Yummy Things and Inspiration

S. writes,

Do those yummy things [Orro cooks] exist?

Yes, they do.  Or at least inspiration for them does.

bacon cups
Bacon cups, courtesy of Gourmet Cooking for Two.
Shanghai Fried Rice from Tao Downtown in NY. Full article here.
Shanghai Fried Rice from Tao Downtown in NY. Full article from NY Daily News is here.


  1. Kevin Barfield says

    My Dad used to make those bacon cups for me when I was growing up! He added cheddar cheese to the egg part. Good times!

  2. Theodore D says

    I am not a bird… because I don’t eat that small of a proportion, however, they do look delightful.

    I hope Orro doesn’t tick off the house…. XD

    • Bre says

      O-o How easy do you suppose it would be to make those bacon bowls would that “as seen on tv” kit work? And how do you cook the egg? Separate or inside that looks like a really cute idea to do one day for a weekend breakfast.

      • Rebecca M says

        real easy, just use a muffin tin! used to make these growing up with either the large muffin tin or ramekins work nice as well. Cook your bacon bowls about 1/2 way first for extra crispiness then add your egg. I think we used to call them shire eggs if you want to do a google for it

    • Bre says

      Although if he does I think it would be a really funny scene more so then the plate one. I’d also like to see Beast and Jack have a go at it…just a little, the scene with Beast and Sean was so awesome I want another.

  3. JeNoelle Flom says

    Even with the Kit it will not look that pretty, some people are talented! Looks yummy though.

  4. catlover says

    Some really good looking gluten-free recipes, I think I will be trying some of these.

    • Argantel says

      Thanks so much for the link. I just surfed a few recipes over breakfast and it looks super tasty, definitely worth trying this or that! :)