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I came across this author many moons ago.  At the time, I'd just moved out of London and maybe it was due to the location, but you could pick up some really interesting reads in the local papershop for under £1.  Unfortunately, those days are long gone.

The story centers around 2 characters, set in an Ancient China that never was.  The main characters are Number 10 Ox the side kick (and the narrator) and Master Li, who is a bit of a rogue and a really great detective.  The backcover describes Master Li as having a slight flaw to his character and Number 10, as being strong, trusting, and pure of heart.  When I picked up Bridge of Birds, I couldn't put it down, it was so intriguing.  Even though I know the story, I can read it again and again without tiring of it.

The first book in the series starts with Number 10, seeking out Master Li to solve the mystery of why the children in his village are becoming sick and are unable to be woken.  If you like supernatural mysteries then check it out.   LIONbook

Sadly the author gave up writing, the below list his published works.

1. The Bridge of Birds
2. The Story of the Stone
3. Eight Skilled Gentlemen

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