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BURN-FOR-ME-medThe book will come out tomorrow.  :)  Here are a few links for your viewing pleasure:


Audiogals are doing a Burn For Me Release party.  Here is their schedule this week.

Monday, October 27th
Burn for Me audiobook giveaway starts. Link to giveaway.
Audio review of Burn for Me

We’re giving away a total of six downloadable copies of Burn for Me. We’ll giveaway two Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night with immediate downloads upon confirmation of the win.

Tuesday, October 28th
A Recorded Interview with the Ilona Andrews Writing Team and Narrator Renee Raudman
Burn for Me Giveaway continues

Wednesday, October 29th
Burn for Me Giveaway continues
Guide to Ilona Andrews’ audiobooks


To reiterate, we have a signing tomorrow at Murder by the Book.

10/28/2014 6:30 pm 

Murder By the Book

Hoston, TX

Kim Harrison and Gordon and Ilona Andrews

We hope to see you there.


“So I mentioned the great characters, the phenomenal world-building, and the scorching sexual tension.  But I also have to give a shout-out to the awesome pacing and funny, funny one liners.”
“Pure awesomesauce with a cherry on top! That’s all I’m saying, folks.
“Bottom Line: Exceptional story, multi-layered plot, intriguing characters that you really want to see more of, add all that to some nice little perks for veterans and you have a story that is hard to beat with enough similarity to our own world to make you feel at home”
“This book directly made it to my Oh-My-God-This-Is-So-Amazing-What-Just –Happened list.”
“BURN FOR ME is an utter treat. From the amazing world, to the incredible cast of characters, and enthralling plot, this book should be at the very top of any urban fantasy fan’s TBR pile.”
“A heady mixture of action, mystery, and suspense…”
“Oh Mad Rogan, you delicious, crazy, powerful man.
That’s it for the promotional post.  We hope you’ll enjoy the book.

Signing: Houston, Tuesday!

BURN-FOR-ME-medWe will be in Houston at Murder by the Book on Tuesday.  We are doing a joint signing with Kim Harrison at 6:30pm.  More information here: Murder by the Book event.  Kim will be discussing A Witch With No Name, the final book in the Hollows series and we will be signing Burn For Me.

We are very excited to see all of you again and we are hoping you don’t throw things at us for wrecking Houston in Burn for Me.  We only broke it a little tiny bit.  Just a few buildings.

The book is almost out.  Not sure why the hell I am so nervous but my word count is anemic this week.  Oh I meant to share this with you.  The preliminary reviews for BFM have been very positive, but I am a stubbornly pessimistic person.  I think even our long suffering agent has had enough of my ennui.

Me: here are some reviews. I think they liked the book.

Nancy: Omg, thank God I was sitting down.   Someone likes it?  Quick, I need smelling salts… I might faint from the shock.

Nobody takes emo Ilona seriously.  Including emo Ilona.  :D

See you guys in Houston.  :)


It’s okay if you are a 60 year old white man

Okay, I try not to get riled up anymore and it’s very difficult to get me to publically rant.  I am going to publically rant. You have been warned.  John Grisham gave an interview to Daily Telegraph in which he said the following.

“We have prisons now filled with guys my age. Sixty-year-old white men in prison who’ve never harmed anybody, would never touch a child,” he said in an exclusive interview to promote his latest novel Gray Mountain which is published next week.

“But they got online one night and started surfing around, probably had too much to drink or whatever, and pushed the wrong buttons, went too far and got into child porn.”

The author of legal thrillers such as The Firm and A Time to Kill who has sold more than 275m books during his 25-year career, cited the case of a “good buddy from law school” who was caught up in a Canadian child porn sting operation a decade ago as an example of excessive sentencing.

“His drinking was out of control, and he went to a website. It was labelled ‘sixteen year old wannabee hookers or something like that’. And it said ’16-year-old girls’. So he went there. Downloaded some stuff – it was 16 year old girls who looked 30.

“He shouldn’t ’a done it. It was stupid, but it wasn’t 10-year-old boys. He didn’t touch anything. And God, a week later there was a knock on the door: ‘FBI!’ and it was sting set up by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to catch people – sex offenders – and he went to prison for three years.”

“There’s so many of them now. There’s so many ‘sex offenders’ – that’s what they’re called – that they put them in the same prison. Like they’re a bunch of perverts, or something; thousands of ’em. We’ve gone nuts with this incarceration,” he added in his loft-office in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Asked about the argument that viewing child pornography fuelled the industry of abuse needed to create the pictures, Mr Grisham said that current sentencing policies failed to draw a distinction between real-world abusers and those who downloaded content, accidentally or otherwise.

“I have no sympathy for real paedophiles,” he said, “God, please lock those people up. But so many of these guys do not deserve harsh prison sentences, and that’s what they’re getting,” adding sentencing disparities between blacks and whites was likely to be the subject of his next book.

Sixty-year-old white men in prison who’ve never harmed anybody.

Sixty year old white men are special and should be given preferential treatment when it comes to child porn.  If they were black or Asian, it would be different.

But they got online one night and started surfing around, probably had too much to drink or whatever, and pushed the wrong buttons, went too far and got into child porn.”

Men look at porn.  Women look at porn. You know what is really difficult to accidentally find on the internet?  Child porn.  A vast majority of pornography sites clearly state that all of their actors and actresses are 18 or older. You have to actively look for child porn.

It was labelled ‘sixteen year old wannabee hookers or something like that’. And it said ’16-year-old girls’.

