The List of Stuff

The List of Stuff

People are making up the lists of things they are to do in the new year.  This is my attempt at one.  Here are my tasks for the year in no particular order.

1.  Finish Magic Breaks.

There is a lot of pressure, it being the end of  one story arc and beginning of another.  On one hand, I am excited.  I think Anne Sowards, our editor, put it best.

So much good stuff!

But getting all of the good stuff to line up into the story is a little challenging.  After so long with the characters I have hard time figuring out when things go too dark or too light.  I really like working on the book – I hate the book itself – but I will be glad when we move on to the next one which will be lighter, funnier, and more “every day” rather than saving the world.

2.  Finish the Avon Book.

I really like the Avon Book. I feel like I keep having to stop and work on something else, and it’s driving me a little nuts.  I also worry because when you become this fascinated with something, you lose perspective. But Gordon likes it too, so it can’t completely suck.

3.  Start Innkeeper 2.

We are debating on the format of the Innkeeper 2.  Right now the plan is to post it just like the first book, but use a moderator for the comment section.  It gets a little unruly sometimes and labor intensive.  Gordon will likely oversee the comments as well.

4.  Attend Romantic Times.

It’s almost an annual tradition now.  This year RT is in New Orleans.

5.  Go to one day writing workshop in San Angelo, Texas.

We’ve been invited to run a one day writing workshop in San Angelo.  We are thinking maybe a lecture format, some simple writing lessons, a solid Q&A, and a one-paragraph critique depending on how many people would show up.  We are not sure how much to charge.  We probably would be donating the fee to charity anyway.  Right now we’re are considering maybe February-March for it.  We don’t typically teach, so this will be interesting.

6.  Comicon.

We are considering going to Comicon this year.  It depends on the schedule, but it would be nice to go.  I’ve never been, but Gordon has gone a number of times.

7. Sort out newsletter.

We need to get the monthly newsletter rolling.

8. Write Kate 8.

9. Write Avon 2.

10.  Release a story collection.

This actually really means write a short story and bundle it with the other two.

11. Write a novella for Ace.

OMG, I wish we hadn’t agreed to this.  I have no clue what to write about. Or when. Or how. I just want it off my plate.

12. More Curran POVs.

Gordon says he hopes to work on more.  Speaking of POVs, we probably need to figure how to upload Curran POV Collection to Kindle and Nook.  It will either go up for 99 cents or free, if we can finagle it.

13.  Resolve audio and French editions.

::stares:: Oy. This is something, hopefully, our agency will take off our shoulders and handle themselves.

That’s about it.  On a personal front, both of us hope to move more, sit less, eat better (don’t we all), and be better parents.


  1. Big Jeff says

    If an interested reader can make a suggestion for the novella how about a space opera that includes paranormal or fantasy creatures? Similar to but not exactly like the Innkeeper serials. It would be something different for you guys, but not so different that you couldn’t pull it off.

    • Ilona says

      Unfortunately it contractually has to be a Kate Daniels or Kate Daniels world novella. :) But thank you anyway. 😀

      • Santa C. says

        Let George & Co. have a mission in Kate’s world/dimension, too 😀 Something Arbitrator related. Would that count? 😀 (plot twist: they’re Kate’s ancestors)
        Oh well, sorry, just had to say it, even though it’s totally crazy haha ^_^
        P.S. Thumbs-up for number 3.

      • TW Andrews says

        I’d love to see a novella which centers around Saiman, or another character which we see now and again, but who isn’t core to the story.

        It feels like there’s a lot of world that we only get glimpses of because te novels are from Kate’s POV.

        Exploring Kate’s Russian magic-using family would also be really cool.

        Having a bit of distance from even important secondary characters (i.e. Derek or Julie) would also free you up a bit in terms of worrying about impact on the main story arc.

        Anyway, I’m sure I’ll love whatever you end up writing, just my two cents!

      • Laura says

        Awesome! I’d love to see something more from Kate’s world. Personally, I’d be happy to see another character’s perspective on something that happened in the Kate books. Maybe Derek’s story leading up to and including his blood oath to her? Or a story about one of the other not-quite-main characters. More Dali & Jim? Raphael’s dad courting Aunt B? Julie before she met Kate? Barabas, backstory or something that happens with him helping Kate? As much as I absolutely love Kate, there are so many others around her that I’d love to learn more about. Oh, and I’d love another story about Saiman’s cousin and his partner!

