Magic Breaks, Sweep in Peace, and All the Things

I promised not to spam you, but had to share this awesome review from Romantic Times.

Magic-Breaks-GoldIt’s goooooooooooold!  That almost never happens.  Never!  Congratulations to other top picks, Broken Soul by Stephen Blackmoore, Revenant by Kat Richardson, and Cursed Moon by Jaye Wells.

The new installment of Sweep in Peace is ready to be viewed.

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  1. O. jimenez says

    Congratulations on being gilded! You guys really deserve it.

    And a new scene too… Welp, today just brightened up considerably.

  2. Marsha says

    I’ve never read a book of yours that wasn’t a wonderful read. Congratulations on the fantastic review!

  3. Drew says

    Congratulations on the Gold. Well-deserved. I am waiting with a worm on my tongue for the book to download. SO. MUCH. ANTICIPATION.

    • kitkat9000 says

      Can I ask why you’d have a worm on your tongue? That’s not any colloquialism I’ve ever heard. It’s interesting though.

      • Simone says

        As far as I know it comes from a 70s show called Mork and Mindy. Mork was from another planet (Mork form Ork) and he would misunderstand phrases. Instead of waiting with BATED breath he was waiting with BAITED breath. Worms are fishing bait.- hence waiting with worms on my tongue

        Congrats on the fab reviews. Sitting on pins and needles eagerly anticipating the release :-)

  4. Gaëlle from France says

    Yeah !!!! I’m so happy for you !! Congratulations !! I can’t wait for this book …

  5. karen h says

    Congrats! This is one of my favorite series (ever) and all these reviews have me salivating!

  6. Missy Hall says

    That’s from the July issue of the RT Review magazine? Didn’t realize it was out already. Love that magazine…it’s how I learned about your books, in fact! It really helps me find great new and old authors every month.

  7. MarzieGK says

    So exciting, you guys! I’m so happy you’re getting rave reviews and can’t wait to read the book!

  8. Bill G says

    Awesome. And well deserved.
    Thanks as always for the ‘Sweep in Peace’ installment.

  9. kim says

    Congrats your readers have always known you two are fantastic storytellers from the start. Can’t wait to get my hands on the book and read it for myself.

  10. Kaylen/Kayeri says

    I am thrilled for the great review, but not surprised in the least! =) Thank you for the new Innkeeper installment (it’s awesome!) and I’m sure they’ll get the website straightened out. You take a deep breath and recover from all that renovation work! =)

  11. Sarah says

    Congratulations on the golden review. I’m sure it’s richly deserved. Now if time could just fly by until I have “Magic Breaks” in my hands, all would be well.
    Thank you for creating so many other fantastic worlds and stories to keep me occupied until your next release. Seriously love you guys.
    Now I’m off to read the next “Sweep In Peace” installment. :)

  12. Jane C. from New Orleans says

    Yea! What a fabulous review! I am really happy for you! It is well deserved! We, of course, have known you were spectacularly talented from the get go! Glad everyone else is learning it too!

  13. YinYang says

    Yes! We have a gold!! Well…you and Gordon have a gold but as one of your die hard fans, I feel like basking in your glory. 😀

  14. kitkat9000 says

    So glad for the great rating, the two of you deserve it.

    Although I’m going to take this opportunity to complain just a little…I hate the teasers! (I mean I love them and look forward to them, but I hate them, too. *sigh* And now my reading is as dysfunctional as my life). So now we know that RT Review loved it, and every blogger I follow has been talking it up as well. The wait has been so long! And we still have another month!

    And now I’ll go stare at my calendar while having some wine to go with my my whine…

  15. Matt says

    Apache is the program on the server that runs your wordpress website. Generally speaking if it was working before and it breaks once it could be a fluke freak out of Apache. More than once then it is likely to be something has changed, either the website itself or more traffic than normal, or the server/os has issues. Restarting will fix a fluke freak out but is a workaround on anything else.

    Ask Kate to contact your hosting, I’m not sure she’d fix it but cutting the servers up with a sword would be satisfying.

  16. Trish Henry says


    We had a similar thing at work. Finally I checked the web stats and it turned out we were getting a huge bump from another website linking to us. Don’t know if that has anything to do with you guys, but it’s worth a check if you haven’t already.

    Also, congrats on the review!!

  17. Ami says

    That review is awesome!! Congrats!! I’m even more excited than I was (and that’s saying something!!)

  18. Katie S says

    Congrats on the Romantic Times Gold! You two are incredible storytellers as well as wonderful wordsmiths. I just finished a cute series by another author a few weeks ago, the storytelling was great, the characters were likable, but the sentence structure occasionally made me cringe. The two of you never make me cringe…laugh, cry, hold my breath – yes you do all those things, but never cringe! I thank you for talent…and I love to support your work. Pat yourselves on the back and keep up the great work.

  19. Miriam says

    Fantastic, a Gold rating from RT! Congratulations! Each new thing we hear about Magic Breaks ratchets the anticipation higher, and each time it is hard to imagine it can get any higher. Hmm. Do you suppose that a group of fans could implode, or go crazy, from anticipation?

  20. Miriam says

    Perhaps the Host of your web site installed a new operating system, and that is causing the crashes. 😉 We have a Mac, and, under duress, my husband finally downloaded the new os. It is crashing. For no apparent reason. Plus, it doesn’t like some programs, and crashes. Did I say it crashes? It crashes. They made changes that do not take fewer steps, or that eliminate good stuff, etc. Why make changes if they don’t improve things, just for the hell of it? So, by asking you whether you have added any pop-ups, your Host could be creating a diversion, and it is the new os they installed that is crashing your web site. Just saying…

  21. Janhavi says

    Congratulations! Not too long to go before I start an entire reread in anticipation 😀

  22. M L says

    Congratulations! I will be waiting impatiently for the book. It’s hard but I can do it.

  23. LynneW says

    Gold reviews from RT (or anywhere else) are never spam! Thank you for the new Sweep In Peace — eggs three ways, mmmmmmmmmm

  24. Laura says

    Yay! More George, plus Jack and Gaston! I can’t wait for this to be available for download!!

  25. wont says

    So glad you shared this. Congratulations! Of course this makes the waiting even more difficult. 😉

  26. Mary says

    It’s so good to see you finally getting the recognition that your writing and deserves. I’ve always thought you guys were gold.

  27. Fan in California says

    Seriously, not a surprise!!! And just makes the waiting that much harder!!! Congrats!!!!

  28. Fan in California says

    PS thanks for the newest installment — love that more Edge characters are being incorporated. Thanks for another great installment!!!

  29. CheeseBK says

    congrats on the GOLDEN top pick! we knew you were golden all along, dear authorlords 😀