My Eyes

My Eyes

I went for an eye exam.  My last was about 18 months ago.  I sat in the chair and couldn’t see anything.  I thought I was going blind.

Doctor: Read the bottom line.

Me: Squiggle, squiggle, blob?

Then gradually after about ten minutes, I actually saw pretty well.

Doctor: Do you get headaches?

Me: Yes.

Doctor: Mhm.  Your prescription went down.  Your current prescription is really wrong for you.

That thing happened, which happens when people with normal vision get old enough and become far-sighted.  Except in my case, my prescription is so bad, that there is no danger of me becoming far-sighted.  But I dropped from 4 point something to 3 point something.

The side effect of this is apparently my eyes are doing funky things.  Right now I am looking at the computer screen and things are decidedly out of focus.  The doctor warned that this might happen.  If I concentrate, things get sharp.  Strangely this didn’t happen this morning, but I just sat outside reading a really interesting book, and I had one eye closed because sun was shining into it and Sookie the Bulldog had eaten my sunglasses. I never understand that dog’s love for chewing plastic.  Now the eye that was closed really doesn’t want to work. If I move my glasses waaay to the tip of my nose, things get focused.

So. I am old. How was your Sunday?

All Y’all

All Y'all

My inbox this morning: Jim is trying to cheat Curran out of money! Does this mean Kate and Curran are poor? Raphael should give him the money! You do know this means war?

Jim is not trying to cheat Curran out of money.  He is trying to defer payments to keep the Pack’s businesses afloat. Notice, Curran said Raphael’s earnings are in the millions.  Not his profits free cash flow.  The business is earning the money, but the money is being channeled right back into the business. If you look through the series, you will see that Raphael is consistently expanding.  He has employees whose livelihood depends on his business and the Clan Bouda, for which that business is the biggest employer.  Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t hurting, but at the start of the separation Curran is wealthier than Raphael and Andrea.

Jim is offering him a business for a 50% stake of what he owns. Jim, being a merc, knows that Mercenary Guild can be very profitable in the right hands.

The more important question you should be asking is what did Curran do with all of his money?  Where, oh where did it go?

Meetings Before Signings

Here is what I gathered from the comments.  Please confirm that I am not crazy before I football this to the publicist.

Tuesday, August 4

Meet and Greet: 5:30 PM

Copper Coin Coffee – Thank you, Gigi

Foxtale Book Shoppe    Atlanta, GA   7:00 PM

Wednesday, August 5

We are up in the air here.  Last time we just had it at BN, which was a little crowded.

Barnes & Noble    Edina, MN  7:00 pm

Thursday, August 6

Meet and Greet: 6:00 pm, Bronte, Bistro inside the store. (Is this confirmed?)

Joseph-Beth Booksellers   Lexington, KY  7:00 PM

Friday, August 7

Meet and Greet: 5:00 pm inside Hastings itself in the cafe (Is this right?)

Hastings    Amarillo, TX    6:00 PM

Hastings 9604

2020 S. Georgia

Amarillo TX 79109

Store Ph: 806-352-0654

Saturday, August 8

Meet and Greet: 3:30 pm

Under the Volcano
2349 Bissonnet St.
Houston Texas

Murder By the Book   Houston, TX  4:30 PM

Surfer vs Shark, on Live TV

This weekend, a professional surfer went up against a shark, on live TV! I’ve always loved the water, and I go to Minnesota every summer to spend time on the lake. I love the ocean, and have a HUGE respect for marine life. Sharks, while magnificent and incredible animals, scare the absolute crap outta me! :)

Watch this clip below from live TV as a shark comes out of water and attacks a surfer’s board. The surfer got away without a scratch, so no worries about any graphic scenes. But be prepared to be amazed, and awed, and maybe a little freaked.