      • MLR says

        -Something about the witches’ side of Kate’s family?
        -Something that involves Kate’s old house (near Savannah)?
        -A seems-like-old-times story of Kate and Jim teaming up to handle something? (I remember them handling the salamander together, but that’s about it. She rarely fights with just Jim beside her, despite their mercenary history.)
        -Something about Kate’s flowers that covered Bran’s grave?
        -Something that involves Julie using her rare gift?

  2. says

    I had resolved to eat healthier, exercise more, finish a series of novellas, one novel-length and a short contemporary. Between that, homeschooling my eldest and working two part-time jobs, I was feeling a little overwhelmed. However, after reading your gargantuan list, I’m now thinking “Meh, I got this.” : )
    Grace Draven recently posted..Happy New Year

    • TW Andrews says

      Seriously. I love how “write novel” appears twice on the list with no further comment.

  3. says

    For what it’s worth, would love for you guys to go back and expand on either Curran’s story, when his family was attacked and Mahon rescued him or Derek’s story when he was rescued by Mahon and Curran. You wouldn’t have to map out something entirely new but I’m sure fans (like me) would love to experience the full story and it wouldn’t interfere with any current/upcoming story lines…
    Aki recently posted..Trial(s) and Errors

    • lia says

      Derek’s point of view is something I’d love to see. Either how Curran found him/took him under his wing or his thoughts during/after the Midnight Games (was there any guilt there for dragging the Pack into such a mess? And Kate into the mess? How did he get over the sudden identity change from pretty boy to scarred warrior?). Or even his view of the Pack as an insider who is not on the top of the food chain.

      • Laura says

        I’d love to see his perspective on Kate in the first book – what made him take taunting her so far? What did he think of the blood oath? What did he think of her when he first left with her? How did his opinion of her change as he saw she could fight and handle herself? What cemented his loyalty to her?

  4. gingko-girl says

    Your list makes me want to crawl under the covers and NEVER come out. It’s a bit overwhelming. Good thing you are a dynamic writing duo.

    Of course, if you need someone to read Magic Breaks and give you a hand, 😉 , I am always available!

  5. wont says

    Novella? How about something dedicated to Doolittle? We could learn about his background, including something about his wife. Possibly what his real name is and why he doesn’t use it. Of course the cherry on top would be for him to find love. 😀

  6. mel burns says

    Kate 8. Wow! It seems just like yesterday that Magic Bites was released. As far as the novella, something will come to you while you are spending more time moving around.

    2014 is the beginning of my nest emptying. Son 1 is going East to college in Sept. The dynamics between the three boys is also changing and it is sometimes very difficult. All three have very different lifestyles: One is a beatnik bookworm, one is an erudite debater/activist and my youngest is all about the wonders of science. An inventor. Water sports are the only thing they do together these days. I never thought I would be happy they are driving, but I am so very grateful I am no longer the chauffeur.

    Like you one of my resolutions is to be a better mother. Teenagers are challenging.
    Oy Vey!
    I am going to be a better daughter. Yes I am. My parents are getting older. And that is so sad for me, soon they will not be able to live on their own. One lives in Ore. and one lives in Az. Two states with climates I don’t care for to say the least. I’m thinking as soon as the boys are out……my mother and her husband will move in. We were thinking of buying a smaller house next year, now I’m not sure. My husband says we’ll buy a triplex for boys, mother and her hubby and my father. Oy Vey!

    Happy New Year!

  7. says

    I wish you to succeed in your list!
    My list is full of “write that” items, as well – otherwise you, I’ll have to work hard to make it happen at all. I hope I can do that, have a great second year at college, eat better, be healthier. Attend Bienal do Livro de São Paulo (São Paulo Book Fair) and keep blogging and, now, vlogging about books! Last but not least, read more of your books.
    Vollzin recently posted..TAG: Oscar literário de 2013

  8. says

    I tried to convince Dustin we should go to Comicon last year, but it was a no-go. Maybe I’ll have more luck this year. :)

    I’d also like to go to RT, but we’ll just have to see how things work out this year.

    Good luck with your list!

