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MILAN, Courtney
« on: July 09, 2010, 10:25:24 pm »
Her stuff isn't what I usually read: it's straight up historical romance.  No werewolves, no steampunk, not even any psychics or prophecies.  But I kept seeing her around the internet and she always had something intelligent and insightful to say.  Even when she's criticizing, she's the soul of politeness.  If you get a chance to read her blog, I highly recommend it, even if you don't like her books. <32 Okay, so I have a crush on Courtney.  Too bad she's married, LOL. 

Her books are set in the time between the Regency and Victorian periods because she feels that period of transition closely resembles our modern society, when technology is changing everything and nothing has settled yet.  I find that fascinating, that she writes historical fiction in order to explore modern society.

She has a short in Heart of Christmas called "This Wicked Gift" that explores dichotomies: price vs. worth, being valued vs. being loved.  It's a sort of prequel to her Carhart series, although it's not necessary to read it first.  I didn't even realize the characters knew each other until I was almost done.  Her first novel is Proof by Seduction, in the Carhart series.  Jenny is a fake fortune teller who uses her "visions" to give a despondent young man hope.  Unfortunately, his cousin Gareth is convinced she's stealing the young man's money, and sets out to prove her a fraud scientifically.  Cue the battle of wills, in which they each try to out-psych the other.

My favorite scene from Proof by Seduction:
[spoiler]Jenny is trying to explain why she won't wear the dress Gareth gave her, but he is throwing a temper tantrum and won't listen to her.  So she climbs onto his lap and makes out with him...and then backs off, leaving him with one arm tied to the back of the chair.  She dares him to free himself; he furiously replies that he can't reach the knots.  Oh no?  Then why does he think she'll be able to reach the fastenings on the back of that fancy dress he insists she wear?  She's too poor to hire a lady's maid, the necessity of which he's never realized.  That moment of frustration giving way to dawning comprehension: <32[/spoiler]

The second Carhart book is out in October, and book 1 in her new Turner series is out in February.
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