This site said 16 year old girls.  This was not a trick.

So he went there. Downloaded some stuff – it was 16 year old girls who looked 30.

He didn’t just accidentally click on the site and clicked away.  He downloaded images of children.  Oh but they looked 30, so it must be okay then.

It was stupid, but it wasn’t 10-year-old boys.

Boys are inherently more valuable and precious than girls.  It’s okay to exploit and abuse a 16 year old girl, because her safety, life, and freedom are not worth as much as that of a 10 year old boy.

There’s so many ‘sex offenders’ – that’s what they’re called – that they put them in the same prison.

Yes.  It’s done to protect them from the general prison population, because sex offenders are brutalized in prison.  You see how that works?  Our prison system – which is draconian – still has more regard for sex offenders than they do for their victims.

“I have no sympathy for real paedophiles,” he said, “God, please lock those people up.

People who get off on images of  children being raped and sodomized by grown men are not real pedophiles.

Let’s take this one point at a time.

1) Looking at the images of sexual acts performed by or on children, girls or boys, is pedophilia.  It is illegal.

2) Looking at the images of sexual acts performed by or on children, girls or boys, is not a victimless crime.  Somebody had to take these images.

When I was fifteen, Russian newspapers were filled with advertisements targeted specifically at young girls, ages 14-18, offering excellent wages for picking peaches in Turkey. These adds were specifically pointed out to us by our teachers and parents as human trafficking traps.  If you went to pick peaches in “Turkey,” you would never get home.  You would be sold like cattle for someone’s sexual gratification.  When you look at the images of child porn, you are looking at someone who might be a slave, who might be a starving runaway, or a child repeatedly victimized by someone he or she trusted.  That makes you a fucking scumbag.

3) 60 year old WHITE men.  I will just let that one stand as is.  Although I find it extremely hard to believe that our prisons are overcrowded with 60 year old white men and not, let’s just take a wild stab out there, minority men ages 18-25, who often grow up in poverty, lacking education and basic advantages children from middle class families enjoy.

4) If you want to reduce prison population, how about advocating for legalizing marijuana?  Here is a handy dandy chart for you. As of 2014, 11, 946 sex offenders are incarcerated in federal prisons in US.  Do you want to know how many people are there on drug charges? 98,554.  Of these, 27.6% are there because of pot. That means 27, 201 people.  You want to ease the burden on our prisons, have at it.

I really liked The Brethren.  One of my favorite books.  John Grisham forever poisoned it for me.  I’m a mother to two teenagers. I was a teenager myself once and I’ve seen my fair share of people exposing themselves to me, trying to grope me, following me on the street and generally feeling completely cool with that.  John Grisham seems to believe that his friend’s 3 year long sentence is too harsh, because he is a white, educated, mature male and all around good guy.  I can’t even express how wrong this is.

Comments are locked not because of anybody saying something bad, but because I have to work and this issue is way too rant-inducing for me, so I’m afraid I will just lather up spit and growl in agreement with the comments instead of making words.


Why Men Should Not Watch Notebook

Kid 2, rushing around upstairs (Everyone overslept): My hair!

Me, yelling from downstairs: Honey, you need to hurry up or you will be late.

Kid 2: I know, mom! I know! My hair is awful.  I am so late!

Me: If Hudson doesn’t pick you up, I will totally take you to school, don’t worry!

Kid 2, in high pitched voice: Why would you say that? He always picks me up! He never not shows up, I don’t understand why you would say that!  He…

Gordon, in a slightly too deep rendition of a Southern girl voice: You don’t know anything about love, Momma.  You don’t look at Daddy the way I look at Hudson. You don’t touch or laugh. You don’t play…

And so, everyone is a comedian and life goes on.  :)

Quotes from Today’s Twitter

I know you guys get fussy when exclusive quotes are released, so here you go.


I jumped down from the Tahoe, pulled a ziploc bag from my pocket, and unsheathed Sarrat.

“Stand back please.”

“Oh no,” Derek said from above. “Are you about to do science?”


“Where are *****’s kids now?” Julie asked.

“At the office with Ascanio,” Curran told her.

Julie’s gaze was so saturated with derision, it should’ve been illegal.

“He’s perfectly capable of taking care of them,” I said.

“Sure he is.”

What would my life be without teenage sass?

Dream Book

Working on Magic Shifts this morning.   Poor Kate can’t get away from her band of misfits.

Someone asked us during the New York trip what motivated us to work on Burn For Me.  The honest answer is, I wanted to read a book like that and I couldn’t find it.  I wanted the high magic and high technology and I wanted to see a romantic relationship explored against that background.  I also wanted to see someone question how we treat our veterans.  In romance, sometimes military personnel is subject to the same fetishising as Scotsmen.  Not that many people acknowledge that being a veteran or living with one isn’t always easy.


Click the image to enlarge.

I also wanted a book that would be funny.  A book where a heroine had a family and they were a real family, the kind that loves you unconditionally and can drive you completely nuts.  I couldn’t find it, so I talked Gordon into writing one with me.  The sad thing now, I can’t read it.  Reading our books after they are finished makes me cringe.  Except for Silver Shark.  For some reason, I can reread that one.

But anyway, I was wondering, what is your dream book?  The one that you would love to read but nobody has written yet?

Fair warning: you’re on a writers’ site.  We have no shame.  If you don’t want to risk your dream book being written by us or other authors who frequent this crazy place, it’s best not to share it. :)