  9. Marsha says

    I laughed out loud when I saw “5. Go to one day writing workshop in San Angelo, Texas.” I thought “Damn. These are two of the best writers around. Why do they need to take a one day writing class?” Then it registered you’d be teaching. To paraphrase Forest Gump, “I’m not a smart woman”

  10. Simone says

    Wow – huge list. I am exhausted on your behalf :-)
    Which comic con would you hope to attend – there are several. New York right? Hint hint. ..
    Looking forward to reading everything you to write this year.

  11. Trish Henry says

    Dear Super Achievers:

    It has come to my attention that you apparently have your “Let’s Get it Done” button stuck in the “on” position. While you have my heartfelt admiration, you also have my sympathy.

    Very truly yours,
    Fan girl

  12. Sarah says

    Wait… we’re writing lists now? CRAP!

    Well, how about:
    1. Get another teaching job at decent Catholic school
    2. Enroll child in said school
    3. Find afternoon care for said child
    4. Do not panic and flail (at least on a daily basis)
    5. Immediately ignore all things on the list and knit more

  13. says

    My list for the past 3 months went something like; quit job, sell house, move across country, get new job, buy new house. I am done with lists!

    While we are dreaming…I would like to see a short story involving someone completely new in Kate’s world….outside looking in kind of thing? Oh and I think a moderator is totally appropriate with the way the comments have been running.
    Colleen recently posted..Holiday Greetings!

  14. says

    I would like to see Kate encounter or meet her former bf, the one who was interested in her powers. I would like to know that their relationship was not just bad timing (too young/too inexperienced). He may have gone on to do something interesting. He had good taste in women!

  15. daniel says

    i would think it would be great if you can develop a series around adam talbot and sirroun.thought they were brilliant and worked as characters!

  16. says

    If, and only if, you’re looking for novella ideas: Dali and Jim? or perhaps Rene, the one in the Red Guard – but I will buy and read and reread anything you do write.

    I set Clean Sweep up on my mom’s new iPad Mini. I’ve been trying to convert her for four years. Someday. Someday.

  17. Meagan Watts says

    So since no one else has mentioned it…I’m pretty interested in Eduardo and Jim’s sister. Keira is it? Seems to me like there ought to be something there. It would, as others have mentioned, also be quite cool to see Jim and Dali together, and sorting out whether she’s going to do every little thing he tells her immediately, like he would want, or not at all or on her own schedule, which is what I would expect from her. Anyway, looking forward to it, whatever it is.

  18. Mashiara says

    Novella: my vote (is it even up for a vote?) goes towards Jim & Dali

    Comicon: Phoenix Comicon is scheduled June 5-8th. It wouldn’t be too far from Texas, it’s not nearly as crazy as San Diego, and then you can say you survived Phoenix in June. 😛

  19. Sophie says

    OMG yes!!! French edition resolved please Universe! My mom hates me for introducing her to the series and now she can’t finish it!! Thank you!!!

  20. Iceburgh says

    My list will be very short, but take all of my energy to do: make it through 2 semesters of college with my sanity. It doesn’t necessarily have to be intact, just there.

  21. says

    I really really want to go to the San Diego Comicon. It looks so awesome. I also really want to go to RT but I can’t take that time off either. I have to save my vacation time to go to Hawaii.
    Katelin recently posted..Teardrop by Lauren Kate

  22. Teo Pei Yun says

    Well, all I can say is good luck for that!!!! Will be looking forward to the everyday stuff you will be writing in the next book 😀

  23. says

    Yay more Curran POVs!! I’ll, and I’m sure everyone else will, buy it on kindle when/if it becomes available. I’d totally love to see/read more about Roman… man I love him. Or a story that takes place during the first shift 40+ years ago? Like, a normal person experiences the Shift and then maybe dealing with their new-found powers (or lack thereof)? I’ve always wondered about the chaos of the first Shift.

    2014 is going to be a great year!

  24. GSG says

    #11 — I’d like to see a Jim POV with Dali. I really enjoyed their Novella, and when she’s had a cameo in the Kate books. Of course, I’ve always liked Jim.

  25. Janet says

    First of all write want you want to write not what we say. Anything from you is wonderful and we will all lap it up and wish for more.

    My goals are to see my house that is in a different city from my job. Move boyfriend and all my stuff and buy another house here. Since my house has been on the market for a year it couldn’t come soon enough.

    But really my goal is to spend as much time as possible with my Mom since she isn’t well but lives out of state for 8 months of the year. (I don’t blame her I understand getting out of the cold and snow).

