Link Salad!

All I want to do today is to sit here and write my book.  Most of the stuff I absolutely have to do today have nothing to do with writing. Oy.


Quote of the yesterday, from Magic Shifts:

“Can’t you just kill it with fire?” Mrs. Oswald asked.

I stuffed the tick’s legs into the large hazmat body bag. “Unfortunately, we can’t. That would be illegal. All magic hazmat has to be surrendered to Biohazard, so they can quarantine it.”

“What do you mean quarantine?” Mrs. Oswald asked.

“They’ll keep the corpse on ice for a few days to see if it tries to evolve into something else after death.”

“And then?” Mrs Oswald asked.

“Then they’ll kill it with fire,” I told her.


Ace asked very nicely if we would turn on the Ask the Author feature on Goodreads, which we did. (I have bookmarked the dashboard and I am heroically resisting looking at anything but dashboard.)  So here is a link to questions already answered.  You’re welcome to ask a question.  I promise to answer honestly.  Unfortunately, sometimes the answer will be “I don’t know.”


TBA-cover-2-195x300Jeaniene Frost is having an ARC giveaway for her new book, BEAUTIFUL ASHES.  This is not my book, and I have no relationship with Harlequin, so I am completely free to say this: the cover has nothing to do with the contents.  I’ve read the book.  The book is all kick-ass, and demonic evil, and coming of-age love story.  It has prehistoric lizard hounds in it. The cover is a random girl in the woods.  What? Come on, Harlequin.


BURN FOR ME has ran through the Amazon Vine program, so there are early reviews.  I found out this fact when I innocently went to Amazon for a buy link to NIGHT SHIFT.  Here is a link to early reviews.  Spoiler: people are surprised it’s not “porn.” (Why would it be porn?  O_o.)  It’s a slow burn, with instant chemistry, so there are a few hot scenes, but the relationship builds over the course of three books.  Because we write slow burn well and we like to torture you.  (Actually, it’s because I don’t like insta-love trope.)


Guys, please let me know if you’ve settled on meet and greet locations for the tour.  We are getting conflicting suggestions for Seattle and Portland. Here is the link to the list of tour locations.  Please feel free to use the comment section of this post to organize.


Book Talk Nation video chat in one week, on July 22nd.  Link here. If you can’t attend a signing but would like a signed book, you can order it there.


What am I forgetting?  Am I forgetting something?  If I am forgetting something, please tell me in the comments.


  1. says

    I noticed if I go to Books -> Kate Daniels, it says your release date is July 19. If I look on the home page, it says July 29. Amazon & BN say July 29.

    Otherwise, you people kick butt with awesome stories.
    Tori O recently posted..Overwhelmed

    • says

      You fixed it. :( (Part of me was hopeful you knew something nobody else did, though that would be an odd release date.) I can’t wait for that book!
      Tori O recently posted..Overwhelmed

  2. says

    Yay! I love little snippets. Magic Breaks is so close now. I’m excited.
    I entered the Beautiful Ashes giveaway. I’m super excited about that. I’m glad that the cover doesn’t match the book. The cover is nice but it doesn’t really match the description of the book.

    Thank God you don’t do insta-love. I cringe every time I read something with it.
    Katelin recently posted..Blood of the Demon by Diana Rowland

  3. Lisa in Seattle says

    Conflicting suggestions for Seattle? Like suggesting you go to Elliott Bay Books instead of the University Bookstore which is a pain to get to and has no parking? :) How about Fantagraphics or Seattle Mystery Bookshop?

  4. Joylyn says

    Thank you for the snippet! Made a great start to my day.

    Ummm…..I drive up from Tacoma for signing at University Bookstore so I am not really great at where everything is in Seattle. I will say that when I go up for a signing I park in the bookstore parking lot and then walk down the street to Chipotle. I don’t want to have to park twice and they have great food:) They also have a big covered patio outdoor eating area. I am sure there are much cooler places that others have suggested! Just really looking forward to the signing period!

