If you are haunting Innkeeper site, the new segment is written and proofread, but it will go up tomorrow because tomorrow we will be busy merging all the Magic Shifts galley changes into one semi-recognizable file and we won’t have anything new to post. :)

Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn.  😛

Oh noes, the cliffhangers…

Oh noes, the cliffhangers...

I read the comments on the new Sweep in Peace post and they are hilarious.  A 3,000 word chunk has gone to proofreaders already, so no fear, you won’t have to wait long.

We are planning to finish this weekend, so hopefully the story will solidify in the next few days.  Of course, it will be flawed, but at least it will be done and then we will proceed to selection of the content editor.  My hope is for the release sometime in June.

You know, if we were truly evil, we would write a Kate and Curran novella, break it into 5,000 word installments, end each one with a cliffhanger and push them out there for $2.99 a piece.  Some people probably do that.  ::laughs:: Aren’t you glad that we are not truly evil?  Instead you get cliffhangers for free.  Bargain cliffhangers.  A free gift, the stupidest phrase ever. 😀  Okay, I’ll stop now.  Thank you for all the comments; it totally made my evening yesterday.  I laughed straight for ten minutes.


I am so tired.  Not specific kind of tired, but the last two weeks were rough and I’ve reached a base level of worn-out. I am slowly recharging now and it’s a nice feeling.

This morning, because Kid 2 doesn’t have to go to school, I slept in till 7:30 am and then I took a luxuriously long shower.  I enjoyed it so much.  It’s the simple things that are the best.  Today I am hoping to write some words and make a food blog.  I went to see a nutritionist, who promptly made some adjustments to my diet.  One of the things she zeroed in on was my unhealthy view of food preparation and food itself, so now I have to make a blog and try to write every day what I enjoyed about food on that particular day.  I might add recipes to it, in self defense, because sitting there and pondering my food enjoyment alone is kind of boring.

So, I got myself a blog, and now I have to actually make a decision on what sort of theme I put on there.  I am too cheap to pay money for Foodie.  It would cost me $56, so I am debating if I should just buy it, because I think my waffling on the theme is probably me trying to avoid actually doing it.

Magic Shifts and all that

Magic Shifts and all that

Dear Galley readers,

If it’s not too much trouble, could you please send me your suggestions and corrections some time this weekend? We have to send it back on May 4th.  :)

So far we received one very detailed and thorough proofread and two which said, “Yay!  This is awesome.”  I am stocked that you guys love it, but I need to find typoes.  In case you are wondering what stuff sneaks into the galley, it’s things like this:

Showtime. I reached for the sword on my back and pulled Sarrat out of its sheath. The opaque, almost white blade caught the weak moonlight.  Single-handed, with a  razor-sharp edge, the blade was a cross between a straight sword and a traditional saber, with a slight curve that made it excellent for both slashing and thrusting. Sarrat was fast, light, flexible, and  razor-sharp, and it was about to get a hell of a workout.

I don’t know, is that sword sharp?  I can’t tell.  😉


In related news, I need to convert the galley to MS Word so I can post an excerpt online.  We are allowed up to 10,000 words contractually which gives us just about 2 chapters.  When attempting to do this, we end up with this:

“This isn’t making any sense to me,” I said, pulling traces of my blood toward me. It slid and rolled in tiny drops, forming a small puddle on the pavement. I pushed it to the side, solidified it, and stomped on it. It shattered
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 S33 N34
9780425270677_MagicShifts_TX_p1-346.indd   13 4/23/15   2:47 PM
under my foot into inert powder. Blood retained its magic even when separated from the body. For as long as I could remember, I had to guard my blood because if it were examined, it would point to my father like an arrow. There was a time where I had to set any trace of my blood on fire, but now it obeyed me. I couldn’t decide if it made me a better fighter or just a worse abomination. “They seemed desperate. Driven, almost, as if they had some sort of goal to get to.” “We’ll figure it out,” Curran told me. “It’s almost midnight. I say we go home, get cleaned up, and climb into bed.” “Sound like a plan.” “Hey, is there any of that apple pie left?” Curran asked. “I think so.” “Oh good. Let’s go home, baby.”

No paragraphs. It is taking forever to manually insert paragraphs into 20 pages of text. Ugh. I found a guide on it on the internet and got super excited.

Guide: Paste into MS Word.

Me: Aha!

Guide: Make sure the paragraphs sign is visible.

Me: Aha!!

Guide: Manually insert line breaks.

Me: Epic fail. If I had long ears, they would do that thing Yoda does when Luke Skywalker disappoints him.

PDF  – format from hell. That is all.

Moving Out

Kid 1 moved out today.  It is a lot rougher on me than anticipated, so I’ll be scarce for a few days.



We are updating the site in preparation for the new release and there are some minor housekeeping things that will have to be taken care of.  So the site will a little wonky for the next day or two.

Minimum wage

Nicole update: comments have been turned off per Ilona’s request. 

Admin note: Kristi, my email to you keeps bouncing.

Okay, so because Kid 1 is moving out, I’m noticing apartment prices, and as I was browsing, I came across a graphic that said that in most cities minimum wage doesn’t permit an employee to rent an apartment.

When I think “minimum wage,” in my head, it’s the bare minimum necessary to rent a one bedroom apartment, pay utilities and have money for food. I am not even counting the car, insurance, medical or anything like that.  Just bare minimum to survive.

Minimum wage: $7.25 x 40 hour per week x 4 weeks = $1, 160.

I looked at the quick surveys of apartments in the three nearest smallish towns that are considered Austin suburbs, so Cedar Park, Leander, and Round Rock.  When you factor in the assorted fees (renter’s insurance, move in deposits, etc), the average price of a one bedroom apartment is between $850-900.

A person working a minimum wage couldn’t live by themselves.  They would either have to get a second job – and many do – or get a roommate.

The established norm, the ratio that landlords usually require, is that your annual income is at least 40 times your rent.  That means that being able to afford $800 apartment (going with a low end here,) a person would have to make $800 x 40 = $32,000 annually.  $32,000 /2,087 hours (which is what General Accounting Office believes to be an average number of working hours per year) = $15.33

That’s how far the minimum wage is off in a place we live.

Two people living together working minimum wage jobs can barely afford a one bedroom apartment.

Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t news.  While Gordon was in the service, I knew soldiers who were on food stamps.  We had lived through a few years of low income, but at least, twenty years ago, we somehow managed to survive.  The gap seems even wider to me now.  Maybe I am just older or because I hadn’t hunted for an apartment for the last ten years, but if you are a kid attending college, working and accumulating student loans, you can’t afford to live on your own in Austin.