Dabwaha Debate: Magic vs Hidden Legacy

Dina: Welcome to the Dabwaha debate. We are here, at Gertrude Hunt Inn, to help you make a decision between two books, Magic Breaks and Burn For Me. One of these novels will take home the title of the Dabwaha Champion. On our right we have Kate Daniels and Curran Lennart who will argue for Magic Breaks. On our left we have Nevada Baylor and Connor Rogan for Burn For Me.

MagicShifts_smLet’s begin with Kate and Curran. Why do you feel your book should win Dabwaha?

Curran: We’re a more established series.

Kate: Yes. We were here first.

Curran: Also, we are an actual couple.

Dina: Response?

Rogan: Are you married?

Kate: We’re engaged.

Nevada: But you are getting married in this upcoming book, right?

Kate: Not exactly.

Rogan: So you’ve been engaged for two books now. You live together. You clearly have an adopted child. Yet, you are unmarried.

Curran: What’s your point?

Rogan: Is that a common thing in the future?

Nevada: Maybe it’s like magic. Maybe sometimes you are married and sometimes, when it’s convenient, you are not married?

Dina: I now have to reiterate that no violence will be tolerated. Please continue.

Curran: Why is marriage even an issue?

WHITE-HOT[1]Rogan: It is clear that hero and heroine of the books should lead by example. You didn’t get together until fourth book, you are now on book eight and you have yet to finalize your commitment. We are questioning your moral integrity.

Curran: You are not married. You are not even together. You just have this instalust thing going.

Kate: Yes, you are just “forced together” by “Circumstance” so you can make out in public. Your moral integrity seems to be situational. Also, last time I checked, exhibitionism isn’t exactly a behavior people should imitate.

Nevada: It was one time. Your werelion broke into your apartment. And you physically brawl throughout the series.

Kate: You billionaire kidnapped you and chained you to the floor. If you need some self-defense pointers, I’ll be happy to teach you after the debate.

Nevada: Coming from a woman who by her own admission couldn’t hit a barn with a bullet, that’s not much of an insult. I can help you with that.

Kate: I can hit a barn with a bullet.

Nevada: How?

Kate: I’ll just have to throw it.

Rogan: You only have two books left.

Curran: No, you only have two books left. We have three.

Nevada: We are under contract for two more books and unlike the two of you, we’re not going to drag it out and toy with people’s emotions.

Kate: That’s probably because the two of you have the emotional depth of a tater tot.

Rogan: You’re on the way out. We are newer, cooler, and we have the benefit of worldbuilding that doesn’t make people’s heads hurt.

Kate: Aha. So you’re like us, except dumbed down.

Nevada: No, we are younger, more dynamic, and we have the benefit of many years of experience our authors accumulated while working on your books.

Rogan: Face it, you were a trial run.

Curran: We have the fans. You are just piggybacking off our success.

Kate: Two words: side series.

Nevada: We are financially stable. First, I have a detective agency that actually makes money. Rogan has a company that …

Kate: Does something unspecified that also makes money? You don’t even know what he does for a living.

Nevada: At least, he doesn’t turn into a lion at night.

Kate: At least, he doesn’t try to buy me.

Rogan: First, I didn’t try to buy her. Second, it’s probably because he doesn’t have any money to buy you with.

Curran: I don’t have to buy her. She loves me. Did Nevada ever say “I love you?”

Rogan: Unlike you, I don’t have to have the affirmation.

Curran: It’s a yes or no question, spoiled rich boy.

Rogan: I’m sorry, did you ever hold a job? Any job? You look like a big strong guy. Military service, perhaps?

Curran: I served my people for seventeen years. You, with all your money, can’t even buy a shirt so you don’t run around naked on your covers. People are now pasting things to cover you up. You’re an embarrassment.

Nevada: Yes, you were the king, who womanized and had his every need attended to so he could occasionally roar. Some of us work for a living.

Kate: Really? How old are you? Twenty four or so? You still live with your mom?

Curran: Oh, shots fired.

