Tour dates – Sticky post

This is a Sticky Post.  It will stay on top of the blog, because people keep asking about tour dates.  If you are looking for the new content, it will be just below.

Tuesday, August 4th – Atlanta, GA
Meet and Greet: 5:30 pm Copper Coin Coffee
Signing: 7:00 pm Foxtale Book Shoppe

Wednesday, August 5th – Edina, MN
Meet and Greet: TBD Barnes & Noble Cafe
Signing: 7:00 pm Barnes & Noble

Thursday, August 6th – Lexington, KY
Meet and Greet: 6:00 pm Bronte Bistro (inside store)
Signing: 7:00 pm Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Friday, August 7th – Amarillo, TX
Meet and Greet: 5:00 pm Hastings Cafe
Signing: 6:00 pm Hastings

Saturday, August 8th – Houston, TX
Meet and Greet: 3:30 pm Under the Volcano (2349 Bissonnet St. Houston, TX)
Signing: 4:30 pm Murder By The Book


Happy Book Birthday, everybody.

So, there is a huge issue in Magic Shifts.  The book states that Muslims conquered North Africa in seventh century B.C.  Yeah.  Should be A.D.

We are off by two letters and a twelve hundred years.  I am hoping to have it corrected, but yeah, that is totally us typoing, and everyone else just not seeing it on the proofread. Sorry about that.


Kate and Curran Eve!

Kate and Curran Eve!

As people on Twitter told me, it’s Kate and Curran Eve! I have some promotional fun for you today. Please stand by.  Initiating promo protocol in 3… 2… 1…

An interview with B&N.

Giveaways and reviews: Vampire Book Club and Fang-tastic Books.

Sneak Peek and Review: Happily Ever After on USA Today.

Reviews: Red Hot Books and Douglas Meeks at Wicked Scribes.


This concludes promotional protocol.  For now.  Muhahahahaha!

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

Nicole had a family emergency, which will keep her from being able to handle the flood of email coming in the next two weeks.  We are going on the blog tour and then on a family trip and may not be available for the majority of August.  I tried to hire a service, but sadly they are not able to create original content, which means they would simply respond with a form email.

I need a personal assistant for the month of August, at least.  Pay is $20 per hour and you can expect about 10-15 hours of work this month, possibly more depending on the amount of email. You are not expected to work weekends, but you will be expected to check the email every work day for the next month.

  • Must be courteous.
  • Must be prompt in responding to email. Must be willing to create short, grammatically correct personal responses.
  • Must be able to handle hate mail.  We don’t get a lot, but we do get some.
  • Must be familiar with our work, so when people say things like, “I’m so mad Desandra wasn’t in this book as much,” must be able to recognize the character and commiserate on not giving Desandra enough screen time.
  • Must be able to keep a calendar.
  • Must be WordPress literate.
  • Must be able to start today.
  • Must be able to follow the directions exactly.
  • Must be able to handle the twitter account, if necessary.
  • Must be willing to sign an NDA.

I really need someone who can hit the ground running.  Please email your resume and a brief cover letter to with subject line Personal Assistant, if you are interested. We’ll pick someone today, and you will get all of the instructions, phone numbers, etc before the day is over.  Because this is last notice and I actually have to run a bunch of errands before we leave, we won’t be able to respond to all emails.  If you didn’t hear from us by the end of the day, we chose someone else.



So, if you ever wanted to know way, way, way too much about what it’s like to be Gordon and me, I have a treat for you.  Usually we don’t do extended interviews, especially recorded ones, so when about three years ago TJ of InD’Tale Magazine contacted us, we politely declined.  The next year we politely declined.  This year she emailed and said, “You’ve been ducking me for three years now.  Come on.”

So this RT we sat down with her for a two and a half hour interview.  It is available online at this link. It talks a lot about our life and road to publishing. It is an incredibly generous interview that pretty much covered almost two hours and I have no idea how they transcribed it with my accent involved, so I suggest a cup of coffee.  😀  The interview focused more on us than on any particular book, so if you are looking for more information about the series, there is some there but not as much.

Thank you for the opportunity, TJ!

PS.  We are not really the reigning royalty of UF.  We’re more like independent candidates in the UF Parliament.  :)