Kid 2, sniffing vanilla extract: Why do you lie to me, vanilla?  You smell so good but taste so bad!


Kid 1, making an argument for a purchase of a car.  The deal is, if she has no tickets or accidents for six months, she will get help with buying a car for her birthday.  Unfortunately, she is set on a car we 100% won’t buy.

Me: No.

Kid 1: But mom…

Me: Terrible gas mileage, unsafe, expensive to repair…

Kid 1: Yes!  It will be a really good life lesson for me!


Jeaniene Frost: Long conversation about having to finish the book and stress of deadlines.

Me: Stay off Twitter.

JF: Of course.  But I have a release coming out…

Me: Stay off Twitter!

JF: Fine, fine.

Three minutes ago

Three minutes ago

Dreams and Reviews

First, this review of Magic Rises comes to us courtesy of C.

I wish I was able to write reviews. I can’t pick a book apart and say ” I loved this part because ..” Or ” this section didn’t work for me because…” So I will tell you what I found myself saying through most of this book, “Holy Shit!”


While I have your attention, updates for the tour:

July 30      MAGIC RISES release date!
July 31       Murder by the Book – Houston, TX @ 6:30pm
August 1    Book People – Austin, TX @ 7pm
August 3    Mysterious Galaxy – San Diego, CA @ 2pm


I have dreamed that my hair fell out.  I just kept pulling huge handfuls of it out of my head.

I have two reoccurring dreams.  one, I’m standing on a rocky beach, and enormous, tsunami-sized waves are coming in.  I never die in the dream.  I swim like a fish and thanks to my high BMI, you could probably use me as a flotation device.  But the giant waves really worry me.  This is my deadline dream, that happens when I’m really far behind.

The second dream is probably the result of fish-related trauma in childhood.  My parents bought me a fish tank and some guppies.  Very soon I had tons of guppies and my fish tank had developed algae growth.  I finally decided to take matters into my own small hands and clean it out.  Upon cleaning it, I discovered that some fish were dead and the other ones were nibbling on their corpses. Freaked me out for life.  So I get a dream of terrible tank, filled with mutated fish that are eating each other.  Horrifies me every single time.

The hair falling out thing is new to me.  I suspect it’s probably related to our recent visit to salon.  By the way, here is the result.  Kid 2 and her new hair.


I think it looks gorgeous.  I was a little bit afraid of the anime wig effect, but I absolutely love it and what’s more important, she does too.