Exciting Announcement

Exciting Announcement

We’re officially permitted by our awesome agency, Nancy Yost Literary, to release the following statement:

I hint at new and exciting things to come.

Carry on.  Hopefully more next week.


  1. says

    Waiting a week? Pff. That’s nothing compared to being in the same chat room as your favorite writers, and they are posting teasers from their WIPs. That will be out 12 months later. Or worse, not even sold yet.

    • Lisa - Long Island, NY says

      It’s all Mr Gordon’s (aka: His Lordship – Master of the Fan Tease) fault. He stirred this pot of trouble. To add insult to injury, he’s not even staying to finish his naughty game…

  2. says

    Forget about movies or mini-series. Based on Gordon’s hints, I think they are moving straight to telenovelas. Hopefully, they will be subtitled because my Spanish isn’t that good!

    Seriously, I have really enjoyed all of their books, but especially the Magic series. It’s gotten me into blogging for the first time in my life.

    Please keep up the good work! And, thank you for the enjoyment your creativity brings to so many people!

  3. kitkat9000 says

    Didn’t have time to read all of the comments so my two cents are these:
    1. As much as I would love the two of you getting a major influx of cash for selling movie rights, I rather hope not as it would be nearly impossible to cast well.
    2. However, an ANIMATED movie would be awesome! So much easier to cast voices because looks don’t matter.
    3. Comic books/graphic novels would also be equally cool.
    4. More books in the Magic world featuring “secondary” characters would also be wonderful. Gunmetal Magic was great and would eagerly welcome more in the same vein. BTW, will the book after Rises still feature Jim & Dali?
    Also, the teasing was mean. Funny as hell, but mean.

  4. says

    What?! What?! You can’t just drop something like that, and then leave us to stew in our imaginings for a week! Do you have ANY idea what that will do to us?!
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