Another Big Shiny Announcement

Well, the cat is out of the bag:

Andrews/Gordon Ink Two

The husband-and-wife writing team of Ilona Andrews and Andrew Gordon have signed two deals, with different houses. Agent Nancy Yost, at Nancy Yost Literary, handled both agreements. In the first, Yost signed the pair up to continue their Kate Daniels at Ace Books series for mid six figures, with Anne Sowards acquiring world English rights. In the second deal, also for mid six figures, Yost sold world rights for the first three books in a new series to Erika Tsang at Avon. Yost said the Avon series will be set in a world controlled by “modern Medici-like dynasties with paranormally enhanced abilities.”

Publisher’s Weekly

bigstock-Champagne-explosion-Celebratin-12579680After we finished the Edge series, we started playing around with different ideas.  One harebrained idea quickly took center stage.

Part of it came from Silver Shark universe with its families with supernatural powers and parts of it was borrowed from Of Swine and Roses.  Part of it was definitely urban fantasy detective agency.  Parts of it came from our experiences as a military family.  It kind of cooked itself into a cohesive world very much like ours, an alternate reality with magic and super-powerful families who own corporations. We had the hero, we had the heroine.  Still something was missing.  I ran it by a friend and she said, “Why don’t you give the heroine a family?  You did it in Bayou Moon.”  Boom, missing ingredient   The story snapped together after that.

Devotion-Ho-hosWhen the Edge series came out, I said it was a Twinkie, because everybody liked it but nobody was quite sure what it was.  And then I bellyached about how if only we would somehow manage to write something that fit a certain genre instead of writing hard to categorize stories that make marketing rip their hair out.  Yeah, not so much.  If Edge was a Twinkie, this new thing is a Hoho.  It’s rich and over the top.  Wizard millionaires, a biker pyrokinetic, a heroine whose grandmother used to work on tanks and can build a weapon out of a pen and some bubblegum and so on.

There was a strong romance story, but it wasn’t a neat one.  It wasn’t really a UF, more of a PNR, but a PNR with that mix of funny and scary we do in Kate Daniels universe.  Basically, we somehow managed to make Joseph’s coat of many colors.  It’s just pure fun with no brakes. If you asked me to market it, I probably couldn’t tell you how. I told Gordon that nobody would buy it in a million years.

But our new shiny contract with Ace left a spot open in our schedule.  We wrote a proposal and a few chapters and then there was the question of where to send it.  During Romantic Times Convention, we met Erika Tsang of Avon.  We both really liked her.  She was really funny and we thought she would be fun to work with.  So I poked Jeaniene Frost, told her the idea, and asked, “Hey, do you think Erika might like it?”  Jeaniene said, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

The worst would be Erika saying no.  No wasn’t something we haven’t heard before. So we talked to our agent, Nancy Yost, and she sent it out.

Erika totally bought our Hoho.  The first draft is due this January.  I’ll steal a snippet for you as soon as I’m allowed.


  1. Random Thoughts says

    Fantastic. I love the Silver Shark universe. I look forward to reading/listening to your new series. Sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

  2. Sam says

    Yipee! Doing the happy dance at work! Congrats guys! You so deserve it. Can’t wait till it’s out… going to hit the best sellers list for sure! Happy day!

  3. Tineke says

    I’m looking forward to tasting this ‘HoHo’. And yes, I can understand your difficulties at finding the right genre for The Edge. I’m from Belgium, so I have never eaten a Twinkie (or a HoHo). Therefore I just descripe The Edge to friends as ‘contemporary fantasy’, because I think they won’t understand ‘Twinkie’ either. Congratulations!

  4. Jessie says

    Yeah! That is so wonderful and exciting!!!!

    A question though: does this mean the Inn Keeper stories will not happen? Is the inn left in limbo or…?

  5. Jessie says

    SORRY! I Just saw your new blog about it. I’ve been underwater and missed it. SORRY!!!

  6. Melinda says

    Speaking as a librarian, I do wish you guys hadn’t gone with Avon. The jackets on their paperback books detach from the spine after a few checkouts. As for Jeaniene Frost’s books, there are a few that I have re-glued 3 times in one year. Regardless, thank you for continuing to write, no matter which publishers you use.

  7. says

    OMG! I am hyperventilating at work trying to control my squee. Just amazing news and I am inwardly dancing around with glee! Looking forward to the upcoming snippet and will be looking up for the book on every two days until the book is finally out.

    Snuze recently posted..Shameless self promotion here

  8. says

    Congratulations to you both and good luck for the new series :) I’m sure there’s more awesomeness coming, so I’ll be looking forward to it. By the way, I’d totally read the Ellie YA series (the one with the mind sniper thing) if you sold it and it came out.
    Pratima recently posted..Unexpected Inspiration

  9. Sabrina says

    I don’t care if it’s a Twinkie, a HoHo or a Toblerone bar, I’ll buy it sight unseen and guzzle it like the delicious chocolatey treat it is ^_^ *puts inner fangirl back into its cage*

  10. Adnama says


    “It wasn’t really a UF, more of a PNR, but a PNR with that mix of funny and scary we do in Kate Daniels universe.”

    Good, because I’m addicted to Kate and I love the balance of powers in the characters and how they interact.

    Yay for the extended Kate contract!!!

    P.S. Thank you for your military service and thank you for the hard work of being a military family.

  11. Jodi says

    This is such great news! Anytime you both can write more just makes me smile!! I can’t wait!!

  12. Tegan says

    So cool, can’t wait. I will read anything that has your names on it. Don’t even need to know what the book is about. :) Keep up the great work.


  1. […] Ilona Andrews has fabulous news! ACE bought more of their Kate Daniels novels, so we’ll be getting more Kate and Curran for awhile yet. Yea! But there’s even more good news. If you’ve read their Silver Shark novel and thought they should write more (I know I have), well you’ll be happy to hear that they kind of are. Ilona Andrews have sold a new series to Avon (HarperCollins), which includes at least three novels, that takes place in a “modern Medici-like dynasties with paranormally enhanced abilities.” While not a Kinsmen novel, Andrews is describing it as “Part of it came from Silver Shark universe with its families with supernatural powers and parts of it was borrowed from Of Swine and Roses.”  There’s no mention of when the first novel will be out or if there’s a tentative title yet, so I wouldn’t expect a release date to be in 2013. Hopefully there’ll be more information by the end of the year though. […]