Nevada: I live with my mom because she needs me. Unlike you, I actually have a good relationship with my remaining parent.

Kate: That was a low blow. I didn’t expect anything else from you.

Curran: It’s a good question. How is this romance going to work, exactly? Is Rogan going to have to clear all of your relatives like a running back on a football field and then, when he gets to your loft, they can all listen and yell touchdown when he lands in there?

Dina: Mr. Rogan please put down the refrigerator. Mr. Lennart, your claws and teeth are not necessary. I think we’re done here. Each of you, final words.

Curran: Vote for us. We were here first. We’ve entertained you for years. We have a history together.

Nevada: What’s in the past is in the past. Vote for us. We are the new best thing and we’ll entertain you for years to come.

Kate: There is only one Beast Lord!

Rogan: Yes, and his name is Jim Shrapshire. Vote for us. We’re not Dorothy and a Cowardly Lion.

Dina: Okay. We are so sorry to cut this debate short. Please don’t worry about your heroes and heroines, the Inn is very gently restraining them and they will not be harmed. We hope you’ve enjoyed this debate. Vote here for your favorite.  As always, Gertrude Hunt welcomes you any time.




Oh boy

You won the internet.  Thank you.

Much thanks to the most gracious Beverly Jenkins and Julie James and their fans for the awesome dabwaha battle during the final four.

Umm. I am not sure how to handle all this.  Are we supposed to trash talk ourselves?  I need to formulate some sort of strategy.

PS.  Thank you.

Dabwaha: Curran Twitter

Dabwaha: Curran Twitter

Please vote today if you get a chance.  We are up against Beverly Jenkins, whom I deeply respect, so I can’t really trash talk her and Julie James, whom I haven’t had the pleasure of reading yet.  So instead of trash-talking, we decided to sweeten the deal on our end.  :)

Kate and Curran Twitter:  The Dress

Kate: At the market. Do you want anything besides coffee?

Curran: Meat.

Kate: What kind of meat?

Curran: Delicious meat.

Kate: I get that. Beef or venison?

Curran: I don’t care. Hey, so about your dress.

Kate: Which dress?

Curran: The white one. I washed it but the blood won’t come out.

Kate: Did you try to do laundry again?

Curran: I don’t try. I do.

Kate DM: Julie, is he doing laundry?

Julie: Yussss.

Kate: Did he separate whites and darks or did he just stuff them all together into the washing machine again?

Julie: He separated. He bleached your dress. I told him not to do it.

Kate: It’s the second time he has ever done laundry in his entire life. We just need to cut him some slack.

Kate: Hey honey, did you use bleach on my silk dress?

Curran: Yes, I did. The stains won’t come out. The instructions on the container said to soak it in a gallon of water and a cup of bleach, so it’s been soaking.

Kate: Aha. Can you check on the dress?

Curran: Sure. Hmm. Kate, I don’t know how to tell you, but your dress has holes in it.  I don’t know how that happened.

Curran: Kate?

Kate: I didn’t like that dress anyway.

Kate: Curran, are you there?

Curran: Yeah. Hang on, there is something walking across our lawn.

Kate: It’s probably just the electric meter dude again.

Kate: Curran? Do not assault the meter person. If you chase him up a tree again, we’ll never hear the end of it. I’m serious.

Kate DM: Julie, what the hell is he doing?

Julie: There is a giant two headed dog in our yard. It has huge horns and it’s dripping glowing spit. Curran’s talking to it. Hang on, I’ll open the window.

Kate: Oh.

Julie: It’s just told him it’s a demon. He’s asking it what it wants.

Kate: ::facepalm::

Julie: Apparently, it wants to eat his face. Oh it puked up a dog corpse. Gross.

Julie: He-he-he.

Kate: Is he beating it?

Julie: With a cinder block the contractors left.

Kate: Does he look happy?

Julie: Yus. He’s smiling. There is blood everywhere.

Kate: ::sigh:: Do you want anything from the market?

Julie: Eyeliner and apples.

DABWAHA Final Four

Both Kate and Nevada made it into the Final Four! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for them.