  5. says

    I think the first line of the first review I read explains the feeling: “Between the cover art and the title and the quote praising the book you would expect several graphic adult scenes” XD
    Me, I am so happy is a low burner, I was rereading Kate Daniels (getting ready for the 29th!!), and decided I trully loved how things developed between Kate and Curran, even though I wanted to pull my hear out before the fourth book.

  6. Kathelyn says

    I am so excited for magic shifts to come out! Love having the quotes to read as well. It is kind-of a relief to know the new Ace won’t be an ‘insta-love’ story… the slower developing relationships are more believable and much better later on in storylines.

  7. Richard Cartwright says

    No porn? I guess Jeaniene Frost needs to unlimber the pimp hand :) Thanks for the heads up on Beautiful Ashes, that cover was going to make me give it a pass.

  8. catlover says

    It is purely amazing how much time a person can spend on activities of daily living, isn’t it. Thanks for all the links.

  9. Kaylen/Kayeri says

    Hm… What have you forgotten… well, only 2 weeks to the next book! ::insert Kermit cheer here:: =) And if you don’t mind my asking, what did Kid #2 decide to do with her hair? I am curious about the outcome on that one!

  10. Meg says

    You’re forgetting to breathe. Take a deep breathe and go to your happy place for a few minutes. You guys rock.

  11. Sharon AuBuchon says

    I am coming to the Atlanta signing but am traveling from NC so am not familiar with the area. Is anyone from the area willing to point out a good spot to meet? How many are interested in the authors’ chat? What time is best for you, Ilona and Gordon?

    • Gigi says

      I’m so excited your coming back to Georgia. I fell in love with your books just as you left.

      I suggest we start at the Copper Coin Coffee shop in Woodstock. It’s within walking distance of the book store. If the crowd gets big enough (beforehand) we can move it to another location on the square. I’ll organize it.

      Would 12:30 on Saturday before the signing work?

  12. jen says

    Thank you for another cool snippet, you guys are too good to us. :-)

    I’m happy to help organize a meeting for Seattle. Originally, I suggested Cafe Solstice, but if someone else has somewhere nearby the uw bookstore they love that would be great also. Any thoughts?

  13. says

    I love that you guys don’t do insta love! It’s one of the worst pet peeves of mine in books, well that and love triangles. Blah!

    Thanks for the snippet! You guys rock!

  14. says

    Oh and I forgot to ask, is there any news on the Magic Breaks audiobook? I’ve googled but my google-fu is off because I can’t find nothing about it.

  15. dingo baby says

    I was lucky to get a copy of BURN FOR ME through Amazon Vine–LOVED IT! And gave you 5 stars! And you are right–it’s not porn.

    Thanks for the snippet. I love them. Thanks for sharing with us.

      • Joanne says

        Does anyone know if the Starbucks in the same mall a bad idea? No idea how big it is, but it would be easier for you to then get to the B&N.

      • Joanne says

        So not the person to be in charge, but a person who would like to see it happen so speaking up. I guess i vote for the Starbucks in the same mall (unless a better and brighter idea pops up, feel free to shout out). What time would be best for you two?

        • Miriam says

          I swear that the other day I could not get this to let me make a comment!
          My husband and I are planning to drive up to Edina from Evanston (just N of Chicago) – so I know nothing about places to meet. If we will all fit, Starbucks is fine with me. Ilona and Gordon, if Starbucks has room, isn’t it easier for you to meet right by the bookstore? At that point, you’ll be tired from schlepping across the Country, despite any adrenaline rush (from stress about getting to places on time, all the adoration, etc.). Will you need to be eating before the signing? Will Starbucks have anything you want to eat?

            • Miriam says

              ILONA, you two need to tell us the time, since we don’t know when you arrive, or when you want to meet. We are guessing right before the signing, but how much before, and/or do you want a break between meeting and starting the signing? We want this to be fun and relaxing.

