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Hidden Legacy Series / Re: White Hot spoilers
« Last post by CheeseBK on Today at 09:25:48 am »
how are the caesar speculations going?
any suggestions?

personally, I suspect it's the 'old tiger with the blunted teeth' ;)
Forum Feedback / Re: Sig pic & Avatar - Gallery
« Last post by CheeseBK on Today at 09:19:48 am »
hello everyone.

No succes so far on making the clan badges and all the signature pics and Avatars I made available for free so far.

will post an update as soon as I have one. *Waves*
Innkeeper Chronicles / Re: One Fell Sweep (Inkeeper 3)
« Last post by jewelwing on August 09, 2017, 02:59:32 pm »
It is great, isn't it? Can't wait until they get started on the next one!
Innkeeper Chronicles / Re: One Fell Sweep (Inkeeper 3)
« Last post by sdihop on August 02, 2017, 01:01:23 pm »
I can't start a topic and this is so quiet but this is my favorite series!  I think part of the reason I like it so much is because it speaks to my homebody-nature :-)
Kate Daniels / Re: Magic Shifts Discussion {no spoiler button needed}
« Last post by sdihop on August 02, 2017, 08:38:42 am »
I also thought that it was both the vision that the ifrit might give Kate of Roland and his plans, but also more that the ifrit would add Kate's power to its own and go after Roland.

I'm also wondering about Kate's perception that Roland is talking with Julie, as in that scene in Applebee's, discussing her essay on Daniel. Julie is influenced by Kate's blood, which is, hello, Roland's blood, in no small measure, and if Kate can control Julie, can't Roland, as well? That bothers me and worries me. I'm not buying Roland's "nice daddy was so sad to kill mommy" vibe. For the present, it feels like his pride in Kate has more to do with how it makes him feel good about this echo of himself and that sooner or later he'll try to destroy her. I also wonder what Hugh is up to on his forced sabbatical.

I can't believe Saiman is such a fool but I'm glad that their enclave includes so many good friends. It was also nice to see that Martha is an echo of Aunt B, who is much missed.

I really do think that Roland has great affection for Kate but the tragic thing is it will not stop him from destroying her all the same.

i'll probably show my age but the Roland/Kate relationship suddenly reminds me of the Sydney Bristow/mom thing in the show Alias - ultimately she choose her evil plans over her own daughter, I think Roland will do the same.
Hidden Legacy Series / Re: White Hot and Wildfire Speculation
« Last post by sdihop on August 02, 2017, 08:30:27 am »
is there a wildfire spoiler discussion somewhere? :-D
Forum Feedback / Re: Sig pic & Avatar - Gallery
« Last post by admin on August 02, 2017, 08:11:10 am »
hello peeps.

unfortunately photobucket changed the rules and all the pics I made for this Forum are no longer available for free. I am looking into a solution, but
upgrading on photobucket is too expensive. I hope to find a solution soonish.  thankU

AtA - Kate Daniels Books / Re: Roland
« Last post by ja-siv on July 27, 2017, 04:03:03 am »
Hi all,

as far as I got it, Roland can be killed or at least die. IA tell us he's bound to Kate and Kate to him. And if one of the two dies, there is a high risk, the other will die too or at least be seriously impaired. Kate decided at one point to risk it but Roland?

And that's where I feel that there are some loose ends. If Kate’s death hurts Roland – why does he have her fight? In any fight there is the risk of losing – you miss a step because there’s a hole in the ground or a momentary distraction – and you are dead.  So I don’t get it. And when Kate was so ill, didn’t he feel it. And shouldn’t he have done something to help her.

Nonetheless, I really enjoy the books – loose ends or not and eagerly wait for every new one. So thank you for Wildfire, Innkeeper and any other.

I'll work on it. Sorry
Hidden Legacy Series / Happy Release Day for Wildfire
« Last post by Vinity on July 25, 2017, 10:02:39 am »
Discuss Wildfire here. Please use spoiler tab or discuss on spoiler section.

As of 9:20am

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