel! OK, so I can’t really almost imagine it, but I know how good it makes me feel, so you must be feeling fantastic – in between doing all the stuff on your “to do” list.
    Ilona and Gordon, you are smokin’!!

  19. Tambers says

    I would have Killed for a beta reader spot, but missed it as I was out. Maybe next time. Congrats to those who got the spots.