The next round of voting opens up Saturday morning at 10:00 am eastern time, and the polls will close at 10:00 pm eastern. I know we’d all love to see BOTH Ilona’s books make it into the Championship round. Please head over to the Dabwaha website and vote for both Kate and Nevada!

Let’s rally the Andrews Army troops and continue to dominate this year!


Cover Curse and Redemption

“All your covers are bad!  If you are a bestseller, why can’t you get better covers?”

1) It’s not something we can control. :)

2) It’s not something we should control.  Covers are a sales tool.  There are people who work for publishers and retailers whose job it is to specifically assess the cover’s impact on sales of the book.  It would be very arrogant of us to presume we know better. We don’t mind if you fuss about the covers, but we shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean I won’t poke fun at them.  :D

3) Remaking the cover costs time and money. We’ve discussed this at length.

“Do any of your books have pretty covers?”


Click for a very large version

It’s not final yet.  When time comes, we will release wallpapers that Doris made.

PS.  It’s okay that you complain about the covers.  :)  Really.  We are flattered that you love the books so much that you become indignant when you feel they are short-changed in any way. You are welcome to vent here.  As an aside, we are now famous for the cover curse.  There are forum threads on it, lol.


Update: Me – Pretty cover! I am going to the movies now to celebrate my husband’s birthday. You – she’s gone! Let’s fight in the comments!

Not cool, people.  Not cool. Comments are now locked.  Let us move on, because I do want to spend the remainder of the day with my family.

April 1st: The Aftermath Edition

April 1st: The Aftermath Edition

So, the Warlord’s Price was a joke.

Amber says in the comments.

This looks fake… I can tell by the pixels and that it is april first.

Hey!  Those were the best pixels I could scrounge up in the half an hour it took me to make this cover. :D  It cost me a whole dollar to make.  This dude is available at bigstockphotos.com and here is a whole plethora of romance related images with him for your enjoyment.  Some of these are really funny.

So, we got a little bit of hate.  Some people got really upset that this wasn’t real.  But so many of your really wanted it to be real, that Gordon and I can’t ignore it completely.  Clearly, for whatever strange reason, our readers would like a Hugh book at some point.  Sadly, it would have to be a novel length because redeeming Hugh enough to give him an HEA is a huge challenge.  I don’t know if it’s even possible and it would likely have to be an independent release if it ever happens.  So, food for thought for us.  Sadly, now I kind of want to do it, because it’s a matter of professional pride. Why yes, we can take the most loathed man in KD universe and make him into a… not as loathed man… person.  The girl would have to completely pragmatic, the kind of person who would march into his bedroom and be like, “You and you, get out.  You, put some clothes on, because I don’t need to look at that. We have a diplomatic issue to resolve.”

I do have to tell you, if we could write it and successfully sell the readers on that redemption, I would want a medal from the internet.

Update: It must be real because someone actually put it on Goodreads.  ::facepalm::  You are just not taking no for an answer, are you? ::cracks up::  “Expected publication: 2016.”  Well thank you for giving us a whole year to write it.  That’s very generous. Thank God you didn’t put up any books by Lorna Sterling. :D  You slay me.  Seriously.


AnnB won the internets yesterday by improving White Hot cover.

hellokitty roganI sent it to our editor for giggles. :)  She replied with one word: Awesome.


2014 ARRA winnerWe have won the Australian Romance Reader Association Award.  Magic Breaks took the first place in Favorite Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Futuristic Romance category.  Thank you so much for our Australian readers.  :D  We kind of missed it because of the deadline so it was an awesome surprise.

The plan for today is to blissfully do nothing.  Then we are hoping to take a week and finish Sweep in Peace.  I so love working on it and I feel like I never get to.  Some heads are about to roll.  Literally.  :P


Warlord’s Price

The announcements just keep on coming.

So without further ado, here is the cover and blurb.  Click to enlarge.