    Good luck to all on everyone’s 2014 to do list.

  26. Judy Way says

    Something with Kate’s Mom and Voron would be interesting in a novella.

    When you say end of one story arc, what exactly do you mean? Roland finding out Kate is alive? What will the next story arc be? Love the books!!

  27. Snapdragon says

    You both have my admiration. That is a very large list that you have for the next year.

    I guess just take it a bit at a time and “make” things snap into place.

    I have no lists unless it involves cleaning and getting the home computer fixed.

  28. says

    Just read Clean sweep. Couldn’t put it down, good job the kindle is so light :) looking forward to the new book ( no pressure ) Keep up the good work, from a massive fan from Oxford, England x

  29. Tasha says

    As for #11 (and has probably already been suggested but I’m running a fever of 101 and am just doing a quick check of my fav sites to see what I missed while on vacation—grrr, got sick on vacation)…

    Anyways! ^_^ you probably have brief thoughts about ‘what happened for this to happen off-screen’ and should just jot down those instances for ideas. I’ll be happy no matter what gets written,

  30. Annamal says

    A novella with Roman and Jim’s sister (ex-miliatry characters with an off-kilter sense of humour sowing destruction)?

    Bonus points for the return of the Eyore PJs

  31. MG says

    Exciting to see your long list for 2014! Of course I will support all your endeavors by purchasing anything new you publish. It is the least I can do for the hours of wonderful reading you have gifted me.

    Hope you make it to ComicCon San Diego. I will be there!

    As for an idea for a novella, I would love to read more about Roman, Simian or Derek and Julie. Also Gastek would be great as he has moments of humanity.

    My best for 2014!

  32. Kristy says

    Please don’t take this as stalkery, just a scientist and always curious. So I see #4 says attend Romantic Times, and I’m like what’s that. So I google it. Who knew, there’s a whole convention where some of my favorite authors converge. So I start looking through the site to see what’s what. I find where you are slated to teach some sessions, but I do not see you guys listed in Club RT. Is this because you are not having a time slot or just don’t know when your time slot will be yet? I don’t live too far from NOLA and this looks like a fun little mini holiday!
    Thanks and Good Luck with 2014

  33. Helen says

    Novella suggestions if welcome

    If it has to be the same andrewverse as the avon book. Then I would find Grandma, (nina – is that the right name, her grandmother) interesting and amusing

    otherwise and alphamenz short story would be enjoyed.

  34. Kathryn says

    Add coming to Atlanta’s DragonCon (crazy but crowded) OR Decatur Book Festival (low key but committed) on Labor Day to your list! After the destruction you have wrecked on Atlanta, I think we deserve a visit!

  35. heather says

    I kind of miss Aunt Bee. Maybe a short story about her youth?
    I’ll love it whatever you do anyway.

  36. Sara says

    You’re going to write four books and a novella in one year? That sounds insane! Is that normal?

  37. Kate says

    Waco is ing a Comic-Con this year f you’re interested. At least it’s a little closer and in March.

  38. Craig in oz says

    Just my 2c worth,
    may I suggest the novella be about a more ordinary person? Personally I would like something about the guilds clerk, either how he became the clerk or his POV on the power struggles between Mark and The Four Horsemen.
    Another possiblity could be Cash and his wife the owners of ‘The Steel Horse’ and a week of their life in between ‘The Pack’ and ‘The People’. Like I said just my 2c worth but I think they are stories many would like to read and shouldn’t impact on the main storyline of Kate’s world.
    Good luck with your list and lives, Craig.

  39. carol says

    I vote for when Kate first joins the guild, or first gains Jim’s trust. It’s in the past, so it shouldn’t affect the current story, and aside from two or three instances, her guild history is still a mystery. I always wondered how the two loners decided they could stand each other enough to work with.

    You could do a bit of Kate and Voron, maybe their exploits in the arenas. We don’t have any first hand knowledge of his character and how he acted around her except in recollections.

    Hope this inspires ideas ^_^

  40. Vianney says

    The novella is fertile soil for suggestions. Mine would be to follow Hugh d’Ambray while he does what he must do for Rolland. Rolland and his flunkies are depicted as a looming menace and associated with the construction of towers. I get it, they’re bad but it’s like telling if you put your hand in the fire you will burn and hurt. Unless you experience it (who hasn’t?) you don’t understand what it means.