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Please do not use the contact page to request ARCs.  Please use the ARC Request Form instead.

I live in UK or Australia: STOP!  Read the FAQ. The Edge series is now available on Kindle.  The Kate series will be brought to Kindle once we finish our current deadline.

Please be forewarned that if you send us an abusive email, your message will be posted on the blog, complete with your name.

How many books are planned in your Magic Series?
How many books are planned in your Edge Series?
Who is your agent?
I'm emailing for a cover quote.
I can't find Audiobook of Steel's Edge.
Will your books be available in e-format?
I'm emailing to complain about your cover.


I'm emailing to complain that your books/ebooks aren't available in my country.
I'm in UK or Australia and I can't find MAGIC BLEEDS/MAGIC SLAYS in e-format?
Will you donate to my charity?
Will you come on my blog to do an interview/guest blog post/giveaway?
Will you read my manuscript/recommend me to your agent?
PO Box?

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