Author Topic: White Hot & Wildfire spoilers  (Read 6404 times)


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Re: White Hot & Wildfire spoilers
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He does so hate to be bored.

Yes! When I read Wildfire the first time that phrase stood out to me when Caesar is speaking to Victoria. It wasn't until I re-read the book that I notice that the phrase appears earlier when Linus is talking with Nevada in the hospital cafeteria.  Now I feel like I have to re-read the entire series to see if there are any other hints I've missed along the way/pay better attention to how both Caesar and Linus are described. If he is Caesar, I wonder what his motivation really is.


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Re: White Hot & Wildfire spoilers
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He was forced out of power as I recall, so wounded pride, resentment, and a conviction that he knows what's best would be my guesses. Politicians have to be at least slightly narcissistic - if we're honest, most people are in some ways, but we try to keep it in perspective with empathy and regular reality checks. That narcissism can turn toxic pretty quickly when it's not balanced with the aforesaid empathy plus a healthy dose of true humility, not the box-check political sound bite kind.