Family Thing Happened

So we had some unexpected family complications this week.  We are going to aim for the new SiP segment today.



  1. AuntieM says

    Boo for the family thing (I hope everything is okay)!

    Yay for new SiP! I’m on the edge of my seat here. 😉

  2. Diana says

    Hope everything turns out well. Family stuff!! It can be the best or the worst!!
    Post when you can. Of course that means my butt will be numb from sitting on the edge of my seat but FAMILY FIRST always!!!

  3. dsolo says

    Take your time (sob). Family first (groan). Just kidding. Of course your family has priority. No one functions at their best when worrying about family. Thanks for keeping us updated. Y’all are the best.

  4. Zirraella says

    Oh no, I hope everything turns out fine!
    *sends virtual kittens your way*

    • dsolo says

      just finished listening to “Raising Steam” by Sir Terry Pratchett, and according to Lord Vetinari, you don’t want the kitten treatment. Sorry, first thing that popped into my mind. Kind of how everything reminds me of SiP (bacon, mangos, chicken, etc)

      • AnnB says

        I like the kitten treatment from Scrubs:

        I can personally vouch for its effectiveness as I actually tried this last year when I was feeling stressed out. Of course, I don’t have boxes of kittens available, so instead I went to a farm, sat down in the hay with a piece of string, and was promptly swarmed by dozens of kittens. It’s very therapeutic (assuming you aren’t allergic).

        • Theodore D says

          I love this idea!

          Sadly the closest farm is a horse farm (clydesdales)
          *imagines all the pretty little ponies* 😀

  5. Andrea says

    I try to avoid most family complications through planning. But sometimes it’s like they sneek up on you, hit over the head. You don’t know which direction it came from and leave one overwhelmed or confused. I hope things smooth out soon.

    Yay! New SiP… I’m so tired today. I was thinking sleep in the peace.

    Quick question. Did kido 1 start college this summer? instead of waiting til fall. It surprised me, I thought you would have a few more months together.

  6. Brad says

    Hope the family stuff is nothing bad, and you can take care of it. Did the gallery stuff get finished I am excited to see it!!

  7. LynneW says

    Sending good wishes your way for a happy resolution to family complications. Thanks for letting us all know the situation, but as others have said more eloquently, family always comes first!

  8. Red says

    Sending good thoughts your way, thank you for thinking of us despite the unexpected happening to your family this week! It’s never expected but always appreciated. :)

  9. Jennifer says

    Oh no. Hope everything works out. We can wait for SiP. I’m another reader who haunts the site waiting for the next installment. The waiting is hard, but for me the hard part is not knowing when the next fix is coming. Even though you may not get to SiP today, because, you know, life, I appreciate the communication. It makes the waiting a little easier.

  10. Traci says

    Like all of your loyal fans, I hope everything is ok. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Sandy says

    Is this related to Kid going away to college? That is such a hectic, life-changing time. So much to do, so much drama and angst.

    Best wishes!

  12. dr susan says

    Since SiP is a gift, I am happy whenever the gifting occurs. Your life and family should take precedence.

  13. Sue says

    I hope it’s a happy family complication, not anything too awful.
    I’m looking forward to the next SiP whenever it’s convenient for you and remain grateful for your generosity in sharing it with us. Good luck with the complication!

  14. Marsha says

    I hope everything will be OK. I’m one of those waiting to read the story when it’s a book anyway.

  15. Theodore D says

    Hmm… doesn’t sound too bad!

    I just hope you all can keep talking and remember that family is the most important thing you could ever invest your time in!

    Take some time and try not to rush things… good luck!

  16. LM says

    Life happens, and its important. :) I love the way you balance it with the crack we are all addicted to, and wish you all the best.

  17. Prospero says

    Hope all is okay there with the family. No rush on the Sweep in Peace. Your family far more important :)

    • Cortland says

      Wow – Ilona – you’re pregnant! Congratulations! I need to spread the news via Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook! Everyone is going to be so excited!!!

      (how internet rumors get started)

    • Ilona says

      No, but there is a serious medical issue that we are facing as a family and we are doing our best to deal with it.

      • Cortland says

        Hi Ilona,

        First I wanted to apologize for posting a jest when you were going through a difficult time. I had no idea it was something truly serious or I wouldn’t have. I had been intending and hoping to provide a smile.

        I had actually attempted to post this the same day your response came in but there seemed to be a site issue that wouldn’t allow me to log in. I was getting an apache error that said to contact the webmaster. I did send an email to the webmaster about it.

        Again my apologies and glad that everything worked out OK.

  18. Cindy Emery says

    hope all is OK with family. we will hang in there! about your detailed coloring, i have found some very detailed and interesting books for coloring at Annie’s Craft Store online, they are under the painting and drawing tab. animals in snazzy suits, mandalas, paisley, art nouveau. tons… i got an art nouveau color book a few years ago and had a great time. great store with lots of stuff. get yarn and sewing patterns from there frequently. Good Luck!

    • Zirraella says

      Now that makes me think: As so many people seem to enjoy coloring, maybe it is time for Clean Sweep themed coloring books. The inn, Baha Char, the lees, TA’s armor, atc…