Alphas: Origins

Angels of Darkness

(Other Authors are Nalini Singh, Meljean Brooks, Sharon Shinn)

An anthology containing the novella Alphas: Origins

Official blurb:

“When a young woman is taken captive by a dangerous male, she is pulled against her will into a world hidden from humanity’s view, where those with superhuman powers fight a bloody civil war. Now she must make a choice: to submit and become a pawn or to take hold of her own destiny.”

Unofficial blurb:

Alphas: Origins introduces readers to a new world of people with shocking powers who live on the fringe of our society. It’s a place where telepaths wage vicious wars, where withers spread their wings of fire, and men wrench bones out of the bodies of their opponents with a single thought.  It’s a place of darkness, where an ordinary woman fights for her survival against overwhelming odds.

ISBN-13: Coming Soon

Publisher: Berkley

Release date: October 2011