  16. Bea says

    What great reviews :) I can’t wait for the next Kate book already ordered and then this one as well :) :)

  17. shannond says

    The reviews for the new book are very positive and very exciting! I’m excited; I can only imagine how exciting this must be for you.

  18. Alice says

    I love that all your reviews for Burn for Me were 4-5 stars and I am so excited to read it. I’m so happy for you guys and your continued success! And cannot wait for the next Innkeeper installment though I think you’ve spoiled us this week with two updates.

  19. april says

    I live north of Seattle. Just tell me where the other meet is at. I don’t care where I will get there. Also I will be at uofw university bookstore. THANKS!

    • says

      What is the likelihood of minors attending? if so, maybe we could meet at Star Pizza? Othewise, there is a restaurant/bar called Under the Volcano across the street from the store. Or there is always the Chocolate Bar which is family and chocolate-lover friendly.

  20. Clara Mae says

    Well for Powell’s in Beaverton there are a couple of places we could meet at.

    -Pastini Pastaria we could have some cocktails and appetizers.
    -Panera Bread serves coffee and other food type items.

    These two places are also right in the parking lot around Powell’s and we could just walk across to the bookstore so you would be on time.

    Thoughts and/or other suggestions friends?

    I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys ^__^

    • Damietta says

      Either of these would be good….nibbles and something cold, along with an author [team] who makes me laugh…what’s not to love?

      • Damietta says

        preference would go to panera only because i’ve eaten there before — about 1 – 1 1/2 hours before the powell’s appearance?

    • kyndall says

      I’m really excited to see you guys in Seattle! Although I’ve been in the university bookstore before in Seattle for signings I’ll be driving over from Idaho and don’t know the area super well. However with a quick google search I’m going to suggest Ugly Mug Cafe. Mostly because it’s in walking distance, and also because what a great name for coffee shop!

  21. Skye says


    In the earliest of comments, some of us discussed meeting at Cafe Solstice, which is about a block or so south of the U Bookstore. Jen suggested it. I went to the other branch of that cafe tonight and found it has many kinds of eats and drinks, from pastries to sandwiches and from lemonade to ales. Plus, we might be able to reserve some tables if we have some idea of how many of us there are. The event I attended this evening had reserved tables. Of course, I don’t know how large the cafe in the U District is.

    Parking in the U District is a bitch, no two ways about it. If we get there early, we might find parking behind the bookstore. There is also pay parking at the university; there is a lot at the north end of campus that is very close to the bookstore.

    Let’s meet at Cafe Solstice.
    4116 University Way NE, Seattle, WA
    (206) 675-0850

    Show of hands: who plans to attend? Reply to this comment.

    Jen: do you want to call the cafe and arrange space or shall I?

    Ilona: what time do you want to meet? The cafe is just a block south of the bookstore.

    Yes, I’m being bossy, but someone must nail it down and it’s what I do. :)

    • april says

      What time at cafe solstice? Agree pkg ugh. But validate at univ bookstore if u buy something.

    • jen says

      I’m in. CS’s cardamon cake is so yummy! I’m happy to call and set it up once we know what time. Based off the number of Seattle responses, I would guess maybe 15 folks.

      As far as parking goes, check the UW Bookstore page for the ave location. They have an agreement with several other parking lots nearby who accept their validatation.

    • Jen G says

      I’m in for Cafe Solstice! I plan on riding my bike down so I’m not worried about parking. :) Woohooo so excited to meet you guys!

      • Ryn says

        I’m definitely willing to come that day (Wednesday, July 30th if I’m correct) though I think traffic may be a bit horrid for anyone trying to get to that part of town between 3-7pm to be honest. I doubt most people would have the whole day off though so perhaps the best time would be 5pm that day?

