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Magic Nine needs a title.

magic9aIn the interests of not looking through thousands of previous title suggestions, I declare them all null and void.  This is a brand new contest for the naming of the new Kate book.

What will the book be about?

Kate and Curran are getting married on the July 6 (I know the book says June but it’s July) during a Russian pagan festival.  So there will be lots of Russian stuff in the books.  Also certain people (using plural here to avoid spoilers) get kidnapped by Roland and slowly murdered, and Kate must go and get said people rescued, even if they were total assholes in the last book.

So wedding. Kidnapping.  Family reunions. Flower crowns.  I want Kate to have the traditional Ivan Kupalo flower crown on the cover and so help me all the evil deities of Slavic pantheon, I will pitch a huge fit if it’s not there.

So, here is your opportunity to suggest a title in the comments.  The title must start with Magic and end with some sort of verb that could also be a noun.  So titles like MAGIC MAKES PANCAKES will not be accepted. Previous titles:


Three entries per comment.  Pick your three best ones.  Contest will be over on September 1st.  If duplicate entries occur, the earliest comment wins.

Prizes:  Ummm, I don’t know, what do you want?  You get to read Magic Nine early, your own autographed copy, and your name in acknowledgments.  :)

Boring Admin Post

Boring Admin Post

Thank you so much for such awesome reception to Magic Shifts.  :)

If you sent us an email in the past few weeks and received no response from us or Susan, your best bet is probably to resend.  If it’s something urgent, please mark it as urgent.

White Hot release date – Spring/Summer 2016.  Will give you more details once we finished it and Erika had a chance to review it.  We don’t know how substantial the edits would be.

Sweep in Peace – October release, hopefully.

Innkeeper 3 – Starting in October, hopefully.  Possibly in December, depending on deadlines.  I am happy to share with you that it will feature aliens.  😉

What else…  I think that’s it.  We are still scarce, but we are back somewhat.

Vacation Book Report

We are back from the vacation.  We spent ten days in Puerto Rico and very much enjoyed it.  We swam, we snorkled, we went to see the stray cats of San Juan, and had a great time, except in the evening when a very limited selection of TV channels made things a little boring.  We read a lot.

Lost Fleet

I officially finished the Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell.  It is excellent.  I loved it.  I listened to it on audio and if you are into space battles with real physics and valiant Space Naval action, this is a great series of books.  Mr. Campbell’s website is kind of confusing, but here is a good summary of the series and Wikipedia helpfully provides the series order, which I will shamelessly steal and paste here. As an aside, I am totally jealous of his Wikipedia set up.

relentlessThe Lost Fleet

1 The Lost Fleet: Dauntless (2006)
2 The Lost Fleet: Fearless (2007)
3 The Lost Fleet: Courageous (2007)
4 The Lost Fleet: Valiant (2008)
5 The Lost Fleet: Relentless (2009)
6 The Lost Fleet: Victorious (2010)

Some people say it drags a little in the middle, but I really liked it.  I really loved the grind of the long retreat from space.  Also the audio narrator cracks me up.  If we ever do a Roman audio, I would be so happy if he did the voice.  :)

Throne of Glass

TOG-NYT-CoverI realize I am way behind everyone but I also read the Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas and loved it.  YA or NA, I guess, is not usually my thing but there was something so charming and fun about this assassin story.  I don’t know if it was the hilariously arrogant teenage assassin, the cute romance, or the magic mystery that I liked more.  It sucked me in and I gulped it down in a single day. I love when books do that.

Celaena was just so… refreshing.  I loved that she was fiercely violent, but at the same time she loved dresses and delicious food, and tried to take care of those she considered her friends.  There is one part in the book that perfectly describes her.  She is trying to learn how to play pool and crown prince decides to help.  Every time she makes a successful shot, it results in “shameless bragging” and when she misses, it’s a torrent of frustration. This read so authentically teenager to me. There is so much life in the character.  She is passionate and she does veer wildly from one extreme to another, just like a normal young adult does, and contrary to all my previous reading preferences, I found it amusing and endearing.

So the book kicked butt and was thoroughly charming.  Your mileage, of course, will vary, so please read an excerpt first before making any purchasing decisions.

Philip Jose Farmer

Gordon is still working his way through the Sten adventures but he is also reading works of Philip Jose Farmer, one of the official grandmasters of Science Fiction. Gordon tried to explain it to me, but somehow in Farmer universe, Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes, Doc Savage, Bulldog Drummond, Scarlet Pimpernel, Nero Wolf, James Bond, and the Shadow are all somehow part of the same extended family.  It is really complicated and apparently at some point Tarzan had to be replaced by Mowgli, because Burroughs’ estate sued him.  Also Professor Moriarty is somehow also Captain Nemo.  I got confused, but Gordon says that’s a thing.

You can find the official website here.

More Great MAGIC SHIFTS news!

[Admin] Ilona and Gordon just got word that MAGIC SHIFTS hit the USA Today bestsellers list at #13! Want to see for yourself? Find it HERE.

The #13 spot is a jump up from MAGIC BREAKS which was #16. Deepest thanks to all of the readers who love these characters!


Turkish Book Cover – Burn for Me

[Admin] Did  you ever wonder what the books look like overseas? Thanks to reader Ayşe Işıl ARI (if the name is formatted wrong the error is mine!) from Istanbul, TR, for sharing the cover art for Burn for Me. Check it out!


Turkish Burn for Me