Hugh d’Ambray, Preceptor of the Iron Dogs, Warlord of the Builder of Towers, bowed to only one man. Now his immortal, nearly omnipotent master is gone and Hugh must carve a new place for himself and his people in the post-apocalyptic world where magic comes and goes in waves. With former allies ready to tear him apart, Hugh is forced to make alliances to preserve the Order of Iron Dogs, warriors who would follow him anywhere.

Serafina Price is the head witch of the Midwestern Covens. She is powerful, devious, and smart. Her people think she is a goddess, her enemies call her Snake. Tasked with protection of her people, she is trapped between the magical heavy weights about to collide and plunge the entire region into war that human authorities have no power to stop. Desperate to preserve the covens, she would accept help from the devil himself.

They detest each other, yet they need each other to survive. How can two people famous for betraying their former allies cement their agreement without a shadow of a doubt?

They marry.

We hope you will enjoy this new look into the mind of Hugh d’Ambray. I just got an awesome quote on this from Lorna Sterling, who writes fantastic pirate-themed romances.

“Magnificent!  He is a true Romance Hero!”

Lorna Sterling

E of bookpushers would like to add, “Finally we were able to see the full extent of Hugh d’Ambray’s passion, not just his skill with a blade. It was well worth the decades long wait!”

White Hot Cover

Well, umm, I thought this was still in the “We’re discussing it” stage.  But Amazon has it, so I guess not. Click to enlarge.


“Oh Mad Rogan, we are surrounded by enemies.  Whatever shall we do?”

“Never fear!  I shall drive them away with my secret weapon.  Behold!  My manly abs!

I find the cover deeply hilarious for multiple reasons, but I do think it’s a beautiful image.

PS. Will you stop asking if everything is April Fools joke?  LOL.  It’s like you don’t trust me.  I wonder what would give you that idea.  :)

Magic Shifts is turned in…

Magic Shifts is turned in...

Pardon me while I go throw up in relief.

Gordon and I are so exhausted.  This was a do or die deadline.  If we missed it, they would move the book, and because I self-destructed in December, we were critically behind.  Our editor turned the edits around in two days. (She was still infuriatingly thorough, which was a great relief, because it mean no corners are being cut.)

I was going to write you an April Fools joke and Gordon was going to do the second part of the POV where we see the fight, but we are so so so brain dead, you wouldn’t believe.  We had to extend the epilogue a little bit and we actually sat on it till the last minute, until we finally pulled something, hopefully, really romantic out of the hat.  You know how bad it was? Yesterday I was too tired to cook dinner and Gordon was too tired to order take out – the decision was too hard and we took out carbs, so pizza is right out.   He ate salami by itself with no bread and I ate… what the hell did I eat? Oh, surimi, which is that fake crab staff, out of the package, cold, and some nuts. The kids got fed, Kid 2 had a veggie burger, and Kid 1 went to Chipotle, so we are not complete savages.

I had a surreal moment yesterday. Okay, so picture me, zombie-like and kind of out of it from trying to fix everything wandering into the living room where the kids are watching TV.  There is a roast going on.  They are roasting Justin Bieber.  For some incomprehensible reason, Martha Stewart is one of the roasters.  So I am standing there trying to come to terms with that and that this is not some sort of really odd dream, and she says, “When I was incarcerated, I knew exactly what I had to do.  I made a shank out of a comb and bubblegum, and then I found the biggest dike in the joint, walked up to her and shanked her.  Prison was a breeze after that.” My jaw hit the floor, and as I am trying to pick it up, Martha turns to Shaq and says, “By the way, I hope your mother isn’t still mad at me.”


I didn’t get a chance to thank all of you for the votes. Thank you.  It was so generous of you to support our books.

Done.  Oh phew.  Done.

Magic Breaks Needs Your Help

Oh no, Magic Breaks is falling behind in Dabwaha. :(  If you get a minute, could you please vote?

I need to think up some sort of outrageous bribe if Magic Break and BFM both make it to the finale.  Ideas?


Ideas so far: Rogan POV.  (This will be interesting.)

Contest to add one reader to beta pool, which means you get to red Magic Shifts early.

Add your own in the comments.