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Re: Grace of Small Magics
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Loved the novella.  Could there be an expansion into a full novel or series.  Has possibilities for a new worldview.  Magic under the radar!


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Re: Grace of Small Magics
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Yes, I think there will be more adventures for them to come. I hope Ilona's editor will ask for a full lenght novel for Grace.

Still Hoping & Waiting  <32


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Re: Grace of Small Magics
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Still Hoping & Waiting

The couple thrown together on a  dangerous adventure are an extremely powerful hero and a heroine who thought she had only small magic... A justified sense of resentment and fear of coercion on the part of the heroine getting in the way of attraction to the hero... Powerful magical aristocracy who (secretly and not so secretly) rule the world as they see fit and viciously battle amongst themselves as noble Houses...

Hidden Legacy!

The hero of Burn for Me is very different, but I think Nevada is a funnier version of Grace. They both don't realise their power, but even so they refuse to be pushed around.