        It’s an easy walk from Cafe Solstice to the University Bookstore and that’d hopefully be enough time for anyone who wanted to meet early to get there on time and still not pay through the nose for parking multiple hours if they can’t find a spot in one of the UB approved parking lots.

        Would it be safer to say 20 people are coming on the off chance there’s a few folks who are coming but not commenting?

        Looking forward to it! :)

        • Ryn says

          P.S. In case someone had some trouble finding approved parking lots or the bookstore’s policy here is some information that hopefully helps:

          Free Parking Policy –
          Customers at our U District Store may present their parking time cards to any cashier and receive a validation stamp for the lot behind the store or any other University District Parking Associates lot.

          * Map of lots approved by UDPA: (The one by Radio Shack on 42nd and Brooklyn seems the best in-between for Cafe Solstice/UniBookStore).


        • Jen G. says

          Agreed- traffic really sucks around the U-District on most days, but especially so during peak rush hour times from 3-7 pm.

          5 pm or later will work for me- trying to get to the U-District any earlier would be very difficult for me.

          • Vala says

            just got back from internetless vacation and getting caught up on posts, count me in for CS meet up – did someone say 5pm?

      • jen says

        How about I set the reservation for 5 pm and then Gordon and Ilona can decide what time works best for them to join us. Looking forward to meeting everyone. :-)

          • Ryn says

            Sounds perfect Jen! Looking forward to finally meeting other folks who love these books as much as me. :) See you all there at 5pm then!

          • jen says

            Update: They won’t hold the big table for us, so whoever gets there first try to snag it.
            I may run late as I have to trade off the car with hubby, but will be there. :-)

          • Gordon says

            Ok, so going over the schedule and that seems to work, if everybody is on board it will be 5 p.m at Cafe Solstice. I will, with help from Nicole, be publishing a meet and greet schedule on the blog for the various signings.

  22. Sarah says

    Loved the post today. Loved Jeanine Frost’s previous books too. Can’t wait for this one.
    Hope you’ve remembered what you forgot. I always seem to remember right before I fall asleep.

  23. Mary says

    rats no signings in Arizona – maybe next time suggest Changing Hands Bookstore if you do

  24. Mooncatx says

    I’m one of those Vine Reviews, lol. The porn references in many reviews are probably because the book is released under a primarily romance imprint, and recently the romance genre has been heavily infused with Not So Softcore content. Say caio to the handful of bodice ripping euphemism laden love scenes of yesterday and say hello to almost hard core sweaty details that last pages and pages and take up a third to three quarters of the books content.

    Which is why I’m glad to point out that Burn For Me is pretty much ALL GREAT STORY and not a collection of porn scenes with a little story to sticky them together. YAY 😀 I totally love Nevada too, she rocks. She don’t need constant hits of nookie to function. Yay!!! Nookie is nice as an accent, but as a reader I much rather have lots of cool story to read 😀

  25. Evie says

    Totally going to the Woodstock signing. Wish it could have actually been IN Atlanta… but I will take what I can get! SO I’ve seen conflicting meet times/places for all the different areas, will you post on FB or your blog closer to the tour dates what pre-meets you are going to go to?

    • Jax says

      I only saw one suggestion for Atlanta/Woodstock, and that was Copper Coins @ 12:30. I did not see a reply from Ilona on whether that would work for her and Andrew. Anyone else have info? Ilona does this work for you guys?

  26. NicoleAllee says

    Houston Meetups? The Antica Osteria is across the street – Italian food, a little pricey, quite good

    Amazon Grill is just down the road (off Kirby) – like a cafe express but with the good food the Cordua’s are known for, a little $$ but easy to manage larger groups

    In nearby Rice Village, there are tapas, Turkish, Cuban, Creperie, Dumplings…

    The chocolate bar has yummy treats.

    The recently reopened House of Pies on Kirby is a longstanding Houston tradition.

    Do any of those appeal?

  27. Vala says

    personally, I’m so happy that you rely on good writing and not gratuitous sex scenes –