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Author Topic: Arabella's magic - ***WARNING: SPOILERS FOR WHITE HOT***  (Read 4247 times)


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Arabella's magic - ***WARNING: SPOILERS FOR WHITE HOT***
« on: May 28, 2017, 02:26:12 am »

Hi Ilona and Gordon,
I was lucky and received my copy of WHITE HOT early and I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN. It was truly phenomenal. Thank-you for this masterpiece, it was better than I even hoped it would or could be. I cannot wait for WILDFIRE. I have TWO questions.

Question 1) Do we find out in WILDFIRE what Arabella's magic is? I have read the book twice now and it is eluded to, sort of, but not explained in WHITE HOT.

Question 2) When Nevada senses all the people as colours at the end at the end of WHITE HOT, is this another ability she has, in addition to her additional shooting ability, whereby she is actually able to sense surrounding people and their types of magic? Is she only able to do this in her immediate surrounding area? Is it related to Leon's ability of prediction or does it come from her paternal side of the family? OR do I have to wait and see?

Lucky for me there is not too much of a wait for the final instalment. The suspense is killer.
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