Hidden Legacy Website Goes Live

BFM_pin_burnedToday I bring you Hidden Legacy website.  It’s a work in progress, but right now it already has all sorts of cool goodies and a giant excerpt.  Also it has a new cover with a shiny quote from Sherrilyn Kenyon.  Shiny!

We are planning to add a map – Julie is working on it and it will be gorgeous – more crazy circles, wallpapers, possibly a quiz.  I am making noises at Gordon about Rogan POV, but right now he is knee-deep in Jim’s POV set right after Curran’s Shocking Announcement (TM).  :)  It’s basically a bunch of pack alphas going, “Whaaaaaaat?”

Well, this is for my great promotional efforts.  On to a more personal post.


Quote of the Day

bigstock-Portrait-Of-Beautiful-Woman-Wi-48118808The world turned crystal clear. Time stretched, helping me. They raked at me with their claws, but my blade found them first. I savored it all, every second of the fight, every drop of blood flying past me, every moment of resistance when Sarrat caught my target with its edge.

I was raised and trained to do this and to enjoy it. For better or worse, I was a killer. This was my calling, and I made no excuses for it.

I need to do some artwork for Burn For Me site and I am so behind on it.  Grrr.  Anybody with a Photoshop or Illustrator want to draw some icons and magic circles for me?  Heh.

Buying time

I leaned forward and gave the leader ghoul my hard stare. “You look plump. You’ve been raiding the countryside and growing fat from gorging yourself on the people you’ve murdered. I gave you a chance to leave. Now it’s too late. Pay attention to this moment. Look at the stars. Breathe in the cold air. This is your last night. These are the last breaths you take. I will kill every one of you.”

The leader ghoul snarled, dropping all pretense. “You and what army?”

“That’s the great thing about werelions. You don’t need an army. You just need one.”

The ghoul twisted his face. “You’re not a werelion, meat.”

“I’m not.” I nodded behind them. “He is.”

It’s been very slow going.  Last week was the week before school, which went somewhat like this:  “Mom, Mom, Dad, Dad, Mom, Dad, Money, Mom, Need, Dad.”  This week is the first week of school, which so far has been like this: “Sign. Shopping. Sign. Approve.  Sign.”

We keep having random errands pop up as well.  Internet broke.  Bathroom sprang a minor leak.  The leak itself was not a problem, but now have to get the handyman out to repair the section of the ceiling plumber dudes cut out to check the pipes. I need to get BFM page up and running.  I’ve written grand total of like 3K on the new Kate and Gordon is stuck with the galleys of Magic Steals.  We keep offloading stuff on poor Nicole.

I am behind.

Sometimes people ask about soundtrack to the different scenes.  This song and accompanying incredibly difficult dance number served as inspiration for the Nuan Cee family entrance.  If you close your eyes, you can almost see the little foxes jumping around and throwing gold.  Youtube won’t let me embed it.


Very Well

Quote of the day:

The vampire tilted its head, mimicking Ghastek’s movements. “You’re still riding that monstrosity?”

“Feel free to stomp him,” I told Cuddles. “I’ll back you up.”

A few of your asked how the visit with my father went.  The answer is, it went very well.

I haven’t seen my father in over twenty years.  First, neither of us had money for the ticket.  He was living through the collapse of Soviet Union and the following economical chaos.  I was trying to raise two kids and applying for the green card came with some restrictions.  Then Gordon was in the military, and 9/11 happened.  Travel to other countries was discouraged for military personnel and families. Then I was applying for my citizenship.  Then my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and both of my parents were adamant about me not visiting.  I didn’t agree, but I honored their wishes.  Then I finally had money and offered to pay for everything, but my father couldn’t get off work, then he had a hernia and had to have surgery… You get the idea.

Finally after many years I was able to persuade him to come and see me.  We had an awesome visit.  We really did. He is still my Dad and he still loves me, which is awesome.

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Deleted Scene from Magic Shifts

We decided to throw this scene out, as it didn’t quite fit the narrative.  Please remember that deleted scenes are deleted for a reason, so read at your own risk.  This particular scene was meant to be at the beginning of the book, but as we drove fourteen hours through five states on the way home – we caught all of the thunderstorms along I-10 on Sunday – we decided to go with a harder opening.

Mrs. Oswald was an African-American woman in her forties and she was clearly distraught. I could tell she was distraught because I’m a trained detective. Also because when she ran out the front door of her house to meet us, she was wearing an elegant business suit, pantyhose, and no shoes. Ever since magic had returned to the world, chewing up technological marvels and disrupting manufacturing, the price of synthetic fabrics had shot through the roof. Pantyhose started at fifty bucks a pair. No woman in her right mind would run out onto the paved driveway without her shoes. She must’ve come home after a hard day of work, taken her shoes off, and then glanced out of her window. What she saw made her drop everything and scramble to find somebody, anybody, who would come right away and take care of it.

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Back from Vacation

We took our first vacation in three years.  We went to the Seaside, which is near Santa Rosa Beach, in Florida panhandle. The sand was white like sugar, the water was crystal clear – we could see the bottom at eight foot depth, and the sunsets were gorgeous.

20140816_18525520140816_18550420140816_18550520140816_18530720140816_185417I really liked it, but now we are back. :)

Magic Breaks Hits the Bestseller Lists

Magic-Breaks-smMagic Breaks has exploded onto bestseller lists. We didn’t expect this. We felt the shift to hardcover would decrease sales. Here are the numbers:

BN:  #25 B&N’s overall hardcover bestseller list, #14 B&N’s overall fiction hardcover bestseller list, and #1 on B&N’s sf/f hardcover bestseller list.

NYT: #13 on hardcover list, #7 on combined e and print, and #6 on ebooks only list.

USAT: #16.

The sales in e have actually grown when compared to Magic Rises. Thank you so much for making the book such an unexpected and exciting success.

Tour Recap and FAQ

Thank you so much for making the tour such a success.  We had huge turn outs at Meet and Greets – especially Atlanta, holy crap – and we really enjoyed meeting all of you. If we owe you something – Cedar, if you are reading this, email us with your address and we will get a replacement book out – please email us.

Below you will find a brief run-down of some questions asked at signings.  I will be mostly scarce, because my father is here, so please excuse the fact that comments may eventually be locked on this post.  It’s probably not due to anyone is being mean; it’s simply that my time is limited at the moment, so I will respond and read as much as I can and that’s it.

A general spoiler warning for the contents below.  Do Not Read unless you’ve read the book.

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